Company Captain Yorshka

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Health Souls Location Drops
900 3000 Anor Londo

Blades of the Darkmoon

Yorshka's Chime

Company Captain Yorshka is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Company Captain Yorshka Information



  • You can find Company Captain Yorshka at Anor Londo. From the Anor Londo bonfire or approaching from Darkmoon Tomb, walk to the spinning tower.  When it is in the "down" position, go to the top and face Anor Londo. Walk straight off the open ledge on the left.  In the "up" position, take the spiral stairs to the bottom and walk off the only open platform.  Travel straight on the invisible bridge until you are aligned with the tower to your right side, and drop down to it.  You can use Prism Stones if you are unsure about the location of the invisible bridge.
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First encounter dialogue


Name thyself, stranger.

I am Yorshka, Captain of the Darkmoon Knights.

What beckoned thee to such a place?"


Selecting: "Perform Darkmoon Loyalty"


Thou think'st to-

Very well. Captain to this knightless company, I remain.

I will grant thee purpose.

Thou'st journeyed far; hear my voice.

If thou shalt swear by the Covenant, to become

A shadow of Father Gwyn and Sister Gwynevere,

A blade that shall hunt the foes of our lords;

Then I place thee under the aegis, and the power, of the Darkmoon.

Thou'rt now a Blade of the Darkmoon.

The only knight of our company.

Swear this oath, and face thy solemn duty."

Selecting "Do nothing"


May the Darkmoon watch over thee.

Upon kneeling before her


Oh, good Blade of the Darkmoon, welcome home.

If I can provide thee succour, only tell me how."


Upon selecting "Talk"


Long ago, our father Gwyn, lamenting the waning of the fire, became cinder of his owen will.

Now, the fire is linked by the champions who have come in his stead.

Such is the will of father, and the gods. And so the Darkmoon knights took arms, to watch over those who link the fire.

But long ago, our company lost its last proper knight.

Only its covenant was preserved, to this day, until the time of thy visit.

Heridom taketh many forms, indeed."


Selecting "Talk" again (only once per playthrough)


May I pose thee a question?

This tower, this prison, stands tall and solitary, the contraption bridging its lower reaches long unmoving.

So... by what path didst thou here ascend?

Art thou a creature of the air, or other winged thing?"


(Options: Yes, I can fly / No, I can't fly)

Selecting "Yes, I can fly"


Oh, my! I imagined it might be so.

Then thou'rt a dragon, or perhaps a crow?

Well, whatever thou beest, thou'rt wondrous strange, yet strangely familiar, visitor."



Selecting "No, I can't fly"


 No I suppose not."

"Of course not. Think no more of my asking."

"I'm ashamed to say, I know not much of anything..."


Upon reaching covenant Rank 1


My Blade of the Darkmoon, thy deeds merit great worship.

As captain, 'tis my duty to honour knights of great accomplishment.

Please, it is thine, and not lightly given.

As a shade of Father Gwyn and Sister Gwynevere,

Persevere in thy knightly duty, hunting down the gods' would-be foes."


Upon reaching covenant Rank 2


My Blade of the Darkmoon, thy deeds merit great worship.

As captain, 'tis my duty to honour knights of great accomplishment.

This is a wonder of the Darkmoon, inherited from my brother for this very purpose.

Please, take this. Thou'rt most deserving of it.

As a shade of Father Gwyn and Sister Gwynevere,

Persevere in thy knightly duty, hunting down the gods' would-be foes."


Selecting "Talk" after reaching covenant Rank 2


The Darkmoon Knights were once led by my elder brother, the Dark Sun Gwyndolin.

But he was stricken by illness, and leadership of the knights fell to me.

Then Sulyvahn wrongfully proclaimed himself Pontiff, and took me prisoner.

Oh where could my dear brother be?

If only he were here, I would be most pelased for ye both to meet.

As, most assuredly, would he."


On death


 Dear brother, forgive me..."



