Irina of Carim

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???? 1000 Undead Settlement

Irina's Ashes

Tower Key

Irina of Carim is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. She can teach and sell Miracles to your character in a certain area of the game.


Irina of Carim Information

  • Can be killed.
  • Sells Miracles, see Items Sold below.
  • Teaches the "Prayer" gesture.
  • Accepts all divine tomes, but her questline will vary accordingly.
    • Purchasing any Dark Miracles from her causes her to fall into darkness, and be taken away by Eygon of Carim, to be protected from you.
    • Purchasing ALL Dark Miracles causes her to stop being a vendor, and initiates a gloomy dialogue. (If you speak with her while equipping Morne's Gauntlets, she will have more things to say.)
    • Purchasing ALL Holy Miracles instead (without buying any dark ones) turns her into a Fire Keeper.



  1. Start: You can find Irina in a cell near the entrance to the Road of Sacrifices in the Undead Settlement. She can be reached by dropping down the cliff next to Eygon of Carim or purchasing the Grave Key from the Shrine Handmaiden for 1500 souls and going through the sewers next to the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. Irina's Location
  2. Once you free her and accept her services, she will relocate to Firelink Shrine. If you approach Blacksmith Andre and head down the stairs to the right, she can be found at the end of the hallway.
  3. Dark Path: If you give her the Londor Braille Divine Tome or the Deep Braille Divine Tome, and subsequently purchase any Dark Miracle  from her, Eygon will take her from you. They can then be found just after Iudex Gundyr's bonfire, and Eygon will be hostile. If you kill him, he drops Morne's Great Hammer and the Moaning Shield. If you cannot find her after killing Eygon warp out and back and she will be where Eygon was standing. Talk to her twice, and she will return to her spot in Firelink Shrine.
    1. If you didn't buy ALL of the Dark Miracles  you can still access her inventory and buy Miracles. BUT will not trigger her Dark Dialogue.
    2. If you purchase ALL of the Dark Miracles from her, she will no longer sell you Miracles. However, you can still speak with her, and must purchase and wear Morne's Gauntlets to finish the dark version of her questline. BE CAREFUL! After defeating Eygon and speaking to her once she will wake up and ask if anyone "is there."
    3. When returned to her usual spot Irina will not sell anything and will only beg the character to touch her. If he/she does without Morne's Gauntlets she will not recognize the touch, asking again for someone to touch her; if you're still wearing the gauntlets, she'll believe that you're Eygon and will ask you to kill her, as Eygon promised. Killing her drops her ashes. 
  4. Light Path: If you instead purchase ALL the other Miracles without purchasing any Dark Miracles, she will become a Fire Keeper, and move to the bottom of the Tower outside of Firelink (the one where Blade Master was standing). If you had given her Londor Braille Divine Tome or the Deep Braille Divine Tome but didn't purchase any Dark Miracles, these will be laying next to her on the ground. You can then give them to Karla to purchase all the Dark Miracles. After this happens, she will be able to level you up, much like the Fire Keeper inside the Shrine.




Items Sold



First encounter (Undead Settlement)

Ahh, who's there?
Is someone there, anyone?
The dark surrounds me, nibbles at my flesh.
Little creatures, they never stop biting.
So please, hold out your hand, and touch me..."

Selecting "Touch"

Ahh, yes, there you are, so close indeed.
Then I am not entirely alone, just yet.
Praise the merciful gods above... (gesture)
Oh, forgive me.
I am Irina of Carim.
I came to this land so that I might be a Fire Keeper.
Your touch has freed me from the darkness.  You are a Champion, then?
I am weak, and unfit to tend the flames.
But if it would not trouble you, might I enter into your service, instead?"

If you "Decline" her service

Ahh, yes, of course, I understand.
Even so, I thank you deeply.  For your touch.
I will never forget it, not ever."

[Talk] "Oh, sweet Champion. You still wish to converse?
Don't worry about me. I've long dealt in dark. It is my calling."

