Sir Vilhelm

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? 9000 Painted World of Ariandel Onyx Blade, Contraption Key

Sir Vilhelm is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. He is part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.

Sir Vilhelm Information



  • You can find Sir Vilhelm at Painted World of Ariandel, cathedral before meeting Sister Friede for the first time. He will then be found by the graveyard and will be hostile.
  • If you attack him the first time you meet him, he will disappear until his scripted second encounter when he is hostile.



  • Souls: NG (9000), NG+ (18000), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Weapons: Onyx Blade
  • Armor: None. His armor, Vilhelm's Set can be acquired later in the level on the bottom floor of bug room.
  • Key: Contraption Key

Combat Information

  • Weak to Poison, Bleed Damage.
  • Strong against Frost.
  • Immune to ?? damage.
  • Phantoms cannot help you in the battle against him. He appears as a ghost to them. The extent of their help is healing the host during the tough battle. (This was changed in Patch 1.09. Phantoms can now engage him as well.)
  • Does not use Estus, but will heal himself with a miracle and cast Vow of Silence if you brandish any type of casting device (talisman, pyro glove). This combination can be used to player's advantage.
  • He will heal himself as many times as he needs.
  • The Onyx Blade he wields has incredible reach and a powerful dark flame bluff. He wields the Dark Hand in his off hand. He is one of the more formidable NPC battles in the game and is a challenge to lower level players unable of dealing enough damage, as well as protection.
  • If one chooses the easy way to kill him, one can lead him to outside graveyard and keep dodging him near the edge of the cliff. Eventually he will backstep or dodge to his death by gravity. You can also force him down using the force miracle (video) but be wary of hiding your talisman until the very last moment because otherwise, Sir Vilhelm will resort to casting "vow of silence, effectively canceling this strategy. switching to the talisman/chime needed to cast force at the last minute will give you enough time though. 
  • Sir Vilhelm will only chase you up to a few feet beyond the steps outside the building (in the graveyard) before he backs away. This can be easily exploited with ranged attacks, backstabs, or melee attacks, but one should be wary of his healing ability.
  • Vilhelm can be tricked into leaving his safe area however, during the period he's strolling towards you, if you maintain the distance away from him and keep backing up he will follow you indefinitely, if you wait until he's outside of his usual combat area before you aggro him, he will fight you on the spot. Couple things to keep in mind however is that you will have to alter your strategy, since he is no longer bound by his original fighting area, he will not back away and will follow you aggressively. Secondly, he will not climb ladders, or jump over gaps, but if you attempt to cheese him from the chappel roof to the side of the cathedral he will hug the wall, making it impossible to hit him with arrows or magic/miracles. Lastly, his collision detection seems to be buggy, especially concerning the chappel, if you wait on the center of the roof after dragging him out of his area he will often run at the closed door until he glitches into the chappel (Be mindful of trying to cheese him through a wall, his sword still outranges spears, and if you aggro the knight inside, sometimes Vilhelm will push the knight out of the chappel, causing it to attack you.)




His dialogue in your first encounter is a lot more flourish if you have taken on Yuria's Lord of Hollows quest, have access to the "Lord of by sacrificing Anri and speaking to Yuria afterwards.

NOTE: Lines that are in parentheses are what Vilhelm says when the player has finished the Lord of Hollows questline.


First encounter full dialogue at the Cathedral (including the additional Lord of Hollows dialogue):


Well, (well)...
(You're Lady Yuria's Lord of Hollows.)
No bell tolls, and yet, you've slipped into the painting?
Ah no matter.
If you've lost your way, the words of Lady Friede will guide you.
Now, go on inside. Show respect, and listen carefully.

What's keeping you? Go on, right inside.
Show respect, and let Lady Friede speak to you."

If you attack him after first meeting him:


Why you miserable, mad Hollow.
You're nothing, without a bell to guide your way.

(Why you miserable, mad Hollow.
What is Lady Yuria thinking...)"


If the player talks to Vilhelm again after talking to Sister Friede:


Lady Friede has spoken, has she not?
Then tarry no longer and begone. 
(Carry on, for Lady Yuria, and for Londor.)

There is one thing you should know.
Inside the cold painting, curiosity could be your cross...
Stray from the withering flame, and the snow will swallow you whole."

Second encounter in the building at the end of the Corvian Settlement (when he is hostile):


I've seen your kind, time and time again.
Every fleeing man must be caught. Every secret must be unearthed.
Such is the conceit of the self-proclaimed seeker of truth.
But in the end, you lack the stomach.
For the agony you'll bring upon yourself..."

When he kills you:

I trust you've learned your lesson...
Inside the cold painting, curiosity could be your cross..."

