Eygon of Carim

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???? 1000 Undead Settlement

Morne's Great Hammer
Moaning Shield

Eygon of Carim is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Eygon of Carim Information








First encounter

Hmm...  Another one of those Unkindled, are you?
All you faceless Undead, behaving as if you deserve respect.
Hmph.  No matter.  Heed my words.
If you’ve any sense, you’ll go find a coffin to huddle up inside.
You here, in this land of Hollows, you’re like a frail maiden on the front lines.
If like the others, you’re fool enough to play the champion…
Then go on ahead, traipse right past the abandoned church.
You’ll face death, and it won’t be pretty.
Enough death to leave you broken, time after time." (chuckle)

If like the others, you're fool enough to play the champion...
Then go on ahead, traipse right past the abandoned church.
Hopeless, the whole lot of you.  Like little moths, flittering towards a flame."

After visiting Irina's cell

You like poking around in cells, do you?
How very genteel!" (chuckle)

Ah-hah, taken an interest in her, have you?
Well she's a lost cause. Couldn't even become a Fire Keeper.
After I brought her all this way, and got her all ready.
She's beyond repair, I tell you." (chuckle)

The woman's a lost cause.
Couldn't even become a Fire Keeper.
She's beyond repair I tell you." (chuckle)

After rescuing Irina of Carim

You've gone and rescued her, have you?
How very quaint, pitying creatures that are beyond help.
Very well.  I'm sick of looking after her at any rate.
I am Eygon, a knight of Carim.
I am allied to you as long as you assure the girl's safety.
And only for that long..."

What's the matter?  My terms are very simple.
I am allied to you for as long as you assure the girl's safety.
And only for that long..."

First encounter (if you visit Irina's cell first)
(This replaces both parts of his normal first encounter)

Hmm... Another one of those Unkindled, are you?
All you faceless Undead, behaving as if you deserve respect.
Now you're poking around in peoples' cells.
How very noble!" (chuckle)

First encounter (if you rescue Irina first)
(This skips all his previous dialogue)

Hmm... Another one of those Unkindled, are you?
All you faceless Undead, behaving as if you deserve respect.
Now you've gone and rescued the wench...
How very quaint, pitying creatures that are beyond help."
(The rest is the same as his normal rescue dialogue)

Firelink Shrine (after Abyss Watchers)

Ahh, I know you. Been some time(, since we met in person).
I just dropped in to see how she's getting on.
Now, what are you playing at with this circus?
This cesspool of doddering oldfolk and degenerates.
Couldn't be better. She must fit in perfectly here." (chuckle)


Iudex Gundyr (after he takes Irina away)

I made myself very clear.
My allegiance remained only as long as you assured the girl's safety.
This knight of Carim does not forgive betrayal.
Even a broken woman deserves her dignity..."

When you die

Remember. A knight of Carim does not forgive betrayal.
Not ever."

When he dies

(argh) Irina... This bastard/wench..."


Attacking him

What is it now!"
"Curse you, ***** fool!"

Aggroing him

Lost it, have you?
Then I'll take care of you.
As many times as it takes!"

He kills you

Stay dead this time."

You kill him

Deluded Hollow bastard...



  • Eygon of Carim is played by Grahame Fox.
  • Holds some similarity to Garl Vinland from Demon's Souls, a greathammer and shield wielding knight who guarded the maiden Astrea much like how Eygon guards Irina.
  • His weapon of choice is very similar to the Grant used by Paladin Leeroy from Dark Souls as they are both great hammers with a faith requirement and special area of effect attack. Much like Leeroy, he is summonable for a sorcerer who creates clones of himself.
  • His helm is based on ceremonial/parade helm of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.
  • Can be summoned for dragonslayer armor even after being summoned for crystal sage. ( Summon can be found in the building to the right of the stairway leading to the boss fog on the right side just beyond the doorway ). 
  • Eygon is the second knight of Carim NPC you can ally yourself with, the first being Lautrec of Carim from Dark Souls 1. Both the knights also has a keen interest in Fire Keepers, maybe it's a cultural thing.
  • Interestingly, he uses a shield in combat, a trait that is very rare among the knights of Carim, who often uses the Parrying Dagger.
  • Within the Ringed City, past Midir and inside the tower that houses the Shared Graves Bonfire, the player will be invaded by the Moaning Knight. This knight is using the same moveset and armor as Eygon, which may lead to speculation that the invader is indeed Eygon gone hollow, or some similar knight within his order. He also drops the Blindfold mask.
  • Building from this information, one can infer that this "Moaning Knight" is the slain Eygon that stole Irina after she was corrupted by the Dark by way of corrupt miracle tomes. Thus, due to a possible player choice, Eygon is left hollowed after the ages waste away, and he guards the bonfire in a place that once held firekeepers. (huge guess)


