Horace the Hushed

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? 2000 Road of Sacrifices Llewellyn Shield

Horace the Hushed is a NPC in Dark Souls 3. He is standing to the right of Anri of Astora and gives you the Blue Sentinels badge unlocking the Covenant.


Horace the Hushed Information




Horace's Questline

Horace is a companion to Anri of Astora, and will turn hostile after you progress into the Catacombs.

To locate Horace again, continue the game past the Abyss Watchers. Head into the Catacombs of Carthus and find Anri who will ask you about Horace's location. If you speak to Anri here and tell them "NO", She/He will move further into the Catacombs by an old bridge. You can speak to Anri again here, but it is not necessary. Horace is located in another area across the bridge. Once there cut the rope on the bridge by hitting it with your weapon, wait for it to collapse, and then climb down. Past the Fire Demon is a bonfire, and past the bonfire is Smouldering Lake. In Smouldering Lake hug the right wall until you see a small passageway with two Crystal Lizards. Horace will be at the back of this area and will be hostile. You can see a map here.

If you kill him here, he will give you the Llewellyn Shield. If you kill him, it won't matter if you tell Anri where he is. Anri's questline will continue and you will receive the Ring of the Evil Eye in the Catacombs or at Anri's next location. If you don't kill him and tell Anri, Anri will be killed and their questline will end. If you don't kill him, but don't tell Anri his location, Anri's questline will continue.

  • If you kill Horace before speaking to Anri in his/her first location in the Catacombs, she/he will only be found at the second location.



  • Souls: NG (2000), NG+ (6000), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Weapons: Llewellyn Shield 



Horace the Hushed does not have specific dialogue lines. Instead, he only makes what sounds like a low growl or grunt when spoken to.



  • Horace would seem to be a member of the Blue Sentinels.
  • Horace might have ironically been named after the leading Roman lyric poet under the same name. Roman name (and link to Wikipedia): Quintus Horatius Flaccus
  • Miyazaki, a huge fan of the manga Berserk, may have been inspired by the character Basuzo's armor design in making the Executioner Set.
  •  Horace is one of two children to survive Aldrich's appetite
  • If you kill Horace and tell Anri where he is, then return to his location in the Smoldering Lake after Anri has left, there will be a small shrine with his broken halberd, shield, and a red prism stone on top, indicating that Anri found his body and laid him to rest (Anri says earlier that they leave prism stones for each other, to guide their way). Interestingly, if you meet Anri at the Yorshka bonfire, she/he will still say that they never found Horace.


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    • 03 Feb 2017 19:24  


      • 26 Jan 2017 09:13  

        So, interesting bug, I killed him and Anri at firelink after the Deacons, but he still showed up under the catacombs. Dropped his souls, but not a second shield.

        • 11 Jan 2017 10:17  

          I think he is already hollow when you first meet him. He doesnt "talk" like a hushed person, but rather like a classical hollow undead. I further think, that he is in a quite hollowed state when you first meet him, which will continue to make him completely insane later.
          He also, which underlines his forthcoming insanity due to hollowing, keeps attacking dead enemies when being summoned.
          It seems that he is helping Yuria to achieve the wedding ceremony. But thats only one of a few possibilities.

          So let me create a possible backstory explanation here for that part, just what i think could be some possibilities to what happened and a conclusion of some possible reasons as to why it ended this way:
          He is hushed, ok so far, he also decides to go for Aldrich together with Anri. Maybe he meets Yuria and probably gets him to get a dark sigil.
          Maybe even in a similar way Yoel does it, unleashing power in Horace which causes him to get hollow but also stronger. He might have agreed for this path to become strong enough to kill Aldrich or he was trapped and forced to do it at one point (remember that there are Hollows serving Yuria not only as Assassins).
          He might have accepted a plan that involves the wedding ceremony. Him being in the Smoldering Lake area could mean several things, for example that he knew he would go insane soon and searched for a place where Anri would never find him (mind, Anri would to be able to pass a Firedemon, several Skeletons and find a hidden cave, in a lake with a giant worm and a siege weapon. Its unlikely she would find him alone.).
          Probably to save her from him.
          It could also be that he searched for power to get stronger (for example a weapon or a power hidden in this Area, mind that there is strong pyromancy to be found in smoldering lake, among Demonic Power) and be able to kill Aldrich, got lost or trapped and then went insane.
          Another possibility is that he slipped and fell off the bridge above, possibly making him insane due to the fall or he couldnt find his way back. Although he would have rather died from such a fall i guess, but since there is some water he might have survived such a fall but knocked his head or whatever. Would be a weak explanation but also a quite logical one. Just remember how you are able to reach Smoldering Lake. Yeah right, you have to destroy the bridge and use it as a ladder to get to the lower level.
          Which means, since the bridge is intact, he must have found a different way to reach that cave, the only way to reach it other than going down the ladder, past a firedemon and many skeletons, is to fall down.