When you kill him:

Forgive me, my Lady...
I swore an oath, but I have failed you...
... Lady Elfriede..."


  • He is voiced by Steven Hartley, who also voiced Eredin in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.



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    • Anonymous

      26 Oct 2017 20:40  

      Just like in the case of all other NPC invaders, Astora fully charged strong attack spam is mega cheese. Can kill him with it without him being able to do anything.

      • Anonymous

        21 Oct 2017 21:34  

        I just ran up on him and strg atk with +10 sharp lothric ultra Greatsword w/ 25 dex and flattened him. When he’d get back up he’d immediately try to cast healing miracle and I just pasted him again and again until he died. Took a bunch of hits but he was more concerned w/ healing than fighting.

        • 16 Oct 2017 20:08  

          Forewarning: This guy basically has infinite stamina at all times and isn't easy to stagger. Parrying works, but it's difficult because he swings his greatsword as fast as a straight sword. His leaping attack is his biggest opening, but it's not much. Another*****ty thing is that his weapon art itself can hit you and stagger you, which is utter bull*****because you barely have time to react, whereas his superspeed attacks can immediately follow up on it.

          • Anonymous

            25 Sep 2017 14:51  

            Spellcasters can cheese this NPC with an arbalest, or any ranged weapon they can keep in one hand. Pull him towards the exit of the building to the point where he stops chasing, start shooting him with the arbalest as he charges at you and walks back inside. If you have a spellcasting item in your offhand, he will use Vow of Silence and will not be able to heal himself. If he decides to heal himself instead of use Vow of Silence, nuke him with your spells, which can finish him off before he even manages to get a cast off.

            • Anonymous

              24 Sep 2017 08:38  

              You guys are making this guy sound hard, I have just deleted him with Twin Princes Greatsword on my first try, though he would be really hard for poor casters since he's too aggressive.

              • 16 Sep 2017 03:51  

                started trying to ranger him as he wouldnt come out the steps, got invaded, Vilhelm then came out the steps running freely, had an invader and Vilhelm to contend with, invader managed to get hit by Vilhelm which let me take him down, then had to take down Vilhelm too, unfriendly timing but Success! was like my 6th attempt at trying to take down Vilhelm, first time outside, better tbh more space

                • Anonymous

                  10 Sep 2017 22:09  

                  Got invaded while at the entrance to his chapel and my friends phantom was killed by the invader. Popped a seed and ran like a *****. Sir vilhelm killed the invader and proceeded to walk slowly towards me. I almost what myself trying to resummon my friend. He killed my friend immediately and I had to fight him alone until my friends sign reappeared, He is definitely a tough opponent and a worthy fight. But I'm not foolish enough to fight a guy that already took down two others alone.

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Aug 2017 16:36  

                    Fun fact. He doesnt consider the Immolation Tinder a catalyst so he doesnt use vow of silence. Just a tip for sorcerers struggling with this guy.

                    Does anyone know if the other weapon catalysts can do the same thing?

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Jun 2017 09:05  

                      If Hodrick and Vilhelm were to fight Hodrick would parry his ass a thousand times 'cause Vilhelm spams his running & rolling R1

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Jun 2017 01:12  

                        I tried using the gravestones around the side of the place for cover and whip him, ala Gascoigne, but after 3 defeats, I just Astora Greatsworded this dude off the cliff outside (1st time using the weapon).

                        Even without an upgrade, it's a useful shoving tool!

                        • Anonymous

                          23 May 2017 23:38  

                          Boulder heave, once Vow of Silence has worn off, will knock him on his arse. Time your repeats and he doesn't have a chance.

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Apr 2017 00:57  

                            I liked how phantoms couldn't engage him. Mixed things up a bit. Too easy a fight with phantoms. Plus you don't get to see unsuspecting hosts poopoo themselves when they realise their phantom can do nowt but spectate.

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Apr 2017 15:34  

                              Vilhelm came in and wrecked everybody else's fashion souls forever with that collared cape and gold engraved slim cut dark armor

                              • 02 Mar 2017 10:09  

                                This page makes it sound like you can abuse his scripting by pulling out a catalyst, thus enticing him to cast VoS and open him up for a free backstab. Is this correct? I have not fought him yet but I might try this.

                                • Anonymous

                                  20 Feb 2017 15:35  

                                  I can't see any tips on what works on him and not, Can you parry him? Since he dont have a shield, i guess that leaves out the special ability of the Astora straight sword, knocking the shield aside giving a free front stab. I tried to parry him, but he immidiately cleaved through me in one swoop. Not sure if i fked the parry up or if he simply doesn't give a fk.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    01 Feb 2017 22:57  

                                    Or you can fight him like a man and kill him fair and square, I killed him alone, unembered and without any cheesing. Can be done, it's hard but doable.

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