Great Swamp Cuculus

Great Swamp Cuculus
General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
2000 n/a Smouldering Lake n/a

Great Swamp Cuculus is a summonable NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Great Swamp Cuculus Information

"Great Swamp Cuculus is a summon for the 'Old Demon King' Bossfight"



  • You can find Great Swamp Cuculus' summon sign at Smouldering Lake, just before the Old Demon King boss gate.
  • Cuculus can be summoned to help for the Demon Ruins if the player does not enter the boss room.


Combat Information

  • Attacks with a whip and with Pyromancies.
  • She will cast Poison Mist and Great Chaos Fire Orb (the latter needs confirmation).
  • Strong against fire damage.


  • It is thought that Cuculus is Corynx's pyromancy master or apprentice, which would explain why after summoning Cuculus a body appears at Corynx's cage where he is found in the undead settlement.
  • This is reinforced by the fact that they are both Pyromancers of the Great Swamp, which makes a mentor connection even more possible.
  • Cuculus is a latin name for cuckoos, a type of bird that lays their eggs in other birds nests to raise their young.



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    • 15 Oct 2016 04:11  

      Oh look, yet another idiotic trivia section. Who is the moron who said "DUUHH DEY R BOTH FRUM GREAT SWAMP SO DEY R RELATED DUUUH"
      No ***** sherlock, ALL MODERN PYROMANCERS ARE FROM THE GREAT SWAMP. *****ing idiot

      • Useless glitch?31 Aug 2016 03:50  

        I summoned her for the boss, but she was unable to figure out how to use the fog gate throughout the entire fight, dispite me attempting to wait for her before initiating it. In the end I solod him. <br/>All she did was run at the fog wall the whole time.

        • Cuculus Glitch20 May 2016 17:41  

          Great Swamp Cuculus has a glitch similar to the Sword Master glitch that can be exploited to defeat Old Demon King easily. When you fight the demon, allow her to die, then save and quit. Resume your game, summon her again and proceed to the boss fight. Cuculus will take zero damage from the demon's attacks. Verified on Xbox ; unsure about other platforms.

          • Homeward Bone19 May 2016 04:52  

            Just FYI, if Culculus dies during the fight, you can homeward bone out back to a bonfire, resummon her, and then do the fight again. As long as you don't kill the boss with her dead in the fight, you can still get her stuff.<br/><br/>But don't forget that you need to banish all other phantoms using the black separation crystal before you can use a homeward bone.<br/><br/>Dying should also allow you to summon Cuculus again, so you can just suicide if you think that's easier. I didn't specifically test this however.

            • Useless AI02 May 2016 15:19  

              be careful during the fight, the ai is so bad in this game they are very likely to die during the fight. and if they do there is no way to get the set until ng+.

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