Patches and Patch Notes for Dark Souls 3 and its regulations are listed below.


English Version PatchesPatch Notes

Regulation 1.33 App Version 1.13 - 12 April 2017

Official Patch Notes:

  • Addition of the arena “Round Plaza” to the Undead Match (yes, finally! The flat arena! Screenshots coming hopefully tomorrow as well)
  • Fixed a bug where players could invade hosts during a boss fight
  • Fixed a bug where disabled items could be used
  • Fixed a bug where “Spear of the Church” would be summoned outside the boss battle area
  • Fixed a bug where red phantoms could be summoned after the appearance of a “Darkmoon Blade” or “Blue Sentinel”
  • Fixed a bug where Resins and Spell Buffs could be applied to unbuffable weapons
  • Up to a total of two “Darkmoon Blades” or “Blue Sentinels” can now be summoned during online multiplayer
  • When a white phantom dies during an invasion, the host will now be unable to summon subsequent white phantoms for a certain period of time (this change does not apply to covenant based invasions)
  • Increased the level range at which “Darkmoon Blades” and “Blue Sentinels” can be matched (details available below)
  • Increased drop rate of “Seed of a Giant Tree”, reduced the number that can be carried and greatly reduced the duration of its effect
  • Fixed an issue where some weapon skill animations could be used with other weapons
  • It is now easier to be interrupted when using most weapon skills
  • Reduced the absorption bonus during the latter half of “Perseverance” weapon skill
  • Increased tracking on attack animations for “Pike” category weapons
  • Increased stamina damage dealt by “Fists” category weapons
  • Added a small window where damage taken is increased after initiating a parry with “Fists” and “Claws” category weapons
  • Reduced damage of “Gargoyle Flame Spear” and “Dragonslayer Spear
  • Increased poise effect with “Lothric Knight Long Spear
  • Added Faith scaling to “Sunlight Straight Sword” and “Yorshka’s Spear”, and reduced Strength and Dexterity scaling accordingly
  • Reduced critical damage of “Crow Quills
  • All attacks from “Rose of Ariandel” can no longer be parried, but two-handed attacks now consume more stamina and no longer apply poise
  • Fixed a bug where the second L1(LB) combo attack when two-handing “Onikiri and Ubadachi” was not dealing thrust damage
  • Fixed a bug where bleed effect for “Pontiff Knight Great Scythe” wasn’t displaying in the menus
  • Fixed a bug where weapon skill “Quake” of “Quakestone Hammer” would deal more damage than intended to “Spear of the Church”
  • Reduced damage of “Dark”, “Fire” and “Raw” infusions for “Lothric Knight Greatsword
  • Reduced damage of “Dark” and “Fire” infusions for “Murky Hand Scythe” and “Dragonslayer’s Axe
  • Increased the charge rate for effects that trigger on continuous attacks (e.g. “Pontiff’s Right Eye”, “Old Wolf Curved Sword”, “Carthus Beacon”)
  • Re-adjusted damage and scaling for “Simple”, “Crystal”, “Fire”, “Chaos”, “Lightning”, “Dark”, “Deep”, “Blessed” weapon infusions that were changed in Regulation Version 1.32
  • Increased stamina consumption of the sorceries “Magic Shield” and “Great Magic Shield
  • Increased FP consumption of the sorcery “Great Magic Shield
  • Increased FP and stamina consumption, and reduced duration of the sorcery “Hidden Body
  • Reduced stamina consuption and increased duration of the miracles “Great Magic Barrier” and “Vow of Silence
  • Reduced FP consumption of the miracle “Great Magic Barrier
  • Fixed a bug where the amount of healing received from the miracle “Lifehunt Scythe” would always be dependant on the Spellbuff of the weapon equipped in the right hand slot
  • Reduced the effectiveness of “Carthus Bloodring
  • Reduced the absorption penalty when wearing “Prisoner’s Chain
  • Fixed other various issues

So, in a nutshell: bye-bye Force+Throwing Knife glitch! Infusions have been readjusted following the 1.32 mistakes. A nice buff for invaders!

