Yellowfinger Heysel

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? 2180 Road of Sacrifices

Heysel Pick
Xanthous Crown

Yellowfinger Heysel is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Yellowfinger Heysel Information

"Heysel appears to be a Scholar of Xanthous and sorcery"

  • Invades in Crucifixion Woods and Farron Keep swamps.
  • Can give you the "Proper Bow" Gesture (see the Location section below).
  • "You can be like Yellowfinger and believe that all share a camaradery, but do not force your views on the rest of us."
    -Leonhard in Rosaria's Bedchamber
  • Great Farron Dart -Entrusted to the leader of the Legion's acolytes, and apparently a sorcery of his daughter, Heysel, that was refined by a Crystal Sage.
  • Towards the end of the game in Rosaria's Bedchamber, you will find a peaceful worm monster just like those outside the room. When killed, it drops the Xanthous Crown and Heysel Pick, which hints the monster is Heysel herself. It could mean that Heysel fulfilled her dream of joining companions after all.
  • Another possibility regarding her transformation later on is that she could have been too self-concious about her appearance, and has been changing her appearence a lot, past the 5 rebirth limit, which eventually turned her into a Grub. Heysel wears a giant cloth around her face.



  • You can find Yellowfinger Heysel at the Road of Sacrifices. She invades as a dark spirit once you approach the sunlit tree in the deep water near the ruins and the giant crabs.
    • This invasion can be avoided by not going into the swamp. The alternative route to Farron Keep is through the broken building near Crystal Sage, then go out through the broken wall near a staircase and take the path down to where you find the Golden Falcon Shield.
  • She also invades after the Farron Keep bonfire. She spawns near the cave where you find the Golden Scroll, behind the extinguishable fire near the Basilisks.
  • If you defeat Heysel, and then offer a Pale Tongue to Rosaria (this fails Sirris' questline), Yellowfinger Heysel will be summonable in the Farron Keep swamp. Her summon sign is after the Keep Ruins Bonfire: Go down the ramp, and to the right- The sign is outside the tower with the five slugs inside. She will give you the "Proper Bow" Gesture.
    • As long as the player has offered at least one tongue to Rosaria, she can be summoned as a friendly phantom without having to defeating her when she invades you. 
  • Her items can still be obtained if her Red Phantom is not vanquished before defeating the Abyss Watchers. (she will not invade there anymore, and cannot be summoned afterwards as a white phantom.) The peaceful worm next to Rosaria, found in Rosaria's Bed Chamber soon after defeating the lords of Cinder, drops both of Heysel's items when killed.
    • It's possible to get her set twice, the worm will still drop her items even if you've already obtained them by vanquishing her phantom.



  • Souls (CW): NG (2,180)
  • Souls (FK): NG (7,196)
  • 2 Estus refills. Sometimes drops 3 or 4.
  • Weapons: Heysel Pick
  • Armor: Xanthous Crown


Combat Information

  • Wears the Obscuring Ring, hiding her at long distance.
  • Wields Heysel Pick (RH) and Light Crossbow (LH).
  • Casts Great Farron Dart, Farron Hail and very rarely Chameleon.
  • Weak to Fire Damage.
  • Strong against Magic, Lightning and Dark damage.
  • Can heal using Estus 2 times. in co-op she may get unlimited estus as a bug making her potentially the toughest npc invader



  • Killing Abyss Watchers will fail the gesture part of this questline!
  • It is no longer possible to complete Sirris' questline in the same playthrough.



  • This NPC may originate from a similar school of thought to King Jeremiah as they share a similar Xanthous set.
  • Heysel may also reference the Old Monk boss fight from Demon's Souls as she wears a headwrap resembling the robe.
  • If you max out the amount of pale tongues you can possibly give Rosaria, you will not be able to complete this questline ever again from that point forward (even after your current NG, as that action is irrevocable and is carried on to the next playthrough).
    You CAN still summon this NPC by rebirth which requires a Pale Tongue, but you must confirm the rebirth instead of cancelling after the offering animation



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    • 23 Apr 2017 04:41  

      I don't know about you guys.. But on patch 1.12, which the one i played, this *****er never showed up,, The invasion never happened.. both in Crab swamp area and basilisk swamp area..

      • 10 Apr 2017 00:01  

        Something I've noticed is that if I play online, there's a greater chance of a PvP invader spawning instead of Heysel in the crab swamp. I've never been invaded anywhere else in Farron.