          So for Horace there are several options to what was his path. Either all was unintentional and an accident that he got lost there, went insane. But that lacks the explanation as to why he would go insane at all if he wasnt hollow. Except ofcourse he really fell down that wonky bridge and hits his head or so, then no hollowing would be needed.
          The second option is that he went to the place intentional to search for something and either found it or something went wrong (or maybe even someone trapped him there so he cant help Anri anymore and caused that he goes hollow). He could also have been gone there intentionally to prevent that he will harm Anri in his insanity and he couldnt prevent it otherwise, only with hidding in a secret area she wouldnt search for him. He might be hollow due to several reasons, such as fighting a servant of Rosaria, losing his tongue that way when losing or so and then get hollow, his hollowing then proceeding and the first time the player meets him he is at brink of going insane.
          The last is that he was part of a plan to begin with, probably if so Yuria and the Hollows to achieve whatever.

          All of these sound possible to me and also logical, not much left that could have happened beside these few things aswell.

          • 15 Dec 2016 05:27  

            I killed both Horace and Anri in Firelink Shrine (just for fun), but later when I went down to Smoldering Lake, Horace was in his usual place and hostile

            • 07 Dec 2016 02:32  

              I don't know if this is a bug, or something common, but I've noticed that Horace is the only NPC that when summoned is still attacking the enemies when they're already dead. Before the Deacons of the Deep boss fight I summoned him to kill the Catedral Knights and he kept attacking the dead body of one, and then when we killed the boss he kept swinging his halberd. Maybe it has something to do with his lore, idk.

              • Red Prism Stone?10 Aug 2016 11:50  

                Hello, Hello!!<br/>I just wanted to say that in my game, I just noticed this 2 minutes ago. The prism stone on the shrine in Smouldering Lake is a BLUE shining stone. I never went back there before, I saw a blue shinny thing down ffrom on the bridge so I went to see what it was. <br/>Anybody else got the blue one ?

                • Pale Stones in Catacombs18 May 2016 10:40  

                  This is something I haven't seen anyone else share, but after I met with Anri at the second Catacomb location, went down to kill Horace, and hurried back up to her, I couldn't find her where she was and instead a pale stone that changes color when you reset the area was in her place (probably for Horace to find her). I did find her in Boreal Valley near the bonfire where the pilgrim is but this was really odd for me to see with no one else mentioning this.

                  • Children.14 May 2016 14:27  

                    After meeting Anri in the Church of Yorshka she says she's doing what she's doing for the children she knew.<br/>Not literal children.<br/>But the two he escaped from Aldrich's clutches.<br/>Her mentor, Horace, and someone else, unmentioned throughout the game.

                    • Berserk Reference (No not that one)10 May 2016 08:55  

                      I'd say its more likely this is a Berserk reference to the character Griffith rather than Bazuso. Although his helmet is round, its not meant to resemble his. (Berserk spoilers ahead) Instead, he wears what looks an awful lot like a torture mask, while the character Griffith has his signature helmet redesigned into a torture mask when he has his tongue cut out amongst many other nasty things. Just a thought.

                      • You can see Horace from where you talk to Anri in the catacombs07 May 2016 23:25  

                        The second time you speak to Anri, near the entrance to Wolnir's room, you can look down and see Horace below the collapsing bridge. This is entirely irrelevant, but neat trivia.

                        • His Grave03 May 2016 21:14  

                          At some point in the game, if you return to the place where he was killed, you can find his grave. His halberd (now broken) and llewellwyn shield lie on his mound with a prism stone.

                          • Phantoms can't help fight him29 Apr 2016 15:28  

                            I was summoned as a white phantom by another player in smouldering lake. After taking care of the giant avelyn, we dropped down and went to fight Horace. I was able to see Horace's location as a ghost and he would actually block my movement to some degree, but I was unable to harm him in anyway. <br/> I don't know if it makes any difference or not that I had already killed Horace in my world.

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