  • Interestingly, Yorshka's tower (Prison Tower) is in the place the cathedral leading to the Ariamis painting was in Dark Souls 1. The painting guardian weapon and armor are also found in this location.
  • The Prison Tower containing Yorshka is the church tower directly above the Church of Yorshka in Irithyll, and has a route connecting them (however only one way by dropping down).
  • Yorshka actually has a tail and is reminiscent of Priscilla, who can be found in the painted world of Ariamis in the first entry to the Dark Souls Trilogy. She also calls Gwyn her father and Gwynevere her sister. 
  • The dialogue when selecting talk after reaching rank 2 in the covenant states that Dark Sun Gwyndolin is her elder brother, and that when he fell sick Sulyvhan wrongly named himself Pontiff, and locked her in the tower. She then states she became leader of the Blades of the Darkmoon when Gwyndolin disappeared. Based on other dialougue from Pontiff Sulyvahn's Soul, we know that Gwyndolin was fed to Aldrich by Suhlyvan, hence Aldrich's title "Devourer of Gods", and his appearance being similar to Gwyndolins.
  • There are a lot of similarities between Priscilla and Yorshka (appearance, tail, location in Anor Londo), however it is unsure if there is any form of actual connection between them.
    • The description of Lifehunt Scythe implies that Aldrich dreamt of Priscilla or Yorshka when he devoured Gwyndolin, indicated that there was also some sort of relation between Gwyndolin and Priscilla (but this could also mean Yorshka due to her being like Priscilla), be it simple knowledge on Gwyndolin's side about the painting (or how he knows that his sister has been imprisoned), or him being somehow involved. It is most likely referring to Priscilla, considering the miracle is named after and based on her weapon.


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    • 13 Feb 2017 08:15  

      I have seen multiple times people talking about Yorshka's relation to Gwyn and Gwynevere but I have never seen anyone bring up the similarity of Yorshka's and Gwyndolin's speech when joining their covenant.

      ''Thou'st journeyed far; hear my voice.
      If thou shalt swear by the Covenant, to become
      A shadow of Father Gwyn and Sister Gwynevere,
      A blade that shall hunt the foes of our lords;
      Then I place thee under the aegis, and the power, of the Darkmoon.
      Thou'rt now a Blade of the Darkmoon.'' -Yorshka (DS3)

      ''Thou hast journeyed far; hear my voice.
      If thou shalt swear by the Covenant, to become
      A shadow of Father Gwyn and Sister Gwynevere,
      A blade that shall hunt the foes of our Lords;
      Then I shalt protect thee, safeguarding thy person with the power of the Darkmoon.
      Very well. Now thou art a Blade of the Darkmoon.
      Hunteth the enemies of the Lords, by the power of the Dark Sun.'' -Gwyndolin (DS1)

      Exluding some differences (which have mainly same meanings anyways) what they say when joining blades of darkmoon is identical. In my opinion this seems to be a vow for new members of the covenant and because Gwyndolin (as far as we know) is the first leader of the covenant he might have made it so that in his case the father and sister meaning is literal and in future leaders cases more figurative. Based on this it's fair to say Yorshka isn't refering Gwyn and Gwynevere as her father or sister. Of course this causes some confusion because she also refers Gwyndolin as her brother. This might also be figurative or they might just share the same mother. That way it would possible that Gwyndolin is last born of Gwyn but Gwyndolin and Yorshka are siblings. It could also explain why Yorshka is half-dragon and Gwyndolin isn't (I don't think snake legs counts as half-dragon) if they really are siblings.

      This is my opinion/speculation on Yorshka's relations to these characters. If you disagree with me you're free to leave your own view on things.

