Please see Alva, Seeker of the Spurned instead

    • 12 May 2017 16:20  

      He doesn't seem to be willing to invade me. I've killed Midir and the Spear of the Church and walked to the spot he's supposed to invade but he doesn't. Tried walking back and forth in order to trigger but it doesn't.

      I also killed Ledo and the Moaning Knight, I'm not sure if it's relevant in any way, just naming it maybe there is some trigger.

      • Anonymous

        14 Apr 2017 10:00  

        sl1, no upgrades run here. storyteller's staff procs poison on him with one cast, almost took his whole healthbar with the first cast but had to finish him off with a second. weak to poison!

        • Anonymous

          01 Apr 2017 20:33  

          If you have killed Judicator Argo (finished area's boss), Seeker of the Spurned won't turn up and will not spawn even if you restore the boss. You'll have to go NG+ to get the Wolf Ring+3, sadly. Only way to go around this is by cheat.

          • Anonymous

            31 Mar 2017 03:32  

            I've tried countless times to be invaded by him, but he's never there...what is going on with my playthrough? extremely frustrating.

            • Anonymous

              30 Mar 2017 19:15  

              He's hollowed after the encounter in the Irrithyll Dungeon entrance and forgot his name. What a sad end to the Wayfarer, would be even sadder if he killed Zullie.

              • Anonymous

                28 Mar 2017 17:26  

                He invades and hides around a small corner, guarding a small area. Once discovered he'll attack you with the same techniques as Alva did in Irithyll.

                Following his defeat, he drops the Wolf Ring +3, and you can find the Black Witch Set in the area behind him.

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