Alva, Seeker of the Spurned

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? 3658 Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Murakumo

Alva, Seeker of the Spurned is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Alva, Seeker of the Spurned Information

  • Can be killed.
  • Invades just before the entrance of Irithyll Dungeon, if the player is embered.
  • Invades on the streets of The Ringed City, whether you are embered or not.
  • List of items that refer to this NPC: Black Witch Set
  • Cannot be summoned.



  • You can find Alva, Seeker of the Spurned at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley past the Distant Manor bonfire, on the staircase leading to the Irithyll Dungeon. Invades as a dark spirit in the entrance of the doorway leading to the Bonfire. The invasion is triggered the moment you set foot on the bridge outside the manor.
  • Alva does not invade if Yhorm has already been defeated.
  • From the location of Shira at the top of the stairs on the streets of the Ringed City, you should head down and to the right, crossing the first bridge over the stairs. If you keep going there will be a Ringed Knight. From here, go to the left of the monument and the invasion will be triggered. Alva will be hiding round a corner at the end of this pathway, guarding the Black Witch Set.



Combat Information

  • Wields: Murakumo (RH) and a Arbalest crossbow (LH).
  • Mainly fights two-handed with weapon arts up close, switches to wielding one-handed with an off-hand crossbow at distance.
  • Uses the normal curved greatsword moveset and is easily staggered.
  • Alva doesn't heal. (needs confirmation)
  • The doorway back to the Distant Manor will be blocked by a fog wall during the invasion, so he must be fought at the cliff or inside the dungeon.
  • Be wary of falling off the nearby cliff if dodging. 
  • Can be easily killed by tossing an Alluring Skull near the edge of the cliff, he'll run right towards it and fall to his death.



No Dialogue.



  • Alva's armor from Dark Souls 2 mentions "Alva crossed many a land in search of a cure for Saint Serreta's sickness, but failed and relinquished his knighthood. Alva was once wracked with guilt and remorse, but rediscovered his purpose in life with the aid of the witch who once plotted against him." Explaining (in a way) the change of title from "The Wayfarer" to "Seeker of the Spurned".
    • Coincidentally, his armor set can be found very close to where Karla is imprisoned. Based on the description of Karla's Ashes, Karla is obviously whom Alva was seeking, which can easily explain why his armor set can be found close to where Karla was imprisoned.
  • Voice actors, chracter inspirations, fan art, cosplay goes here.



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    • Anonymous

      22 Dec 2017 00:28  

      Alva didn't heal throughout my fight with him, yea. Though the damned fool rolled off the stairs to his death... -_-;

      • Anonymous

        28 Oct 2017 13:25  

        Alva and Zullie's doomed love story is one of the most romantic and heartwarming thing (but heartbreaking all the same) in Dark Souls series... I feel sad just thinking about them ;-;

        • Anonymous

          18 Aug 2017 03:32  

          I missed him at Irythill but was hoping to get him in the Ringed City so I could pick up Murakumo, however he doesn't seem to be spawning. I am embered, tried reloading the game, nothing. Anyone know what the problem could be? I've activated the shared graves and city streets bonfires, and knocked Midir off the bridge (did not kill him in the real boss fight though). Could doing any of these stop him from spawning?

          • 21 Jun 2017 11:30  

            Protip: If you're doing speed runs, kill him when he spawns because he won't go back to his world until you fight Yhorm. You can't rest at the Profaned Capital's bonfire while he's in your world.

            • Anonymous

              06 Jun 2017 09:04  

              I didnt find him after crossing the bridge in Ringed Knight, and just take away the Black witch set, but I want my wolf ring+3>< does anyone know why he wasnt there? and how can I find him again!?

              • Anonymous

                12 Apr 2017 08:09  

                You must also be online to spawn Alva. When offline npcs never spawn now, i've tried this across multiple playthroughs and characters.

                If you want an easy run through the ringed city, just go offline and you'll never get these invasions.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Apr 2017 21:36  

                  alva isnt invading me, however I am embered. Can anybody think of a solution for this? i've already tried reloading the area

                  • 31 Mar 2017 07:00  

                    He returns in the Ringed City, just to give you a nasty surprise when you are exhausted after dealing with the fat knights and the ringed knights. And this time no more cliff for cheesing. You're gonna face his revenge.

                    • 03 Mar 2017 19:24  

                      Just had Alva invade me after I killed Sulyvahn, so I've removed the line which - everyone in the comments agrees - wrongfully claimed he wouldn't invade.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Jan 2017 08:34  

                        When you've killed Alva return to the city or Greirat will die. DON'T enter the dungeon before Greirat is back in the shrine.

                        • Anonymous

                          14 Jan 2017 12:18  

                          Alva does not spawn if Pontiff Sulyvahn has been killed. (Personally tested from NG through NG+ 6 and Alva has only spawned when Sulyvahn still alive. -Gangisburrito)

                          This is wrong. I've killed Sylvan, cleared londo, went back to the dungeon and alva invaded.

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