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Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth Information

  • Rosaria is the leader of Rosaria's Fingers, an invasion Covenant in Dark Souls 3. 
  • You can turn in Pale Tongues to deepen your devotion, re-allocate your stats, or change your appearance.
  • Re-allocating stats or changing your appearance counts one "rebirth."  You can only be reborn 5 times per NG.  Each rebirth costs one tongue.
  • Backing out of the rebirth does NOT use up one remaining times you may be reborn.
  • You cannot change genders nor change your name during a rebirth.
  • If you have been reborn 5 times and request to be reborn again, it says "Further rebirth is not possible during this lifetime.  Persisting will transform you into a grub."
  • NOTE: Offering Pale Tongues to rank up or equipping covenant ring will make Sirris hostile.




To find Rosaria, go to Cathedral of the Deep and make your way up the shortcut elevator on the left side of the Cleansing Chapel, head outside onto the ledge, turn a corner and climb up the ladder. Head to the hole in the wall at the opposite side of the room and drop down onto the tiled-roof of the cathedral support below. Head up to the top of the support. Enter the cathedral through the first passageway to the right of the support. Traverse the precarious stone arches and reach the opposite side of the room from where you entered. Jump down to a stone platform below, then jump down a second time, to the area with guardrails. From here, simply hug the right wall until you reach Rosaria and her bonfire, past a broken fence and large iron doors.




Step 1: Rosaria has a quest event related to Leonhard. Progress his quest until Leonhard moves to her room, then the next time Rosaria's Bedchamber is reloaded she will be dead with a black eye orb, and Leonhard will be missing. However, her bed can still be approached for you to be reborn or offer pale tongues.

Step 2: Use the black eye orb in the room above the Aldrich boss room to invade Leonhard's world. Use one of the elevators in the back of the room to gain access to what used to be Gwynevere's quarters. Defeat Leonhard and obtain Rosaria's Soul from him.

Step 3: You can chose to perform Soul Transposition and obtain a miracle from her soul, or return it to her. Alternatively, return her soul to revive her. Afterwards, the Bonfire will not be accessible. Kill the man-grub next to it to relight it.



  • Nothing



Rosaria does not speak



  • Rosaria has some connection to Princess Gwynevere from Dark Souls 1. They are both found worshipped at their bedside, have covenants in their name and Rosaria's Soul can grant you one of Gwynevere's miracles.
  • Rosaria's Fingers bears resemblance to the Chaos Servant convenant from Dark Souls 1. Both leaders (Rosaira/The Fair Lady) are guarded/served by human-hybrid creatures (Man-Grub\Egg-Carrier), and have NPC followers (Longfingers\Chaos Servants) go invade other worlds in order to kill people and take an item from them (Pale Tongue\Humanity) in order to give it to their master as an offering. Kirk is a member of the covenant in both games.
  • Rosaria cannot be permanently killed by the player, nor can the player obtain her soul by killing her. She can die, but will revive once the player leaves and returns to her.
  • NPCs connected to Rosaria's Fingers are Ringfinger Leonhard, Longfinger Kirk, Yellowfinger Heysel and Creighton the Wanderer  (according to Sirris, although no further "finger" title is given).
  • Once the player defeats Yellowfinger Heysel and offers a Pale Tongue to Rosaria, Heysel can be summoned as a white phantom near the Keep Ruins bonfire.



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    • Anonymous

      13 Jan 2018 00:40  

      After having earned the Obscuring Ring once in NG, I attempted to earn a second copy in NG+; however, upon delivering to Rosaria the required 10 Pale Tongues, I did NOT receive a second Obscuring Ring. Is it impossible to earn more than one Obscuring Ring per character? I mean, legitimately--not through trade with other players. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        24 Oct 2017 02:15  

        Dumb theory ahead: what if Rosaria is the former Queen of Lothric?

        1. The Queen was considered to be like the goddess of fertility, Gwynevere; Rosaria is a goddess of rebirth, and her soul unlocks a miracle of Gwynevere
        2. The Queen's "holy maiden," Gertrude, was a conduit for Angels; if one examines closely, the Man-Grubs appear quite similar to the larval beings "commanding" the Angels in the Dreg Heap (are Man-Grubs pupating Angels? or are they merely Apostles?)
        3. Angelic Faith seems to play a crucial role in Lothric and its surrounding geography, and it's possible that Sulyvahn, Aldrich, and the Deacons of the Deep have some fascination with the beings, judging by certain statues and design details and similarities to the "Pilgrim Butterflies," also seemingly connected to the Angels
        4. The Queen apparently went mad after the birth of Ocelotte and "quietly disappeared;" Rosaria also had an issue with childbirth, when her firstborn broke her heart by "stealing her tongue" (Lorian?)

        Alright, it's kinda dumb, but it's a fun idea to toss around.

        • Anonymous

          29 Aug 2017 14:01  

          You can still do covenant stuff when she's dead.
          So what do you get for reviving her apart from the bonfire?

          • Anonymous

            25 Aug 2017 02:59  

            Does the infinite respec 'glitch' still work? I have tried it for the first time recently and haven't been successful on multiple attempts. Any confirmation?

            • Anonymous

              10 Jul 2017 15:04  

              If you exit the game right after applying changes on the rebirth screen your Pale Tongue won't be used and the rebirth won't count towards the limit. Look up "respec glitch" if you want a video guide.