If you "Accept her service"

Oh, thank you, sweet Champion.
I shall take my vows.
I, Irina of Carim, solemnly swear to serve you."


Second encounter (Firelink Shrine)

Oh, Champion of Ash.  Welcome back.
I was not meant to be a Fire Keeper, but I am honoured to serve you beside the Bonfire.
The gods are ever-merciful.  My gratitude lies with them, and with you.
I am yours now.  Your wish is my command."

"Talk" command

You know, in my home of Carim, I was a nun.
I would be pleased to share the tales of miracles with you.
Although to be honest, I only know a few.
But if I had a divine tome, I could tell you many tales and more.
Ahh, only I cannot see…
Terribly sorry, but you'll have to find me a Divine Tome in braille."


When given Divine Tome of Carim or Lothric

Ahh, you've brought me a braille Divine Tome.
Now I can tell tales of new miracles.
Tales of the greater miracles can be quite the epics...
What fun we will have."

When given Deep or Londor Divine Tome

Oh, what's this...
Champion of Ash, this Divine Tome is forbidden...
These are dark tales that lurk deep within men... These stories would not please you...
Of course, if you insist, I will read them for you.
Only, ahh, ahh, they frighten me so.
The little creatures that nibble at me in the darkness..."

When greeted

Ahh, Champion of Ash, welcome back. Do you wish to hear a tale? You only have to ask."

When greeted (after buying a dark miracle from her)

Ahh, ahh, sweet Champion.  Where have you been?
Please, your touch…
The little creatures, how they nip and bite…"


Upon leaving

Have a pleasant journey, Champion of Ash.
I pray for your safety."

Upon leaving (after buying a dark miracle from her)

Ahh, sweet Champion.  Leaving so soon?
Please, come back in good time.
I am frightened.  Of the dark that gnaws away at me."

Upon leaving (after buying all non-dark miracles from her)

Thank you ever so much, sweet Champion.
May your solemn duty conclude in triumph."


After she moves to the tower

Oh, sweet Champion of Ash.
Let souls be your strength..."


"Talk" command (after "rescuing" her from Eygon)

Ahh, ahh, please, someone, touch me.
The dark, surrounds me, nibbles at my flesh.
Little creatures, they never stop biting.
So please, hold out your hand, and touch me..."

Selecting "Touch" (after "rescuing" her from Eygon)

Ohh, is there no one near to touch me?
Keep these things from eating away at me."

Selecting "Touch" (after "rescuing" her from Eygon and wearing Morne's Gauntlets)

Oh, you again, touch me, one last time.
And kill me, as you promised you would."


Upon death

What have you done, sweet champion of ash
I only wanted to..."

Upon death (after touching while wearing Morne's Gauntlets)

Ohh...A Knight of Carim... always true to his word..."



  • Her name is Slavic/Eastern-European form of Greek name  Ειρηνη (Eirene), derived from a word meaning "peace." Ειρηνη was the name of the Greek goddess who personified peace. Also, it was borne by several early Christian saints and is popular among Eastern Christians.
  • Voiced by Sarah Beck Mather, who also voiced Lucatiel of Mirrah in Dark Souls II.
  • Irina's feeling of darkness eating her away like insects corresponds to the item description of Fire Keeper's Soul in Dark Souls 1 
     "A Fire Keeper's soul is a draw for humanity, and held within their bosoms, below just a thin layer of skin, are swarms of humanity that writhe and squirm."
  • If you kill her while wearing the Morne set, her death dialogue will be different.



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    • Anonymous

      04 Jan 2018 14:14  

      She doesnt sells me miracles anymore... she just wants to get touched. Even if i touch her she doesnt react to it.

      • Anonymous

        01 Jan 2018 05:09  

        You do not need to give her any of the dark tomes at all. I gave all of the dark tomes to Karla and none to Irina. While having no new dialog during the game, she is now a fire keeper. All lonely in the tower by herself.

        • Anonymous

          31 Dec 2017 00:35  

          Irina is incompetent cleric as Rhea, but she can contribute ashes and players to become tower key. This means her life has only value of 20000souls.

