Proof of a Concord Kept is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3. 

Proof of a Concord Kept

Blood-drained, shrunken ear. Souvenir taken for subduing the guilty.

The knights called the Blades of the Darkmoon punish the guilt-soaked offenders of the Gods and take this proof of their conquest. The earless corpses of the guilty will be left behind as a warning to others, inspiring both fear and respect for the Gods. Such is the eternal mandate of the Dark Sun.


Proof of a Concord Kept Usage


Proof of a Concord Kept Locations

  • Reward for defeating invaders when defending a Way of Blue member as a Blue Sentinel or Blade of Darkmoon. The item is given each time an invader is banished rather than when you are sent home, so for farming you may want to keep one invader alive to stay in the world.
  • Rare drop from Silver Knights in Anor Londo and Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  • One is located on a corpse, in front of the altar at the Church of Yorshka bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  • One is located on a corpse in Anor Londo by the Clerics on the left hand side stairs.
  • Two are obtained by using a Proof of a Concord Well Kept, which is rewarded by killing a Red Eye Orb invader in Rosaria's Fingers  Covenant, but only if the Blue Spirit is in the Blades of the Darkmoon covenant (their sin status is irrelevant).


How to farm Proof of a Concord Kept Guide

  • Get the Gold Serpent ring (+50 discovery), or better if you can get the Gold Serpent ring +3 version (+125 discovery) .
  • Get the Symbol of Avarice (+100 discovery).
  • Get the Crystal Sage Rapier (+50). The weapon needs to be in hand to take effect, you can test this by looking at the item discovery in stats screen. Wielding a second Crystal Sage Rapier will boost item discovery even further.
  • (Optional) Infusing a weapon with a Hollow Gem boosts your luck by up to 5 points depending on your level of hollowing.
  • (Optional) Reallocate attributes at Rosaria with as much luck as possible (40 or more). Remember to have at least 5 tongues to reallocate back after.
  • Get plenty of Rusty Coins from Patches the Unbreakable or kill him for his ashes.
  • If you use all the items you can get over 375 item discovery (or 445 with a gold coin). 
  • Go to the Anor Londo bonfire and kill the two silver knights on the stairs.
  • The drop rate seems to be roughly 1 in 30 knights (3.33%) with 350 item discovery.
  • The drop rate is ~5.75% (16/278) with 500 item discovery.
  • One way to improve the speed of the farming run is to use an INT build (43 + sage ring) and Crystal Soul Spear. Set ATT to about 30 so you can cast 4 CSS - two for each knight. The stagger of CSS allows you to stop their charge. A crystal straight sword of some kind will allow you to dispatch the knights if they block a CSS with their shield. A full run with bonfire reset should take 35-40 seconds for the two knights in the stair at Anor Londo bonfire.
  • The farming run can be further improved by one-hitting the knights with Crystal Soul Spear (and Hidden Body - so that they do not raise their shields). To be able to one-hit the knight, you need: 60 INT, +9 Court Sorcerer's Staff, Magic clutch ring, Young Dragon Ring, and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. Note that the staff does not need to be fully upgraded so that, if you decide to re-spec just for the sake of farming, you do not need to waste a Titanite Slab. Make sure you have enough ATT to complete the run. To one-hit the knight: cast Hidden Body, use Rusted coin, cast Steady Chant, then CSS away. Kill two knights, then run back to bonfire to reset. You should be able to complete another cycle before the effect of the Rusted coin finishes, netting you 4 kills/minute.
  • Melee success can also be achieved by using a parry or small shield to parry the first lightning thrust of the spear knight and riposte with a dagger (nearly one shot with hornet ring). Switch to the crystal sabers to finish him off. The sword knight will rush you and is fairly easy to backstab after his rushing lightning attack. 
  • It is faster to farm the two knights on the stairs than to include the red eyed third up on the right, as with two you should be able to average roughly 3.3 knights/min whereas with 3 it is closer to 2.8 or 2.9. 
  • Some players find that the Proofs of Concord drop in batches (e.g. 2-3 in quick succession after killing several knights). Others found that a Proof will typically drop within the first 5 runs whenever the game is started, so they reload the game whenever a Proof is found. 
  • Alternatively, one could rush a low level/low weapon upgrade character to Anri and Horace for the Blue Sentinels covenant item. Most people equip the Way of Blue after they receive it early game. Defending those players in the Undead Settlement may be an easy way to collect these early. Suggested level is 25, weapon upgrade +2.



