Hollow Manservant

Enemy Type Undead
Weakness Staggered Easily
Resistances ??
Immune ??

Hollow Manservant is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • Large hulking fiends that transport undead, dead or alive.
  • Have planks of wood or cages strapped to their backs.


Combat Information

  • The standard version wields a saw, they may also wield a large kettle full of dismembered corpse parts.
  • The kettle can be thrown (blockable), the Jailer then switches to a saw.
  • Both versions can combo wildly.
  • Saw attacks can be parried and followed up with a riposte. It is recommended to setup parry these enemies due to their damage.
  • Cannot be backstabbed (all variations).


Notes & Trivia

  • As long as the player has not engaged the Curse-rotted Greatwood in battle, a certain Manservant will not attack the player and, approached from behind, can be prompted by the player to take them in their cage to the Pit of Hollows, where the player may talk to Hodrick and enter the Mound-Makers Covenant.
  • All of the cages found in the Pit of Hollows belong to these undead.



Kettle Jailer

Location Drops
 Undead Settlement  551  320  

Saw Jailer

Location Drops
 Undead Settlement  551  320 Great Machete




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