Plus, I’ve a got a surprise! New matchmaking rules? Here they are! (Read the Summon Range Calculator page for further details)



Type Upper Limit Lower Limit
Sign summons SL + 10 + ( SL * 0.1 ) SL – 10 – ( SL * 0.1 )
Way of the Blue SL + 15 + ( SL * 0.1 ) SL – 15 – ( SL * 0.1 )

SL = Host level



Type Upper Limit Lower Limit
Dark Spirit SL + 20 + ( SL * 0.1 ) SL – ( SL * 0.1 )
Mound Maker SL + 20 + ( SL * 0.15 ) SL – ( SL * 0.1 )
Covenant SL + ( SL * 0.1 ) SL – 20 – ( SL * 0.2 )

SL =Invader’s level for Dark Spirit / Moundmaker and Host’s Level for Covenants.


Maximum Weapon Level

Host Guest
0 1
1 2
2 3
3 4
4 6
5 7
6 8
7 9
8 10
9 10
10 10


Regulation 1.32 App Version 1.12 - Wed 5th April 2017

Official Patch Notes:

  • Reduced damage of the light arrows fired by Angels.
  • The sorcery Hidden Body is now effective against Angels.
  • Reduced the damage of homing spears released from Spear of the Church.
  • Reduced the amount of bonus absorption the Spear of the Church receives during 1vs2, 1vs3 and 1vs4 games (1vs1 is unaffected).
  • Reduced the amount of HP "Church Guardian" has during a 1vs1 match (1vs2, 1vs3 and 1vs4 are unaffected).
  • Increased damage and scaling of simple, crystal, fire, chaos, lightning, dark, deep and blessed infusions.
  • Increased damage of raw infusions.
  • Reduced damage and scaling of heavy infusions at lower weapon levels.
  • Increased scaling of sharp infusions, and increased damage gain at high levels of dexterity.
  • Reduced scaling of heavy infusions on lighter weapons.
  • Reduced damage of Exile Greatsword.
  • Reduced damage for L1(LB) attacks, and increased stamina consumption for L1(LB) attacks and weapon art "Ember" of Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords.
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon art Wind Wheel of Splitleaf Greatsword was applying more status effects than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where fully charged R2(RT) attacks of Profaned Greatsword and Black Knight Greatsword were not consuming additional stamina.
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon art of Preacher's Right Arm would combo for more hits than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon art of Painting Guardian's Curved Sword would combo for more hits than intended.
  • Increased damage of Toxic dealt by players, but reduced the penalty to stamina regeneration.

Regulation 1.31 App Version 1.12 - Mon 27th March 2017

Official Patch Notes:

  • Added system compatibility to the DLC, “The Ringed City. ”
  • Fixed issue where an item could be used simultaneously with the Dragon Head Stone if the player performed a quick turn while changing the item display.
  • Fixed issue where a currently equipped item would be replaced with an item taken out from the character's inventory box if the items had the same name.

Regulation 1.30 App Version 1.11 - Thurs 23rd March 2017

Official Patch Notes:


  • Made system updates for The Ringed City.
  • Increased frame rate for gameplay on PlayStation®4 Pro.
  • 2 New maps added to Undead Match, Dragon Ruins and Grand Roof.
  • Added function to Undead Match where, if password matching is used, players can split into teams.
  • Added function to Undead Match that allows one team of players to match with one password, and the other team to match with another password.
  • Added function where various hosts could be displayed on the bonfire warp menu.
  • Added warning text that advised player if he/she has dropped too many items in a single location on the field.
  • Fixed issue where the loading screen was displayed for longer than usual when the guest returned to his/her own world after an online multiplayer session.
  • Fixed issue in “The Painted World of Ariandel” where the opened/closed status of the door to the Cleansing Chapel did not synched properly during online multiplayer session.
  • Fixed issue where a guest could enter alone into the boss room for the Dancer of the Boreal Valley during online multiplayer session.
  • Fixed issue where the level sync feature in Undead Match did not synched consistently during online multiplayer session.
  • Fixed issue in the loading screen where guests were not alerted to an error that occurred on the host’s side during online multiplayer session.
  • Fixed issue when player using the miracle Tears of Denial doesn’t get attacked during online multiplayer session.
  • Fixed issue where weapons and items sent to the box get corrupted when inventory is full.
  • Fixed icons that specify which certain items are for which gender. (ex. Chain Armor).
  • Improved attack power for Daggers. In accordance with this fix, critical hit is decreased in order to make critical power the same as present.
  • Improved motion of normal attack for Ultra Greatswords, Great Hammers and Curved Great Swords.
  • Decreased stamina depletion when attacking using Ultra Greatswords, Great Hammers, and Greataxes.
  • Improved attack power for Curved Greatswords.
  • Decreased motion of normal attack while dashing for Katanas. Improved motion of any other normal attacks.
  • Improved motion of shield bash skill. In accordance with this fix, stamina consumption has been reduced.
  • Improved motion of Dagger’s Blind Spot skill.
  • Increased rate at which Frostbite builds up when using Vordt’s Great Hammer, Irithyll Straight Sword, and Friede’s Great Scythe.
  • Shortened attack window of Carthus Curved Sword and Dark Sword, Gargoyle Flame Spear and Follower Sabre.
  • Improved motion of Crescent Moon Sword’s skill, Crescent Blade.
  • Improved the motion of Moonlight Greatswords’s skill, Moonlight Vortex.
  • Improved FP recovery effect of Executioner’s Greatsword.
  • Fixed so that Frost Blade appears from the beginning of Pontiff Knight Curved Sword skill.
  • Improved FP decrease effect of Yorshka’s Spear skill, Pacify.
  • Improved motion and the frost effect of Pontiff Knight Great Scythe skill.
  • Improved motion of normal attack for Greatlance.
  • Fixed so that poise is applied during Greatlance two-handed attack.
  • Fixed so that poise is applied during Dark Hand skill, Lifedrain.
  • Disabled parry during Pickaxe’s two-handed attack.
  • Improved duration of the Perseverance effect.
  • Fixed issue where attack power of some bolts was different from the assumed value when using Avelyn.
  • Fixed issue where one-handed attack motion of Crow Talons was incorrectly using the animation for the Fists.
  • Fixed issue where player can apply enchantment of Bloodlust to other weapons.
  • Fixed so that poise is applied during Spin Sweep attack.
  • Fixed issue where Onislayer continued to attack consecutively.
  • Improved correction value for Sharp or Heavy weapons’ upgrade.
  • Improved the Bleed build-up of Blood infusions.
  • Reduced Bleed build-up of weapons not infused with Blood.
  • Improved the Poison build-up of Poison infusions.
  • Along with improving correction value for Sharp or Heavy weapons’ upgrade, adjusted correction value for Refined weapons’ upgrade.
  • Improved defense and also increased weights for heavy armor.
  • Improved the motion of Lightning Stake, Lightning Storm and Way of White Corona.
  • Extended the time you can move during the casting of the miracles of Gnaw, Dorhys’ Gnawing and Wrath of the Gods.
  • Fixed issue where bonus value is not affected by Dark Damage when equipping Hornet Ring during critical attack.
  • Increased the damage of Poison and Toxic dealt by players, and shortened its duration.
  • Decreased rate at which blood builds up when using Carthus Rouge.

Regulation 1.23 App Version 1.10 - Wed 8th February 2017

Official Patch Notes:

  • Fixed issue where a player could invade another player during a boss battle.
  • Fixed issue where an enchantment could be applied to weapons which normally could not be enchanted.
  • Fixed issue where, when items are used while casting magic, display glitches could occasionally occur.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to cancel immediately into a second magic spell after casting the first one.
  • Fixed issue where the first part of a skill action could be skipped.
  • Fixed issue where a single item could be used indefinitely.