  • Once you are summoned, the death of a red Aldrich Faithful invader (An Aldrich Faithful invading with a red eye orb) will provide a Proof of a Concord Well Kept. They don't have to be killed by the host or a friendly phantom. You will also get one if they are killed by another invader.



  • This item makes a return from Dark Souls 1, however, the name was different in that game (being called the Souvenir of Reprisal) and is a brighter hue of blue.

    • Anonymous

      04 Dec 2017 10:29  

      why go INT when you can go 60 fth and use tears along with poise cast. Knights are weak to lightning plus sunlight spear if hit point blank it will damage twice

      • 01 Dec 2017 03:20  

        I got 3 in 100 kills while getting roughly 30 of each armor piece and 11 shields with 515 item discovery 99 luck in NG. I heard drop rates increase if you go to higher ng cycles but it's a pain to kill these guys if they have more health so not worth just to test this theory. I got summoned 3 times during it too but first one host insta died when I got summoned and the other 2 were dc from the start lmao although my character was level 136. All the summons were to ringed city DLC NG+.

        Now I will try another 100 kills but with the quit and reload method. Last time I was getting like one proof per 4-5 kills and got 5 proofs before I started counting and it all happened after I got summoned successfully so load screen may have something to do with reseting the RNG.

        • Anonymous

          30 Nov 2017 06:36  

          Broken link. Rosaria's Fingers link needs to have the last '+' removed, at the end of the link; works fine if the URL is manually edited after clicking the link. This is the second link I've come across like this on this wiki.

          Also, the entire page for the weapon skill "Pray for Favor" is missing or mis-named, because I cannot find a working link to that page.

          • Anonymous

            22 Nov 2017 20:53  

            Just finished this damned thing today.

            Took me roughly 8 hours with the mimic head, rapier, ring + and coin. My luck was at 70 by the time I finished, I didn't really keep count but I think I managed around 5-6m souls out of the ordeal.

            Oh, btw don't try the magic one that mentioned above, just go with the build you are most comfortable with. Also recommend farm for the pale tongues to put more points to luck if you needed it.

            Wish me luck, next stop the mound maker

            • Anonymous

              20 Nov 2017 05:49  

              Only ever reached 30 ears on one character, before the Ringed City came out. Never, ever bothering with it again. I leave Darkmoon covenant on to get extra pvp during a playthrough but that's it.

              • Anonymous

                08 Nov 2017 16:08  

                Easiest and fastest way to farm these is to pick the one up in Anor Londo during every NG. You will max the covenant at NG+29 way faster than waiting to get summoned or farming the "earless" Silver Knights.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Oct 2017 13:12  

                  Not only that i didn't get a single proof with full farming gear after farming for around 2 hours, i also didn't get it after getting summon and killing a couple red/purple spirits. This is so badly done, it doesn't drop when it should (aka help someone kill red/mad spirit) and the drop chance in PvE is so low, that i farmind 1.5kk souls on them in NG+, without getting a single proof.

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Oct 2017 22:54  

                    The conditions of receiving one still eludes me. I was summoned to defend someone. I spent a good five minutes holding off two invaders. I managed to hit one as he was going down a ladder. He hits the ground, dies, I get a Proof of Concord Kept. The other invader I then chiseled down to his last bit of health, kept up the fire so he couldn't heal, then another phantom swoops in and deals the killing blow. I get no Proof of Concord Kept. I say that settles it. You don't get one unless you are the last one to hit them before they die.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Oct 2017 20:37  

                      Only the one who killed the invader with the finishing blow gets the Concord? I just fought an invader as a blue spirit but the guy accidentally rolled off a cliff, and I got the "Dark Spirit Defeated" message but no Proof of Concord Kept.

                      • Anonymous

                        26 Sep 2017 05:10  

                        Crystal Soul Spear does not stagger the silver knights out of their charge. I'm SL 184 with 60 int and never had it happen.

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Sep 2017 11:33  

                          Maybe once in every three hours I get summoned. Then 75% of the time the invader or the host dies before I load in. Of that last 25% of the summons, the invader DOESN'T EVEN DROP A PROOF ON DEATH

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Aug 2017 17:40  

                            Only need 3 more of these on my X1 character yet on my PS4 one i need about 7 to get the platinum trophy and cannot seem to get summoned or farm them at all.

