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Angel is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3. It is part of The Ringed City DLC.


Enemy Description

  • The Angel is a large and extremely aggressive aerial based enemy that barrages the player with beams of light that do a considerable amount of damage. Before each volley of projectiles, the Angel will emit a loud scream to indicate an upcoming attack.
  • They can also cast a blessing which inflicts curse buildup.
  • After completing The Ringed City DLC an Angel will spawn near first bonfire in The Dreg Heap. That version is not aggresive. However, if you killed the Old Stone Humped Hag, it will be agressive and unkillable.


Combat Information

  • They are extremely difficult to kill. This hints that they are not meant to be dispatched by the player directly, therefore running and dodging their projectiles is the best course of action.
  • If standing too long in spot where angel can't harm him using "arrows", it will inflict curse damage on the player. This is signified by the angel spinning and a golden aura surrounding the player. Cast moment is a good occassion to run to next hideout.
  • Use of the Carthus Bloodring and a stamina buff such as Green Blossom is recommended, with the Carthus Bloodring giving more rolling invincibility frames and a higher stamina regeneration rate with the Green Blossom.
  • Each angel has a corresponding tree-like pilgrim, killing the pilgrim that is linked to it will defeat the angels permanently. Tree-like pilgrims does not respawn.
  • Tree-like pilgrim resurrects them automatically after depleting their health bar. Attacking the Angel without destroying its corresponding Tree-like pilgrim is not advised.
  • Hidden body does hide from them. 


Notes & Trivia

  • The overall design of the Angel is reminiscent of the Moonlight Butterfly from Dark Souls 1 due to it being a winged creature that attacks the player with projectiles of a magical nature (beam damage type unconfirmed as of this time).
  • Angels bear some similarities to the Darklurkers from Dark Souls 2.





Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops



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    • 17 Apr 2017 11:46  

      Its kinda hard to notice this but, if you get a good look from the backside of the angel you might notice some bug like wings and stinger, similar to certain creature later in the dlc.
      From looking at this makes me think that when a pilgrim dies two things happen to them either they become those gross creatures that you kill to get rid of the angel or they some how become of those preacher bugs or the preacher bugs are just angels that did not become angels.
      Either what I said is true or I'm just bat***** insane and bored.

      • 11 Apr 2017 15:41  

        Can anyone confirm that Angels can't actually damage blue spirits? Invading last night I fought against a blue who couldn't be hit by any of the beams despite being the one targeted

        • 06 Apr 2017 00:56  

          Their attacks are triggered if you are actively in their line of sight. If you stay in their vision for too long, their holy projectile spam rate increases until it's almost a constant laser beam. So move quickly and take cover behind tall obstacles. In this way the angel can't see you and will de-aggro until it sees you again (i.e. when you leave cover).

          • 04 Apr 2017 00:30  

            They deal magic damage with their main ranged attack. As well, their main ranged can be partially blocked by the Twisted Wall of Light spell; the duration means the spell won't block everything, but combined with the Great Magic Barrier miracle and the blue Stoneplate it becomes comparatively trivial to get past them.

            • 03 Apr 2017 05:57  

              II think these angels are the primordial form of Moonlight Butterflyes, which we know were a Seath's experiment. He probably tried to study angels, or control them with magic/sorcery.

              • 02 Apr 2017 19:09  

                I keep hearing how these are impossible, but I managed to get a hypermode character through the swamp, and cleared out all the angels with only 10 VIG, nearly naked. And I'm not that great.

                Stock up on poison moss, and go along the swamp. There's ample cover if you take the side where all the roots grow down, but most of it requires you to be standing on poisonous ground. Having minimal HP and absorption leeway forced me to play with more respect for the angels' awe-inspiring attacks.

                Trust me, if their DPS were overwhelming, my completion of this area would have been impossible. Like everything else, go slow and carefully plan each step, then sprint like mad when exposed, rolling till the bar is gone when the barrage starts.

                • 01 Apr 2017 19:26  

                  Great Magic Shield, boom easy mode. Can seriously just stand infront of them blocking taking ZERO damage (zero chip damage) and the stamina damage is so small that you can regen faster than they can deal. Note: Running with shield up is not recommended, because if your stamina reaches 0 your guard can be broken before it regens to safe amount and leave you defenseless.

                  Just buff
                  Shield up
                  Lock on
                  Strafe around (because if you aren't facing them you can't block, RIP)

                  • 31 Mar 2017 22:57  

                    I used the sacred bloom shield, the one with spell parry? Though I didn't USE spell parry...but the shield 100% blocked every beam no damage at all. It takes a lot of stamina, but I'm assuming the beams are magic damage? Though...I'm not too sure with all the magic resistance stuff I've put on, if that's the case. Nothing except the shield seemed to do anything for me.

                    • 30 Mar 2017 21:10  

                      If you're having trouble locating the angel's summoner (without looking at the cheat-sheets, that is), listen for the casting noise when the angel is instantiated and try to look in the direction it came from. When cast, the summoner's spell has a large, brightly light AOE effect that stretches skyward, and is the beacon you need to look for to uncover it's location. If you're having trouble catching it, saving and reloading causes the summoner to recast the spell and animation. Knowing where to go makes things somewhat easier, though getting there in one piece can still be tricky.

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