          • Anonymous

            29 Oct 2017 00:15  

            As a firekeeper she is basically worthless. thats the tragic of her character. And something is wrong with her too. as if she lost her personality at the end. And why she is brought to the tower, the grave of the firekeepers is selfexplaining. Meaning could be even if you do everything right, you can end up in a grave. She didn't deserve this end.

            • Anonymous

              07 Aug 2017 22:00  

              She finally becomes fire keeper.
              But sadly she isn't necessary at all for ashes and players because she can't do anything without level us up.

              • Anonymous

                29 Jul 2017 06:37  

                I progressed the dark questline on accident, killed Eygon and now she's just a merchant again. What's going on?

                • Anonymous

                  15 Jul 2017 03:19  

                  Can someone else confirm this and update the page. I just gave her all braille tomes and purchased all spells. Eygon's dead of natural causes. She then said to me after I reloaded "ahh champion of ash now I can tell you the stories forever and ever.*laughs after*". Note Eygon's quest is done but i had not bought anything until just now. With no pauses of buying to get souls. Seriously, can someone else confirm this and add to
                  the wiki page or did this only happen to me?

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Jul 2017 16:16  

                    I haven't seen anyone else say this so I will. When I got Irina of carim and sent her to firelink shrine, I proceeded to murder Eygone (Being in new game plus I already knew he wouldn't like me if I bought a dark miracle. I have lost about 200k souls from this guy so I was bitter.) Maybe not shocking at all but when you do that, you CANNOT complete her dark questline. Keep that in mind, Eygone MUST be alive to complete the dark side of the quest. I am unsure how his death would affect the light side if at all.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Jul 2017 10:31  

                      So, who is going to level up with Irina which she is outside of the shrine, and you have to wait the grey fog to disappear, instead with the Keeper?

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Jul 2017 10:12  

                        Beeing imprisoned, guarded by a bulky knight with an even bulkier weapon could be a reference to "The Legend of Zelda- A Link to the Past" where princess Zelda is also kept imprisoned guarded by a powerfull knight wielding a crazy huge morning star flail.

                        • 11 Jun 2017 17:10  

                          The dark miracles are the ones you get when you give her the Londor Tome and the Deep Tome. The Holy miracles are the ones from the Carim Tome and the Lothric Tome.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Apr 2017 00:11  

                            Bought deep protection from her..... eygon just took her, killed eygon, and now shes all depressed.
                            Dont want to kill her, but cant do the ''good ending'' with her either.

                            And she just keeps crying about the things that nible her in the darkness.

                            Guess i have to do the good ending on NG+

                            • Anonymous

                              08 Apr 2017 23:06  

                              I have to wonder. I think we can all agree that Eygon is at least a good friend if not even a secret lover of Irina. So...what happend to Irina that she ended up in the this sorry state we found her? My only explanation is that he too gave her a dark tome. Considering what happens to her if we do that. If that is right was it an accident? Or not? And what tome was it? And was that the reason he was this "sarcastic"? Because he knew he screwed up? Everything?

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Apr 2017 19:54  

                                I don't gave him any dark tomes, a gave them to Karla, and bought all dark miracles from Karla and then bought all holy miracles from Irina, but she isn't becoming a firekeeper.

                                • Anonymous

                                  25 Mar 2017 01:07  

                                  I gave her a dark tome, bought 2 dark miracles (deep protection and gnaw), talked to morne about keeping her safe, but she still sits in firelink and morne is nowhere to be seen.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    13 Mar 2017 07:26  

                                    I killed Irina as Elgin and gave her ashes to handmaiden in firelink Shrine, put before Irina turned crazy One divine tome wasn't converted to miracles. Any solution? Please advise

                                    • Anonymous

                                      17 Feb 2017 05:24  

                                      When you give her the lothric and carim tome on your first meeting in firelink and buy all miracles instantly she has another quote upon leaving , She says: "Godspeed,Champion of Ash. May your solemn duty conclude in triumph." try it out might be worth adding.

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