                            • Anonymous

                              11 Aug 2017 19:45  

                              Aldrich faithful will not drop proofs well kept when they are auto-summoned. They will however, always be rewarded to a Blade of the Darkmoon when they kill someone that invades using the red-eye-orb with Aldrich faithful equipped.

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Aug 2017 19:54  

                                My farming experience:
                                Setup: level 119 (right at the end of the first game run, dlc included) vordt great mace, 427 discovery.
                                Run description: run mid stairs, use coin, perseverance through the spear charge and kill, the next ones I can go in first no problem, kill the sword one and then kill the red eyed one, go back to the bonfire, repeat

                                During all the farming I had the covenant item equipped to do pvp online

                                Results, I think single value that reflects how much time I spent on this is, before the farming I didn't had any large titanite stored, at the end there were 251.
                                I'd say the red eye knight dropped most of the "proofs" but by small margin.
                                Around half of them came from doing online, although much like the drops, online could happen and then an hour could go by without happening again. Online wise, I'm not really good or anything, around half of the times I died, but, most of the drops I got them just because right after showing up as a summon someone else had taken care of the business and I was already going back

                                And I though killing midir would take time... little did I know

                                • Anonymous

                                  05 Aug 2017 00:12  

                                  So i'll leave what is like farming this from experience with 3 diferent characters. with an average of 350/400 luck (mimic head +gold ring+ cristal rapier in off hand+ a coin) will take you around 350 to 400 kills. kill only the 2 knights on stairs avoid the red eys one. it will take you longer. so buy 350 coins and use 1 per bonfire rest. you will for sure be done with the farm or realy realy close to it. keep darkmoon on if you wish ( i only have 3 summons for the full farm tho) hope it helps. patience!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    31 Jul 2017 17:35  

                                    I got my last proof today, it took me around 6 hours in total to get all 30 and here is what I did
                                    symbol of avarice, chrystal sage rapier, serpent ring +1, shield of want
                                    I didn't use any coins
                                    weapon of choice was the fully upgraded Dragonslayer Ax/Halberd
                                    whenever I would have enough souls or gotten a proof I would go back to firelink and upgrade luck, it felt like right after doing so the drop rate was increased. most proofs I got from the knight with the read eyes on top of the stairs so I would recommend to definitely kill him too. the first knight dropped them from time to time as well, while the second knight only dropped two or three in total. anyway, as far as I can tell there is no real tactic to actually farm those, it's 99% luck and I couldn't detect a real system. I must've done the run way over 1000 times, sometimes I got two in one run and sometimes I didn't get anything for maybe an hour. good luck though, it's a pain in the ass and prbbly the most tedious thing I have ever had to do in a video game.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      31 Jul 2017 17:14  

                                      For some reason, I could not get a concord by killing 3 knights 1 by 1. Weird thing is I lure all 3 of them to the bridge and spam pyromancies to kill them and I got lots of concords from this method rather than going 1 on 1 with them lol.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        28 Jul 2017 22:20  

                                        i'm not sure if it's a glitch or just luck, but i could farm 5 concords in 15 minutes killing the 2 silver nights in anor londor: i had full stock of small and large shards. so if the knights dropped them, i was unable to loot but got 1 concord easch 3-4 runs.
                                        give a try to confirm. i have my 30 items :-P

                                        • Anonymous

                                          24 Jul 2017 14:22  

                                          Just wanted to say that this comment, a response some comments below:

                                          "It's not widely known... but only the 1st silver knight with the spear has the concord kept in it's loot pool.... do not waste your time farming the second"

                                          This is incorrect, I just got a drop from the sword-wielding knight, the second one from the AL bonfire.

                                          • 21 Jul 2017 12:06  

                                            Farmed the two Silver Knights by the stairs in Anor Londo for three and a half hours yesterday and only got five Proof of Concord Kept. I needed 10 more to reach rank 2 in Blades of the Darkmoon covenant. Got those 10 within 30 minutes by doing this:

                                            - ID: 387 with lvl 22 luck, Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3, Symbol of Avarice and Rusted Coin.
                                            - Killed four knight for every Rusted Coin.
                                            - Going offline, also turning of internet connection, made a HUGE (very positive) difference.
                                            - Traveled to Firelink and back, closed the application after every proof recieved or 10 runs without recieving any.

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