Regulation 1.23 App Version 1.09 - Friday 25th November 2016

Official Patch Notes:

  • Updated multiplayer in the Painted World of Ariandel so that guests can also fight Sir Vilhelm.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where Sir Vilhelm would get trapped in the rocks.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where Sir Vilhelm would disappear/reappear in certain areas.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where the character name is not displayed when locked on to Livid Pyromancer Dunnel.
  • Fixed an issue where it becomes impossible to progress further in the game because, Friede occasionally does not respawn as Blackflame Friede.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where the Gravetender Greatwolf would not appear in the battle.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where a crab enemy would float in the air if led to a certain location.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where a certain Birch Woman would suddenly appear directly in front of the player.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where certain crystal lizards would not move until they began to attack.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where the crab enemies movement patterns would change if the player repeatedly saved/loaded data near them.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where the knight enemies in the tower would disappear if the player repeatedly saved/loaded data in that area.
  • Fixed an issue in the Painted World of Ariandel where a bridge would break in the host’s side, but not on the guest’s side.
  • Fixed an issue where the application would freeze upon trying to load a 6-Player Undead Match.
  • Fixed an issue in the Undead Match where the controls at times become unresponsive when joining a session.
  • Fixed an issue in the Undead Match where consumable items were not restored after the battle ended.
  • Fixed an issue in the Undead Match where the player is unable to see other players’ sorceries such as Homing Soulmass, Homing Crystal Soulmass, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where some motions which were improved in patch 1.08 did not take effect when a weapon was equipped to the left hand.
  • Fixed an issue where the weight of Curved Swords fluctuated in Regulation 1.22.
  • Fixed an issue where the player can fall from any height by repeatedly performing the Crow Quills skill while the Silvercat Ring is equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where player could not be absolved of sin as long as Siegward of Catarina remained in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was able to leave the area during the battle with the Crystal Sage.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grand Archives where the Elder Prince, Lorian would warp outside of the boss area.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grand Archives where a boss battle would start upon returning from a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed an issue where the guest could enter the boss area before the host.
  • Fixed other issues and adjusted game balance.

Regulation 1.22 - Friday 11th November

Official Patch Notes:


Regulation 1.20 App Version 1.08 - Friday 21st October

Detailed notes as found by the community can be found on the This thread.

Official Patch Notes:

  • System updates for DLC “ASHES OF ARIANDEL“.
  • Adjusted poise values across the board. Poise is now more effective for heavier weapons and armor.
  • Improved regular attack animations of hammer category weapons.
  • Improved regular attack animations of greatsword category weapons.
  • Improved regular attack animations of axe category weapons.
  • Improved regular attack animations of fist category weapons.
  • Improved the “Neck Swipe” weapon skill animation of scythe category weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where strong attacks performed using whips would not deal additional damage when fully charged.
  • Fixed a bug where strong attacks performed using the Pickaxe would consume stamina multiple times per attack.
  • Adjusted the “Onislayer” weapon skill hitbox timings for Onikiri and Ubadachi.
  • Adjusted the hitbox timings of the claw category weapon skill “Leaping Slash“.
  • Fixed a bug where rolling attacks on Astora’s Greatsword could not be parried.
  • Improved the “Wrath of the Gods” weapon skill animation for Wolnir’s Holy Sword.
  • Improved the “Blind Spot” weapon skill animation for Corvian Greatknife andHandmaiden’s Dagger.
  • Improved the “Shield Splitter” weapon skill animation for Mail Breaker and Irithyll Rapier.
  • Improved the “Wolf Leap” weapon skill animation for Old Wolf Curved Sword.
  • The weapon skill of Old King’s Great HammerMolten Perseverence” will now release lava on both hits.
  • Improved the “Darkdrift” weapon skill animation for Darkdrift.
  • Reduced effectiveness of rolling attack animations on Gotthard Twinswords while dual wielding. Increased effectiveness of the sorcery “Pestilent Mercury“.
  • Improved the cast animation of miracle “Lifehunt Scythe“.
  • Increased poison and toxic buildup of the pyromanciesPoison Mist” and “Toxic Mist“, respectively.
  • Increased durability damage buildup of the pyromancy “Acid Surge“.
  • Increased duration of the “Warcry” weapon skill.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s lock-on target would automatically change even if “Toggle auto lock-on” was set to “OFF”.
  • Fixed a bug where the leader board for Darkmoon Knights would display incorrect statistics.
  • Fixed a bug where the fog wall near Holy Knight Hodrick would sometimes not disappear during multiplayer even after defeating him.
  • Fixed a bug where Orbeck of Vinheim would sometimes die before the player purchased all his spells.
  • Fixed a bug where Patches and Greirat would never return if sent to steal after defeating all bosses.
  • Fixed a bug where female characters were subject to counter damage during certain movement animations.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping Vordt’s Great Hammer or Irithyll Straight Sword in the left hand would cause enchantments to disappear from weapons in the right hand.
  • Fixed a bug where two-handing certain weapons would cause the stealth effect onSlumbering Dragoncrest Ring to not work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Hornet Ring was not working for claw category weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where dash attacks could not be performed using Farron Greatsword.
  • Fixed a bug where strong attacks using Lothric Knight Sword were not dealing thrust type damage.
  • Fixed a bug where dash attacks using Onikiri and Ubadachi were not dealing thrust type damage.
  • Addressed other game balance issues and fixed other flaws.


Regulation 1.11 - Thursday 25th August

Detailed notes as found by the community can be found on the Dark Souls III Forum

Official Patch Notes:

  • The length of the Hammer skill, Perseverance (reduce damage when activated), has been increased //note: the Japanese says "Large Hammer Category"
  • Delayed the movement cancel timing of certain medium shields upon guard break
  • Removed the ability to parry when using the skills Blind Spot (Corvian Greatknife, Handmaid’s dagger) and Dancer’s Grace (Dancer’s Enchanted Swords)
  • Adjusted the shield penetration properties of Harpe, Shotel, Crescent Moon Sword, Carthus Shotel, Man Serpent Hatchet and Darkdrift
  • Fixed a bug where sound effects did not play properly when using Lightning Spears in quick succession
  • The attack cancel timing for rapiers equipped in the left hand has been adjusted
  • Several balance issues have been adjusted
  • Flaws have been fixed to improve performance



Regulation 1.10 - Monday 18th July, (Tuesday July 19th for Asia)

Detailed notes as found by the community can be found on the Dark Souls III Forum (individual thread pending).

Official Patch Notes:

  • Fixes an issue that allowed players to float in the air when using the Tears of Denial miracle
  • Server maintenance


Regulation 1.09 - Friday, July 1st

Detailed notes as found by the community can be found on this thread.

Official Patch Notes:


App Ver 1.05 Regulation 108 - Friday, June 10th.

You can read a list of detailed player-found changes here.

Official Patch Notes:

