Sunlight Medal is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Sunlight Medal

A medal received by members of the Warrior of Sunlight covenant for victory over the final foe when summoned. The summoner also gains the same medal.

The medal, engraved with the holy symbol of the sun, is slightly warm and reminds one of the great honor of a shared victory.


Sunlight Medal Usage



Ranks and Rewards

  1. 10 Sunlight Medals - Sacred Oath
  2. 30 Sunlight Medals - Great Lightning Spear



Sunlight Medal Locations

  • Obtained by successfully assisting someone as a gold phantom or by receiving help by a gold phantom.
  • Can be gained by killing a host as a red phantom while having the Warrior of Sunlight pledge equipped. 
  • Will be granted if you invade as any Covenant and another red phantom is present with Warrior of Sunlight pledge equipped and the host is defeated.
  • Will not be awarded for killing a red phantom invader.
  • Two Sunlight Medals can be obtained if following Sirris' questline while having the Warrior of Sunlight pledge equipped. One can be obtained by answering Sirris' call for cooperation in Irithyll and defeating Creighton the Wanderer. The other can be obtained by going to the entrance to the Curse-Rotted Greatwood after defeating Aldritch, and helping Sirris defeat her grandfather, Holy Knight Hodrick.
  • Drop from Lothric Knight (Very Rare).
  • One medal can be lootet from a corpse near sunlight altar (once per playthrough). From the corpse you can see the boss fog from Dragonslayer Armour.



  • Offline/PvE farming as a sorcerer: One of the fastest methods to farm the Sunlight Medal is at the Lothric Castle bonfire. You need 60 INT, +9 Court Sorcerer's Staff, Magic clutch ring, Young Dragon Ring, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, and Soul Stream spell. Note that the staff does not need to be fully upgraded so that, if you decide to re-spec, you do not need to waste a Titanite Slab. To boost item discovery, you can equip Symbol of Avarice (mimic's head), Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, Crystal Sage's Rapier, and Rusted Gold/Rusted Coin. The key is to one-hit two Lothric Knights near the bonfire with Soul Stream. Here are the steps:
    • Start at the FAR END of the bonfire, this prevents the knight near you to walk away as soon you get up from the bonfire.
    • Then, cast Steady Chant and then use Rusted coin before moving away from the bonfire (so that the knight does not start to walk away).
    • Approach the knight and cast Soul Stream. Make sure you align your spell so that it fully hits both knights. This can be done by standing on the steps, and a bit to its right side (when facing the knight) so that you are almost at the edge of the carpet.
    • You can repeat these steps one other time before the effect of Rusted Coin runs out. Meaning this method gets you approximately 4 kills/minute.




  • If a player invades with the Warriors of Sunlight covenant on and slays the host of embers, the player gets an ember as well as a sunlight token. Despite Jolly cooperation.

    • Anonymous

      05 Nov 2017 12:26  

      Killed Hodrick and Creighton with Sirrus while having the Warriors of Sunlight covenant equipped and didn't get any Sunlight Medals.

      • Anonymous

        26 Oct 2017 07:21  

        I get 1 medal per 10-11 knights, drop rate not bad at all, the damned proofs though, 1 in 36-37 f you From

        • Anonymous

          11 Oct 2017 06:16  

          Managed to get around 8 medals (and over one million souls so I ain't even mad) in a the span of over 3 hours via farming the knight at the castle.

          Save yourself some valuable time and suffering and just chill outside the boss room of Yhorm and leave your summoning sign up.

          You'll probably get all 30 medals in a hour at peak hours.

          • Anonymous

            15 Jun 2017 13:45  

            My way of farming this : Dragonslayer Swordspear + Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring at Lothric castle bonfire (with all NG item discovery stuffs). Make sure your equip is <70%. At bonfire, pop coin, run near the knight (wont argo cus he turned around), use wep art then runing atk (poke) = dead knight. Run back to bonfire and repeat. U can do this twice before having to pop coin again, safe and fast

            • Anonymous

              02 Apr 2017 22:39  

              It should be noted for faith builds that don't want to respec that a similar rate of farm can be achieved with 174 magic buff and two lightning stakes. (I am using +9 sunlight talisman and sage's ring with no lightning buffs to trade with the sword guy.) Simply use the weapon art unfaltering prayer on the sword wielding knight at lothric castle bonfire and if you have 20+ vig, you should be able to safely trade twice and achieve about 3.6 kills/minute. This method is slightly less efficient than the int. method mentioned above, but works reliably and relatively safely. Strafing to the right during the cast animation will often cause the knight to whiff a swing as well. Also, if the knight should opt to shield one hit, it is almost necessary to be able to cast lightning stake thrice. Otherwise, just wear all the item discovery stuff and farm away.

              • Anonymous

                06 Mar 2017 08:20  

                TIP: I farmed quickly 15 medals (~1h) on ps4 just by putting summon signs at the twin prince Boss fight, nice and easy with summons every minute at 90 SL

                • Anonymous

                  18 Feb 2017 00:23  

                  I completed Sirris' quest having equipped Warrior of Sunlight pledge and I did not get any Sunlight medal

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Jan 2017 00:03  

                    Not sure if it's just a coincidence, but I was set to Online and didn't see a single medal drop over about 50 kills. Quit and set it to Offline and suddenly my first kill was a medal, and another 3 kills later. If you're having trouble, try going offline before you grind.

                    • 20 Dec 2016 11:23  

                      using the method given in this page about using soul stream on the lothric knights works really well, just gained 3 medals in 8 kills. more than killing just the one knight in the bonfire room. the suggested equipment, stats and buffs also work to kill the knights in one shot. <- can almost oneshot kill the knights outside lothric boss room with this. probably requires +10 staff or higher int

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Dec 2016 15:38  

                        Unsure if this was something that was 'fixed' in a patch, or simply misinformation, but at this moment you absolutely do NOT gain sunlight medals by answering Sirris' calls (and presumably Anri's as well). You are summoned as a white phantom, no matter what covenant you're in.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Nov 2016 14:26  

                          "Two Sunlight Medals can be obtained if following Sirris' questline while having the Warrior of Sunlight pledge equipped. " I cant confirm this atm ver. 1.08/1.22

                          • Anonymous

                            Hot spot05 Sep 2016 17:56  

                            Nameless king boss fight gets you spawned within seconds, on PC at least. Cheesing with magic makes it really easy. Only problem would be the host dying

                            • Anonymous

                              Where's a good PVE farming spot?29 Aug 2016 15:25  

                              I play exclusively offline, not by choice but because I'm in a situation where I have no landline and due to the stupidity of an ex-step father I most likely will never get one.<br/><br/>Only online connection I have is my iPhone and free public access.<br/><br/>Point being - Where would be a good place to farm? I often farm Lotheric Knights for embers but have never seen a single sunlight medal drop.<br/><br/>I'd appreciate any info. Cheers!

                              • Anonymous

                                Sirris medal06 Aug 2016 05:30  

                                It seems like the latest patch removed the sunlight medal you get from helping Sirris with the sunbro mark equipped (pc)

                                • Anonymous

                                  Oh my god...20 Jul 2016 01:49  

                                  It just dawned on me<br/>But the resemblance has to be more than a coincidence <br/>You know the hollows with the open mouths?<br/>The look like Melvin the "Deez Nutz" guy...<br/>Praise the sun!!!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Farming place11 Jul 2016 01:14  

                                    For me, the best place is Gundyr. It becomes a much easier fight when you coop, so it's safe and fast even in NG++. And I get almost instant summon everytime.<br/>Funny thing is that I never see a sign before the boss door when I fight him myself.....weird.

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