      • 25 Jan 2017 04:41  

        After all informations from Dark Souls 1, 2 3, items and discussions i've come to the conclusion that Yorshka and Gwynevere are the same person and Priscilla is both of them. She tells "her brother" talking about Gwyndolin (who would say a "god" is his own brother in faith way? nope, it means by blood) she is Priscilla, probably on her real shape in the real world or using a spell to make her more little than from Painting. I read somewhere that Gwyndolin saved her from the painting, I do think that her brother wanted to paint her a perfect form of her since she were probably seen as an outcast by Gwyn himself and that is why Gwyndolin was acting like a woman or teached to be like one and then happened to just have protected his sister that he loved so much to paint a figure of her (illusion in Anor Londo).
        As he died, illusion died too, eated by Aldrich, and as she was a gentle perso, kind and else, Sulyvahn locked her in the tower to protect and be sure she wouldn't disturb him. I don't really think Pontiff is actually a very evil villain. Yorshka (probably one of her many names actually) just went through depression (and that is why she is really surprised and happy by all your services and pleadge the covenant with her about Darkmoon) she is like a little princess in the tower, relic of a past, now here, who can do but nothing, as she is half-goddess, half-dragon. She probably dislike fighting.
        She is one of the few mysterious figure we can actually understand a bit.

        • 24 Oct 2016 16:13  

          the painting was located in a room above the darkmoon coven so her location is not the same as dark souls one as Yorshka is actuly located on the right of the giant room that heald the paining in another building entiraly

          • Yorshka a Homunculus?29 Aug 2016 18:05  

            i think because of his curiosity gwyndolin created a homunculus using his own seed and priscillas blood to create a homunculus of priscilla as a means to study the cross breed further. it seems from the conversations in dark souls 3 that gwyndolin trusted sulyvhan so it would make sense he would allow the "Pontiff" access to the newly bred homunculus, the literal translation of homunculus means little man, so that would explain her size difference. now this is just speculation and very lightly based upon loosely interpreted info. so don't tear me a new one plz? anyways the end goal would have been to try and harness the power of the life hunt scythe and based on the fact Aldrich has a similar weapon during the fight i think it actually came from devouring Gwyndolin, who could have potentially had some slight success by extracting power from priscilla as she grew, as for sulyvhan we learn from talking to priscilla that he was the one who locked her away. My assumption is he intended the same as Gwyndolin, trying to harness her as a means of unstoppable power, i want to just throw this idea into the water because to me it feels likely, i would love to here opinions. but lets keep this civil, imma laugh at the die hards who get overly butt hurt because of this.

            • So Gwyn *****ed a dragon...08 Aug 2016 21:56  

              We know Lothric's Queen *****ed a dragon giving birth to Ocelote and that Seath *****ed a human (probably Gwynevere, she was hot as *****) to give birth to Priscilla...and Now Gwyn *****ed who knows what kinda dragon to make Yorshka...And when did that happen? He died long before the Chosen Undead defeated him in the Kiln of the First Flame (DS1)

              • Ambiguous Meaning29 Jul 2016 05:59  

                " She also calls Gwyn her father and Gwynevere her sister."<br/><br/>This can be read that Priscilla says that Gwyn his her farther and Gwynevere her sister.

                • Lore Facts10 Jul 2016 23:37  

                  -Gods feared Pricila for her life-hunt skills<br/>-Aldrich dream about pricilas powers, to capture Gwyndolin<br/>-Aldrich miracle, is a life hunt skill<br/>-Yorshka is a prisioner of aldrich and she is like Pricila<br/><br/>>>>>>>>Aldrich comand Sulivan to capture Yorshka, then they can use her life-hunt powers to capture Gwyndolin<br/>

                  • Did trap god Gywndolin fug Pricilla?02 Jun 2016 04:41  

                    Did they fugged? Had a child and Gwyndolin made her daughterfu believe she was her sis to keep the Darkmoon Blades alive?

                    • wtf25 May 2016 06:36  

                      Her face design is ***** as is her body figure with that elongated upper body and lanky arms. Idk what the hell is wrong with you freaks. Now, the firekeeper is someone i'd *****

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