Londor Pale Shade

Londor Pale Shade
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Health Souls Location Drops
???? 5000 Varies Manikin Claws

Londor Pale Shade is a hostile invading NPC in Dark Souls 3, that can also be friendly.

Londor Pale Shade Information

"A hostile invader or ally to your cause, wielding the darkness of the Abyss for or against you"


  • Killable
  • Becomes an ally if your relationship with Yuria of Londor is good.
    • Yuria can only be spawned after using Yoel of Londor's "Draw Out True Strength" mechanic 5 times.
    • Gives the Duel Bow gesture after being summoned as a white phantom. Example Video of summoning him for the gesture.
    • Note: if you use the gesture Darkmoon Loyalty, you will receive Duel Bow right afterwards.
  • Becomes an invader if your relationship with Yuria of Londor is disrupted.
    • Your relationship is disrupted by aggroing or killing Yuria, curing the dark sigil, killing Yoel of Londor (before he gives 5 level ups), or by killing Anri of Astora.
    • Both invasions are needed to get the armor set.
  • List of items that refer to this NPC: Manikin Claws, Morion Blade, Pale Shade Set. (references londor pale shades in general)
  • You can recieve his equipment and gesture if you aggro Yuria by hitting her 3 times, run away, kill this invader twice, pay for absolution at Velka's statue, and summon him for Pontiff. (Yuria will be friendly afterwards and no quest will be disrupted)
  • If you assisted Sirris in killing Creighton the Wanderer, then you must be invaded by Creighton outside the Church of Yorshka bonfire before the Dark Spirit of Londor will invade you.
  • Does not appear possible after defeating Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • You must be embered for all dark spirit encounters
  • His armor is next to Yuria of Londor after he is killed twice.




  • Can be summoned as an ally for Abyss Watchers, the summon sign is in the corner next to the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire.
  • Can be summoned as an ally for Pontiff Sulyvahn, the summon sign is in front of a statue right outside the boss fog.
  • Can be summoned as an ally for Soul of Cinder, the summon sign is located halfway between the bonfire and the boss fog.


  • Invades in Farron Keep, near the first bonfire, take a right turn outside and follow the wall towards the basilisks.
  • Invades in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, past the Silver Knight room, at the top of the first set of stairs.
    • If you assisted Sirris in killing Creighton the Wanderer, then you must be invaded by Creighton outside the Church of Yorshka bonfire before the Dark Spirit of Londor will invade you.



  • Souls: NG (7,196), NG+ (No change)
  • Weapons: Manikin Claws
  • The Pale Shade Set can be found in Firelink Shrine, near the location of Yoel and Yuria, after the Londor Pale Shade invader has been defeated in both Farron Keep and Irithtyll of the Boreal Valley.
  • 2 Estus & 2 Ashen Estus refills


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    • 04 Jan 2017 12:32

      got the 5 dark sigils from yoel, then i cured them at velka's and then i got embered a farron keep perimeter bonfire and his white sign appeared at the corner and he performed the gesture normally, i may not get the hollow ending but im planning on a second play through anyways

      • 20 Dec 2016 08:23

        Killing Yoel at Firelink before drawing out your true strength or talking to him at all does not cause the Pale Shade to invade you. If you want their set but don't want to level up, you need to kill Anri.

        • 29 Nov 2016 14:31

          It should be noted that if you summon black hand gotthard first, before the abyss watchers, you will be unable to summon the Londor pale shade. (This can be remedied through the use of your black separation crystal.

          • Dual Bow Gesture26 Jun 2016 15:39

            Be aware, do not kill the creature who gives us the 'camaleon' spell, near the bonfire church of yorshka. I do this stupid thing and Pale Shader invades me in the place mentioned.

            • Yoel23 Jun 2016 01:32

              Idk if it's only on NG+ but killing Yoel before getting the dark sigils DID NOT make the Pale Shade invade. I was unable to get it to invade despite having killed Yoel, reloaded the area, and ran the length of the wall 4 different times.

              • invasion @ irithyll10 Jun 2016 21:33

                it's stupid how the pale shade takes out half my health with each hit, very frustrating cuz you're almost @ the shortcut when this ***** invades

                • Bad relationship30 May 2016 20:17

                  It should be noted that you cannot ask for absolution until after you kill the Pale Shade, or it will not show up as an invader. It took me longer than I'd care to admit to figure that out.

                  • Not showing up27 May 2016 15:52

                    I didn't do the dark sigil thing so I decided I may as well try to get this guy as an invader. Problem is he hasn't invaded in either of the locations mentioned. I already killed Creighton when he invaded me outside the church which it says you're supposed to do.<br/><br/>I did hear somewhere else that if you kill Pontiff Sulyvahn before this guy invades you then he won't show up at all. Is that true?

                    • this motherfronker22 May 2016 04:39

                      can we talk about why this douchebag does so much damage? I mean in my experience he literally does the most single hit damage of any enemy in NG outside of some boss grab attacks.

                      • usurpation of the fire ending10 May 2016 04:11

                        It may be possible to get this set and the Usurper ending in the same playthrough. If you heal the Dark Sigil or kill and essential NPC, Yuria will leave. But I've aggro'd Yuria of Londor and the shade appeared in Farron. Then I asked forgiveness at Velka's statue and Yuria questline continued as normal. If you repeat this procedure at irithyll to get the second invasion, it is likely, though untested, that the set will appear and Yuria will not leave the shrine.

                        • Invasion locations07 May 2016 12:01

                          I was invaded by Londor Pale Shade in Farron Keep where the swamp gets deeper and there are several basilisks just to the right of the bonfire on my second playthrough, where I spent the entire game in ember form. I had been invaded by and killed Heysel elsewhere already, but in my most recent playthrough where I skipped Heysel I was invaded by him there instead. So perhaps there are any number of locations where either can invade you, with a priority on Heysel (or just a coin flip)?

                          • Hollowing Requirement?27 Apr 2016 01:01

                            I think you might have to be at zero hollowing to see his sign at Farron Keep Perimeter. I refreshed the area four or five times with sixteen hollowing (immediately after death farming for Yoel) and didn't get him to pop until after I reset my hollowing at Velka.

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