Moaning Knight

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? 16,272 The Ringed City Blindfold Mask

Moaning Knight is an invading NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Moaning Knight Information



  • The Moaning Knight appears in the Ringed City DLC area, near the Shared Grave bonfire. He is after the bridge protected by Darkeater Midir inside the spiral tower. When entering the tower go left. You'll see a lizard. Going after the lizard will cause you to fall when the stairs collapse, where he will invade you shortly afterward. Video Location
  • He will invade your world regardless of whether or not you are embered.  If you decide to run from him, you will stand near the edge of the collapsed stairway.  You can easily kill him from the other side with bows, firebombs, etc, which will likely be necessary since he'll prevent you from resting at the nearby bonfire.



  • Souls: NG (16,272), NG+ (??), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Blindfold Mask

Combat Information

  • Use Morne's Great Hammer (RH) and Moaning Shield (LH).
  • Weak to Lightning Damage.
  • Should the fight enter the staircase, it would be wise to bring a spear class weapon or any weapon good for tight spots due to the narrowness.




  • Judging by his equipment, the Moaning Knight appears to be a Knight of Carim. Furthermore - unique shield and drop suggests, that it is Eygon of Carim.



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    • 26 Aug 2017 21:10  

      Tips to people having trouble beating him due to the limited area: Easiest way to kill him is to use Unfaltering Force boosted Force near the ledge as it'll throw him off LOL OR bait him outside and let Midir roast him (you can drop off the ledge on the other side to the cliff under you to be safe).

      • Anonymous

        15 May 2017 13:17  

        This goes for all 3 Invaders in the dlc. If you have Judicator dead they wont spawn so, go to the purging monument spend that nice souls that it wants you to for the king's decree to revive Judicator and after that all 3 invaders will be spawning again. TLDR: Judicator has to be alive for the invaders to spawn.

        • Anonymous

          01 May 2017 02:54  

          He appeared for me under these conditions:
          1) not embered
          2) have only killed the twin dragon
          3)spoke to Lapp and told him where the shrine is.

          Spawned as soon as I fell down the hole by the lizard.

          • Anonymous

            21 Apr 2017 09:26  

            im almost 90% sure that it wont appear if you are invaded, same goes with any other npc in the dlc. ones you are walked past hem he wont reappear. this happened for me 2 times. one time i was invaded by someone and the second time because the invade glitch where the game wont notice you that you are invaded. other times where i wasnt embered and walked here he appeared normally so i HIGHLY recommend you not to be in ember mode if you want to make sure that he appears.

            • Anonymous

              16 Apr 2017 13:56  

              I cant get the moaning knight or any of the three npc invaders to show up, even when embered. I dont know if I messed anything up.
              Met and killed the Judicator 3 times(Start area), swamp, and Humanity puzzle.
              Pushed Midir down on the bridge
              Killed dragonslayer armour(Or Ornstein?)
              Opened the door to Halflight Boss but did not start the fight.
              Anyone have any idea? Thanks.

              • Anonymous

                09 Apr 2017 05:35  

                I just accidentally cheesed the guy. Using the Millwood Greatbow I used the WA on the wall he just walked by and it blew him off the walkway

                • Anonymous

                  08 Apr 2017 02:22  

                  I believe this is actually the spirit of Morne. Maybe the reason that he drops the Blindfold Mask is that the mask belongs to Caitha, Goddess of Tears. She has a dark chime, so it would be quite fitting if she wore a mask to amplify its power.

                  Perhaps the tale of Morne and Caitha and the tale of Eygon and Irina parallel each other as a lot Dark Souls lore is rather cyclical. It's just a thought.

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Apr 2017 22:10  

                    I beat the dlc, then did lapps quest, and still haven't seen him :( as a full dark spell/miracles/pyro user that sucks

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Apr 2017 01:41  

                      Just have him spawn, walk out into Midir's range. BLOCK fire (with a decent shield you take tiny chip damage). The dragon will kill him for you~ Or ya know, just push him off into the pit.... that works too.

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Apr 2017 20:06  

                        I successfully avoided him the first time through this area, went through again and got killed by him, then after completing the DLC went back for the mask, and he's not spawning any more - running all up and down the tower, embered or not. This isn't a complaint at all, I just think it's interesting and I wonder what exactly the trigger is. Midir or Gael or both, I'm assuming, just wanted to give y'all a heads up that if you use dark and want the mask, you shouldn't wait too long to kill this NPC, unless I'm totally overlooking something.

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Apr 2017 17:41  

                          The Moaning Knight can't be anybody else but Eygon.
                          In the ringed city we get invaded by Alva again. But pay attention: he's not named Alva anymore, he's just "Seeker of the Spurned".
                          But we know it can't be anybody else but Alva, because he uses his weapons and armor and Alva was the Seeker of the Spurned after all.

                          Its the same case with Moaning Knight. His name is forgotten. But it is Eygon!
                          Yes, the hammer and the armor is standart issue weaponry of Carim knights.
                          BUT! The shield is EXCLUSIVE to Eygon. The shield is made after his sister, if description of the shield to be believed, so only Eygon can have it.
                          So it is 100% him.

                          What's even weirder - the mosquito creep mentions Eygon and Irina in one of his monologue ramblings.
                          I don't know why Eygon invades you, but it is him.

                          What's more questionable though: why does he drops that mask? In Dark Souls 3 it says its somewhat similiar to firekeeper's crown (and Irina was meant to become one).
                          However here's the thing: in Dark Souls 2 this mask belonged to Zullie - Alva's lover. Its exactly the same mask, but descriptions are completely different.

                          I have no idea what any of this means, but its *****ign fascinating!

                          • Anonymous

                            31 Mar 2017 08:46  

                            The Moaning Knight is after the bridge protected by the dragon inside the spiral tower. When entering the tower go left. You'll see a lizard. Going after the lizard will cause you to fall when the stairs collapse. That's where he invades. He's not that hard. The tight corridor is the real factor here for large weapons that swing horizontally.

                            • 26 Mar 2017 17:32  

                              It'd be great if this was just some knight who has a Moaning Shield and just uses that every time you interact with him, and would serve absolutely no purpose or use in the game whatsoever, he's just... there. He says/does absolutely nothing else. Nobody else even acknowledges his existence. He just makes his Moaning Shield, uh, moan every time you try to "talk" to him. Drops nothing when killed. Aggro'ed, he just moves around making moaning sounds with the shield and sometimes trying to bash you with it. Then you stand there confused and maybe distraught all like "WHAT DOES IT MEAN MIYAZAKI?! WHAT DOES IT MEEEAAAN?!" A Pendant made NPC basically. DON'T LET ME DOWN GAME.

                              Like, at least Horace gave you a covenant badge, could be summoned for a boss, dropped a shield when killed and whose armor could be bought afterwards. Not to mention the significance he had for Anri. Even that weird talking cage of hollows was there to give you a cryptic clue about getting inside a cage to get the Mound Makers item. This guy would be... just a guy who likes making his Moaning Shield moan. And absolutely nothing else. A MAN CAN DREAM...

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