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    • Anonymous

      04 Jan 2018 00:01  

      Irina saif herself she wasn't meant to become a Fire Keeper. Important info! And she read a dark tome judging from her symptoms when we found her. And Eygon said she's broken. Implying not the book was the problem. Irinas frail nature was it! Maybe it's time to look at this "odd couple" in a different light. Based on what we know, they were not on an ordinary pilgrimage. If I had to guess I would rather say the goal was the cathedral of the deep (where we find btw a set of another maid) and she was meant to become one of those cathedral evangelist. Whats support this in my opinion is that Carim and Londor seem to be close judging from the items history since DS1. Raising the question what the real nature of their Church and their believes are. It's not about Jesus that's for sure.

      • Anonymous

        15 Nov 2017 18:38  

        I cant find his nor Sirris’ signs at dragonslayer armour, I dont know of this is related to me killing Eygon and asking to join Rossaria’s fingers covenant (yes I am embered up)

        • Anonymous

          28 Oct 2017 05:37  

          Fought eygon but he rand off a cliff and dropped his weapons where I couldn't get them. Is this my punishment for being bad?

          • Anonymous

            24 Oct 2017 02:29  

            Okay, so I let him die on his own (RIP bro) but he dropped two Morne's Greathammers and two Moaning Shields??? Does it carry over for each NG that you don't pick them up? I never aggroed him or anything and Irina never went mad. I already had one of each, but suddenly I was carrying three of them. Also wasn't online, not sure if that might affect anything... Wish I knew how to exploit this lol.

            • Anonymous

              01 Oct 2017 02:47  

              Theory time. The Moaning Knight is Eygon gone hollow, everyone has guessed this, but the Blindfold mask is the biggest link. Eygon brought Irina to Lothric in order to make her a firekeeper, though she failed to become one. Likely, he held a Fire Keeper mask of some sort while waiting for her to finish her training or initiation, to be given to her once she became a fire keeper. The Blindfold mask is described as being similar to a fire keepers mask, though is likely different because it comes from a different place. Since Eygon never gave Irina the mask (even if you make her a Fire Keeper she still doesn't get it), he would still have it till he goes Hollow, which you then retrieve and use for yourself.

              • Anonymous

                05 Aug 2017 05:58  

                How to easily kill Eygon (Undead Settlement): Step 1: Lure those enemies with saws over to him. Step 2: Aggro Eygon (possibly optional) Step 3: Make the saw enemies hit Eygon (for some reason they do tons of damage to him) Step 4: Kill the saw enemies once he's dead. Step 5: Loot your free Greatshield and Hammer!

                • Anonymous

                  27 Jun 2017 12:38  

                  If you headshot him with a bow he stands up making it possible to push him down the cliff. During my latest attempt he however took no fall damage, might be a bug but didn't work as before.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Jun 2017 16:24  

                    How do you get Eygon out of Firelink Shrine? Is it because I did Irina questline late and maybe possibly bugged? (Started doing it when I was looking for his summon sign in Lothric Castle)

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Jun 2017 08:29  

                      The Moaning Knight invades even if you turn Irina into a firekeeper (I also never killed Eygon), so his invasion has nothing to do with player choice; unfortunately, this seems to nullify to "slain Eygon" theory.

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Jun 2017 21:58  

                        For as rough as Eygon is, he is quite honorable. Protecting a broken woman despite her failing to fulfill her purpose of becoming a Firekeeper, and doing it while he seems very displeased and upset with that fact.

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Apr 2017 01:05  

                          anyone know why eygons estus flask is empty when you fight him outside the shrine? Was he giving it to Irina?

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Apr 2017 09:45  

                            So what, if you dont kill him there's no way of getting his Hammer and Shield? That kinda sucks, makes sense, but still sucks

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Mar 2017 21:38  

                              I am having trouble getting eygon to leave his summon sign. I have talked to irina and freed her and talked to eygon after as well. I am level 48 sorcerer and have ventured some way into farron keep but have not killed the crystal sage boss, does my level effect whether or not he will leave his signature? i have not given irina any tomes or bought any miracles and cannot seem to find eygon anywhere. can someone shed some light on this?

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Jan 2017 03:13  

                                I have her a dark tone but never sought the spell, will he take her away or does he do that when I buy the spell?

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