Talismans/Chimes Spell Buff and Damage data

This was tested with no boost rings, on the hollows in the Cemetery of Ash


Staves Spell Buff and Damage data

This was tested with no boost rings, on the hollows in the Cemetery of Ash

Pyro Flame, Multi-scaling, Unique catalysts

This was tested with no boost rings, on the hollows in the Cemetery of Ash

    • 25 Apr 2017 16:47  

      Does spell buff have any affect on casting time? I seem to remember that a lower spell buff resulted in faster casts. I'm specifically inquiring for miracles.

      • 04 Apr 2017 18:39  

        Please Help A Noob~!

        On a 40 Faith / 40 Int Build,
        is it better to run Crystal Chime (to cast both M & S)?
        or Heretic Staff & Canvas Talisman?
        or anything else?

        (I use the spells: Homing Crystal Soulmass, Sunlight Spear & Lightning Stake/Storm)

        • Golden Ritual Spear26 Jul 2016 21:10  

          Why have I not seen this tested yet? I can find no data at all! I would do it myself but...I don't know how to accurately and conveniently gather the necessary data (im on console), so if someone could either help me out, or suggest how i could get this information myself, that would be wonderful.

          • in case you're lazy...22 Jul 2016 13:46  

            Best talisman/chime is 'Cleric's Sacred Chime' under 35 faith level<br/>Best talisman/chime is 'Canvas Talisman' between 35-42 faith level<br/>Best talisman/chime is 'Cleric's Sacred Chime' between 42-49 faith level<br/>Bes talisman/chime is 'Yorshka's Chime' over 50 faith level

            • Miracles14 Jun 2016 15:44  

              WoG and other miracles that deal physical damage seem to scale somewhat with the talisman's STR and DEX scaling, not effected by the stat but by the scaling itself.

              • Many thanks !27 May 2016 11:03  

                Props to whoever did this, while not being incredibly appealing, it is so dayum useful and represents quite some time in testing/experimenting. Spell buff: yet another dark souls stat that is uselessly opaque... It is a good idea though to make certain catalysts better in a given stat range to diversify caster itemization, but gosh I wish they would have made it clearer.

                • Man-Grub's Staff06 May 2016 20:11  

                  At 40 luck it does 210dmg with the same conditions in the tests above. Int does not affect this staff at all. The spell buff stays at 100 making this Staff hardly usable.

                  • Yorshka's is better than Saint's Talisman05 May 2016 07:14  

                    So from the data presented here, we can see that a (max. upgraded) yorshka's is always better than a saint's, and the gap widen's with faith investement. Difference in WoG is 13 @ 30 FTH, 15 @ 40 FTH, 17 @ 45+ FTH.

                    • WTF, could u recheck the damage results of both Soul arrow and lightning spear when using CRYSTAL CHIME 40/40????!!!29 Apr 2016 00:34  

                      Soul arrow at 55 int with court sorceror staff is 242,<br/>Soul arrow at 40 int with crystal chime is 236 (15 stat difference = 6 damage difference?!)<br/>Soul arrow at 40 fth with archdeacon staff is 223 (better scaling than heretic staff at 40 int with 191 dmg ?!).<br/><br/>Lightning spear at 55 fth with yorshka's chime is 293,<br/>Lightning spear at 40 fth with crystal chime is 275 (15 stat difference = 18 damage difference?! and even better scaling than canvas talisman at 40 fth with 219 dmg ?!).

                      • legenda22 Apr 2016 01:15  

                        hi, could you please add a legenda? what is light spear? a spell or a weapon? g.light spear? what is wog? <br/>thanks, and sorry for being noob, my game is in italian language, so acronyms differ

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