  • Archdragon Peak: Fixed the freeze when jumping into the fog after ringing the bell.
  • The Rinfinger Leonhard quest will now start properly after the removal of the restriction on the maximum number of Pale Tongues that can be offered to Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth.
  • Trophies will now unlock correctly even if the required item is sent directly to the storage.
  • Fixed a Skill being changed based on a right hand weapon when equipping White Hair Talisman on the left hand while holding the Sacred Flame with both hands
  • The Horsehoof Ring (which increases stamina drain of attacks) will no longer affect other attacks besides its initial effect on kicks.
  • It will no longer be possible to equip a helm when using a Wax Pool after using the Dragon Head Stone.
  • Fixed the HP drain damage of Symbol of Avarice when resting near bonfire.
  • Fixed a spell animation and effect not synching up when using the magic repetitively.
  • Fixed when summoning the white phantom NPC under a certain circumstance, the character's collision will properly function nullifying all enemy attacks.
  • Fixed issue where skills could be performed even when a certain amount of FP was not available.
  • Adjusted the attack cancel parameters of some curved swords attacks.
  • Adjusted the attack power and skills of fist and claw weapons.
  • Adjusted the skills of twin blade weapons.
  • Fixed the scythe not penetrating shields at close distances.
  • Adjusted stamina consumption and attack cancel parameters for rapier weapons.
  • Adjusted the attack collision for the washing pole weapon.
  • Adjusted parameters of Farron Hail and Busting Fireball.
  • Adjusted casting speed, stamina consumption, cancel timing of some Spells.
  • Increased the number of arrows/bolts that can be possessed.
  • During online multiplayer: During the invasion of a Dark Phantom, the host will no longer be separated from his area.
  • During online multiplayer: A dark phantom can no longer be forcibly brought back in some maps.
  • During online multiplayer: When the player is summoned during a boss battle, the boss will no longer become motionless even after the player is back to his/her world.
  • The status effects below the stamina gauge will no longer be hidden when opening the top menu with HUD display set to auto.
  • The voice chat icon will now remain visible when the HUD display is set to "Auto."
  • Fixed the display of strength level shown in the equipment menu when using two-handed weapon.
  • Other game balance parameters have been adjusted.
  • Several game flaws fixed.

We thank you for your understanding! Embrace the Darkness!


App v.1.04, Regulation v.1.07 (PC/PS4/XboxOne) (May 20th 2016)

Dark Souls III will be updated to Regulation Version 1.07. The update will improve the Password matching feature.

The servers will also be offline for maintenance at the following times:

  • PS4 JP -- 2016-05-20 10:00am – 12:00pm (JST) EU -- 2016-05-20 3:00am – 5:00am (CET) summer time US -- 2016-05-19 6:00pm – 8:00pm (PDT)
  • XB1 JP -- 2016-05-20 10:00am – 4:00pm (JST) EU -- 2016-05-20 3:00am – 9:00am (CET) summer time US -- 2016-05-19 6:00pm – 2016-05-20 0:00am (PDT)
  • Steam JP -- 2016-05-20 5:00pm – 7:00pm (JST) EU -- 2016-05-20 10:00am – 12:00pm (CET) summer time US -- 2016-05-20 1:00am – 3:00am (PDT)

Main Adjustments:

Unnofficial change list (detailed) can be found on this thread.


App v.1.04, Regulation v.1.06 (PC) (April 28th 2016)

  • The range of the matching level of the Blade of the Darkmoon and the Blue Sentinels have been adjusted.
  • The efficiency of the following categories has been adjusted: Short Sword, Twinsword and Magic.
  • Other game balance improvement and bug fixes.


Ver 1.05 (Consoles) / App v.1.04,  Regulation v.1.05 (PC) (April 28th 2016 8am CEST/1am PST)

  • Fix for an issue where players would not receive a due item if they were summoned to a multiplayer session while talking to an NPC or covenant. (For example your covenant rank reward if you're summoned mid-offering)
  • Made some NPC quest conditions laxer
  • Made entry requirements for Rosaria's Fingers laxer
  • Fixed warp issue to Untended Graves
  • Fixed an issue that made kicks parriable
  • Fixed an issue where Crystal Sage would not re-appear after warping
  • Fixed an issue where the Dragonslayer Armor would die before the fight begins
  • Fixed an issue that caused Knight Slayer Tsorig would continue to gesture
  • Fixed an issue where Siegward would not save Greirat even though the conditions were met
  • Fixed an issue where effects of max HP rings would not be reflected in some menus
  • Fixed an issue where voice chat icons would not display according to settings
  • Fixed an issue that caused the voice chat icon to continue to display when HUD display is set to AUTO
  • Fixed an issue that greyed out the menu options "Quit Game", "access bonfire", and the use online play items when an online session has failed (XboxOne)
  • Fixed an issue where players would be returned to the home screen after an online session has failed (XboxOne)
  • Fixed several other bugs, improved performance and adjusted balance.