              • Anonymous

                03 Jun 2017 10:15  

                I like to think that this is Gwyn's widow and the mother of his children. The fleshy mass around her isn't actually​ her, but is actually Archdeacon Klimt, the only one of the three archdeacons to not worship Aldrich. This probably caused friction between Aldrich and Rosaria, culminating in the massacre of the man-grubs and the bars in front of her bedchamber's door. What broke those bars is up for debate, though it's distinctly possible that it was a group effort by the man-grubs and/or Fingers. Or the giant below her door punched through it for some reason.

                • Anonymous

                  02 May 2017 04:05  

                  heysel becomes the grub pet that rosaira is next to its sad she rebirthed 6 times but at least she found companionship with rosaira which she was looking for

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Apr 2017 01:12  

                    Pretty stupid that you can't change the 2 things that actually matter for a character covered in armor... (name and sex)

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Apr 2017 17:22  

                      She could be Gwynevere, but I don't so, I think she is the fire keeper from the DS 1 firelink shrine (Anastacia of Astora). I mean, there are a few things that makes it true: First, she is blind and voiceless, which was something that firekeepers in dark souls 1 also had. More precisly, Lautrec says about her that "She's mute and bound to this forsaken place. They probably cut her tongue out back in her village, so that she'd never say any god's name in vain".
                      Then, she has the similar questline, with the black orb. Maybe Leonhard is Lautrec. Lautrec is gone, only his armor remains in Irythrill (with the Favor ring), and we fight Leonhard in Anor Londo.
                      Also, Leonhard uses the same kind of weapon as Lautrec. Also, we fight Lautrec in Anor Londo too. It is maybe his link with the darkmoon blades? Or maybe he got it later on, thanks to Sulyhvan.
                      For the black eye orb:
                      Description of Dark soul 1: "Mystical orb found on a Keeper's corpse. Invade the world of the murderer of a Fire Keeper, to defeat the perpetrator and reclaim the soul of the Fire Keeper.
                      The Black Eye keeps constant watch on the city of the Gods, Anor Londo. "
                      The one of Dark souls 3: " Arcane orb are right on Rosaria's corpse.
                      Have faith her soul can be retrieved, by invading
                      the world of her killer, and returning victorious.
                      The Black Eye is proof of vengeance, but often
                      appears serene as it casts its gaze toward Irithyll. "

                      In dark souls 1, it refers as a mystical orb found on "A fire keeper corpse". Maybe we should not take this as THIS firekeeper corpse, but more as a generality: Only a firekeeper can drop it.
                      And it's also about to take her soul back, which is common to both dark souls 1 and 3.

                      Finally, but the most speculative, the look of the soul of Rosaria is so twisted. I mean, it makes me feel that it once was something else, that is turning with time into a greatsoul.
                      It's not a "pure greatsoul", in a way.
                      Maybe her soul just evolved, which is the cause of her "rebirth". I mean, technically, she litterally revived in Dark souls 1, and as a firekeeper, she cannot really die.
                      Maybe, by turning into some kind of deity, she also got the power to share the gift (or maybe curse) of the firekeeper: Being free from death, reviving again, and again.
                      But as it is not something supposed to be true for undeads, after some revival, they turned into grubs.
                      Also, she always was mentionned (Anastacia) as impure in Dark souls 1, maybe.. It's her impurity? And maybe, before being a firekeeper, she was something else, and then, she rebirthed...
                      And then, here is the greatest speculation: She could have been Fina. In that way, she became a firekeeper, and Lautrec, who was in love with Fina, didn't accepted this change, and that's why he killed her. Because, she maybe changed because of her rebirth, but her soul, remains her soul.
                      But Lautrec lost it between dark souls 1 and 3, and decided to join the Rosaria's finger, with an other identity: Leonhard. And so he wasn't recognized. And so, he could take her soul again, to be with the one he loved.

                      • Anonymous

                        08 Feb 2017 17:37  

                        You can be reborn more than 5 times in one playthrough! Something (DS3 updates?) seems to reset the counter.

                        • Anonymous

                          28 Jan 2017 10:34  

                          So I'm still able to get cov rewards from a dead Rosaria & respec w/ out ruining Serris' ql... For shame From

                          • Anonymous

                            17 Jan 2017 23:13  

                            whats the lore behind her?
                            Im curious because of how the section is designed.
                            First thing is, the man Grub things before the gate are pinned at the wall and floor, which means someone was there killing them where they were and pinning them down with incredible strength as shown by the nails. That person also is either incredibly strong or tall. Not only because he/she/it could reach upper areas to kill and pin them on the wall, but also it appears that the iron fence infront of the gate leading to Rosaria seems to be pushed to the sides with incredible strength. As if something very powerful took it with the hands and pulled the iron to the side, maybe even melting it a bit.
                            The Baby beds in the room are all empty and only the one on the bed is remaining.
                            I imagine that Rosaria is not only the Mother of Rebirth but also has/had her children in this room. She may have been a Godess of Birth in general, maybe a Princess of Birth, probably had many children before this Kingdom went to hell.
                            Someone or something came and then entered the room either to get access to her to kill her children or to join or free her.

                            • Anonymous

                              14 Dec 2016 10:08  

                              Kirk was a Darkwraith in Dark Souls 1, it even says so in his armor description. Quit clogging the wiki with your gayass fan fiction *****.

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Dec 2016 21:57  

                                I killed grub form heysel and now all I get is silence and no box appears when I talk to Rosaria. i never offered a pale tongue to her before, is it bug or intentional?

                                • Anonymous

                                  01 Dec 2016 19:10  

                                  I offer some tongues, just to try, before help sirris for first time
                                  And now she isn't hostile with me
                                  maybe it's a bug?

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