        • 09 Apr 2017 00:51  

          Can the proper bow gesture be gotten in NG + because i killeda abyss watchers already so i could get sirris's questline over and done if so D*CK MOVE FROM SOFT

          • 07 Apr 2017 19:34  

            One thing I noticed, is after a quick run through Cathedral, I hadn't went to Rosaria. After completing the Soul of Cinder, I came back, and the grub was there (I had killed her invading)

            But, Rosaria's bonfire couldn't be activated. After killing the grub, it could be.

            • 02 Apr 2017 16:04  

              Invaded me just now in the Road of Sacrifice with Crystall Sage being dead. Didnt happen to me previously and I thought you cant be invaded with are boos dead. Do I miss something?

              • 23 Mar 2017 06:33  

                we are all yellow fingers. who likes it when another finger attacks us? Seeing it that way Heysel makes the most sense when all other of Rosarias follower are just completly out of their mind, bloodthirsty crazy people.

                • 27 Jan 2017 14:10  

                  I think this page has some wrong information. I'm on a brand new character, never got invaded by Heysel, but I could still summon her for the Proper Bow gesture. I was also maxed out in Rosaria's Covenant, which I thought broke her questline. I think the only requirement to summon her is to level up in Rosaria's Fingers.

                  • 10 Jan 2017 14:37  

                    IT should be noted that there's a possible glitch with her. I was invaded by her at Road of Sacrifices while battling a Mad Spirit, and she was killed, dropping her items. Later, in the same playthrough and about 20 minutes after this, she appeared again in Farron Keep. I had to kill her again but I was given no items this time.

                    • 27 Nov 2016 21:44  

                      I wonder if I manage to avoid being invaded by her both times at the two said locations, can I still get her items later on in the game? I mean, will the peaceful worm monster still appear in Rosaria's Bedchamber? Maybe, she will alter her appearance and exceed the limits and thus becomes a worm regardless what I do? I also heard a rumor saying that in the early version of the game, when you rebirth or alter your appearance, your body will be covered with any rate, if you attempt to do the rebirth thing the sixth time, the system will prevent you from doing so and warn you that if you insist, you will become a worm...very interesting

                      • 26 Nov 2016 16:00  

                        "Another possibility regarding her transformation later on is that she could have been too self-concious about her appearance, and has been changing her appearence a lot" Women lol

                        • Killed her accidentally04 Oct 2016 15:44  

                          I got invaded right after the bonfire by a Watchog of Farron and because I didnt want to fight I used the Seed of the giant tree.<br/><br/>He then decided to take the pussy-way and teleported home. A few minutes later I got invaded by this NPC and she got slaughtered by the giant crabs within seconds.

                          • anyone else?26 Aug 2016 04:15  

                            anybody else have heysel bug out during co-op and get unlimited estus? because i had a friend have to resummon me three times in the same fight against her and she just kept chugging away? no? lucky bastards

                            • Yellowfinger takes up 2 summon slots17 Aug 2016 19:45  

                              When summoning Yellowfinger, I no longer see other people's summon signs. When I have a summon, I can't see Yellowfinger's summon sign. Yellowfinger must take up 2 summon slots when summoned.

                              • Won't invade.13 Aug 2016 18:06  

                                All I want is that glorious gesture he gives you when summoned. Is there a certain place to go in the crucifixion woods or something? I am in new game plus and haven't defeated the watchers yet.

                                • That riposte tho15 Jul 2016 19:53  

                                  The darts and her crossbow plinker make you think she's a nab<br/>But she is not a nab when she parrys and then mines your head in for diamonds

                                  • Does not drop her items twice in swamp any more14 Jul 2016 11:49  

                                    I originally defeated her before in Road of Sacrifices near the Black Knight and she dropped the items. When I defeated her again in Farron Keep near one of the 3 ritual fires, she did not drop anything at all.

                                    • Another xanthous invader12 Jul 2016 16:55  

                                      Ran into another xanthous invader in irithyll dungeon called xanthous eagle on NG, no sorceries but she used a katana and shield anyone ever seen her?

                                      • Won't invade me.29 Jun 2016 08:29  

                                        I'm at Aldrich and I realized that if I want the full Xanthous set, I need to kill heysel. So I run around the crucifixion woods, and she won't spawn. I went to Farron Keep and she won't spawn there too. I should mention that I killed Leonard and I'm apart of Rosaria's Fingers...

                                        • Alternative way to avoid her and get the hat for casuls26 Jun 2016 19:34  

                                          You can use a disguise and hang around in the study up in the castle, in the upper roof near the Crystal Sage boss fight.<br/><br/> She will eventually die and give you the hat and the scythe.

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