Ver 1.04 (Consoles) / Ver. 1.03.1 (PC) (April 18th 2016)


Ver 1.03 (April 1st 2016)

  • Corrected an issue where unvisited bonfires would be lit and visited bonfires would become inaccessible.
  • Corrected an issue where players would not receive the benefits of burning an Undead Bone Shard at a bonfire after multiplayer sessions.
  • Corrected an issue where players would receive souls after being summoned in multiplayer.
  • Corrected an issue where players could be invaded while resting at a bonfire
  • Corrected an issue where players could not offer Covenant items
  • Introduced a function so that the Fire Keeper and Velka the Goddess of Sin may return the player to life form.
  • Fixed several performance and bugs, and balanced several items.
  • Reduced the damage of the Fume Ultra Greatsword.


Japanese Version Patches

Ver 1.02 (March 29th 2016)

  • Improved Game Performance
  • Fixed several bugs
    • Fixed an issue where offline play would decrease performance
    • Fixed an issue where if players would become unable to warp at the Firelink Shrine (amongst other issues) if they had fought the Large Crystal Lizard in Cemetery of Ash before finishing the game install.
    • Fixed an issue where players would be returned to their world as red phantoms after engaging in PvP or covenant PvP activities.


Ver,1.01 (March 24th 2016)

  • Enabled online play
  • Improved game performance and usability
  • Fixed several bugs

    • 15 Apr 2017 06:58  

      they should have just kept things how they were in patch 1.32
      and just added the 10minute time limit invaders had in ds2.
      im not overly fond of pvp most of the time but I can handle myself in a 1v1 with or without estus.
      I am fond of co-op. though.
      so if you invade, chances are im just gonna noob you with a straight sword. and if it don't work. I'll just use a 2h great axe so I can hyper BS you and not worry about being parried.

      this has ruined seeds for multiple invaders and those that invade multiple times and run away. got invaded by the same guy 3 times in 5 mins.
      I guess I can add way of blue to my arsenal now though. for the instant 2 helpers.

      my friend loves it when we "gank" although we like to play us 2 vs 3- 4
      we usually win. (tandem builds ftw)
      but, I don't think red and purple invaders should be allowed to invade the covenant areas.
      so many times we have been invaded by 4 ppl, and we win because the red chickens out or gets caught in the crossfire.

      and blue sentinels, you should only get 1, but he can't kill or be killed by npcs. like in ds2. so he can actually do his job and get paid for it. especially since blue sentinels are still broke.
      ds2 is not my favourite, but it had things that I miss.

      and what's the point in a summoning phantom timer if it doesnt affect convenant based invasions or deaths by a member of aldrich/farron protecter.

      • 14 Apr 2017 23:19  

        anyone else having trouble summoning in the last two day since the patch dropped? i was playing with a friend and he summoned me a bunch of times in a row while getting him through ng+ and suddenly he cant see my sign anymore we're using the same password and everything and even if we werent we both have a maxed weapon and are withing like 10 levels of eachother

        • 13 Apr 2017 02:54  

          i recommend that the more time they decrease the damage on weapons, people are going to loose intress of the game and people will not play it. so in saying that dark souls 3 has been the worst game ever out of the whole dark souls gaming history. dark souls 1 was the best for every thing. dark souls 2, had better gameplay. and dark souls 3, they have to keep updateing the game because its not perfect and thats when people just dont play it anymore

          • 12 Apr 2017 17:19  

            I think the changes to invasion that came with DS3 make the PvP so much more frustrating than in the previous games.
            It used to be, and still is in the other games, that if you got invaded you were expected to either run or fight "honorably". If you drank or used phantoms, you were the a-hole.
            With DS3 allowing movement while drinking and having estus for invaders, the moment you get invaded even if you win you still have to go back for your estus as if you'd lost, the only difference being you keep your ember. That means hosts get frustrated, and when someone is forced into a PvP in which they're not having fun, they go for cheap tricks. That in turn makes it frustrating for invaders, which also end up resorting to cheap tricks, leading to a continuous escalation.
            All this is made worse by the fact that matchmaking keeps pitting invaders against groups. On the one hand, you have invaders just going for the cheap kill, on the other hand you have people with lots of phantoms. The assumption is that people with phantoms are summoning to make things easier on themselves, and the increased invasion rate is meant to balance that out, but I say that assumption is wrong. My guess is, most people with two or three phantoms are passworded groups trying to play together. But the nature of those groups is such that even if a phantom dies, they have to go back to get them, which makes them really not want to be forced into PvP. What's the obvious solution to that? Ganking. It's not malicious, it's not meant to ruin the invader's fun. It's just a way of getting out of the PvP.
            So the matchmaking is pitting invaders who really don't like getting ganked against coop-ers who really don't like getting invaded. Think about it: would you ever play chess against someone who doesn't want to play? They'll just knock over the board and leave!
            Frustration reigns supreme atop her throne of salt.
            My personal experience is exactly such: when I got invaded, I used to think either "oh crap I'm in a bad place" or "oh cool I get to fight someone". Nowadays it's more like "for Pete's sake, again?". If you're scared you stay on the defensive and try to escape, if you're excited you go on the offensive and try to challenge the opponent, but if you're annoyed you just want it to be over. That's bad. In a game such as Dark Souls, which we the community can either make into something amazing or totally ruin for each other, that breaks everything.

            • 12 Apr 2017 13:48  

              Im just watching a stream. An invader killed a white. The host run back at the bonfire and when he was there, he instantly summoned that guy again. Meanwhile the invader got 2 darkmoon at the same time. So where is the buff for invaders? :)) dont know what will happen when the seems will become something regular.

              • 12 Apr 2017 05:34  

                "Added Faith scaling to “Sunlight Straight Sword” and “Yorshka’s Spear”, and reduced Strength and Dexterity scaling accordingly"
                Finally some good weapons for pure faith build!
                I kinda messed up with my stats, but right now sunlight sword with 19 str, 40 dex, 45 faith with lightning sword buff giving me 616 AR and 597 AR with dark blade buff. Rejoice! :D

                • 12 Apr 2017 04:52  

                  "A nice buff for invaders!"
                  why would anyone give more benefits to invaders? seriously, it might not be an issue on pc, but on console where online play costs money, an invader can mean you won't be able to finish the game with a friend because you lost too much time and don't have an online subscription anymore by the time you arrive to the endgame.

                  • 11 Apr 2017 13:18  

                    WA being uninterruptible is critical on a lot of weapons as part of the strategy is baiting the opponent and timing the WA just right. I can see some weapons getting trashed with this Gundyr's

                    • 11 Apr 2017 04:39  

                      Up to a total of two “Darkmoon Blades” or “Blue Sentinels” can now be summoned during online multiplayer
                      Does that mean that I'm gonna have to face a 5 men gank instead of 4 now?

                      • 10 Apr 2017 16:49  

                        1.13 patch So the game is going more and more for the favor of invaders. Im all about good ol jolly coop and personaly i hate those piny invaders who think they are good at the game but sucks ass and now they are wining and got the whole game nerfed. And when we kick them on this new patch (1.13) they are going to keep wining some more so the dark souls 3 is going to turn all invaders in the end is this what the developers wanted to this game to happen???

                        • 10 Apr 2017 12:00  

                          Increased the charge rate for effects that trigger on continuous attacks (e.g. “Pontiff’s Right Eye”, “Old Wolf Curved Sword”, “Carthus Beacon”)

                          Buff or nerf?

                          • 10 Apr 2017 11:30  

                            man considering all the work they do for patching now for this game i kinda hope they will either fix the frame pacing for that game also unlock the framerate like they did for dark souls 3 love all the fixing they are doing for the game now though much love <3

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