Infested Corpse

Enemy Type Undead
Weakness Fire, Bleed
Resistances Every damage type
Immune ??

Infested Corpse is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.
Located in the Cathedral Graveyard


Enemy Description

  • Walking corpse with a mass of maggots extruding from a gaping chest cavity.
  • Often disguised as a regular Reanimated Corpse until eruption.


Combat Information

  • [Basic] Attempts to strike at you with alternating arms. These strikes build up bleed.
  • [Puke] Vomits in a surrounding area, afflicting those hit with bleed-inducing maggots.
  • [Grab] A lunging hug that supressess and damages you as it sucks blood from your face. Builds up bleed.
  • They generally go for a grab attack straight after erupting.
  • Weak to, and uniquely effected by fire.
  • Holding a torch removes the bleeding maggot effect
  • Ironically very susceptible to bleeding.


Notes & Trivia

  • Some will respawn at their original location after being slain.
  • Are weak to, and can be crowd-controlled by fire.
  • Being stuck by flame of any kind, torch / infusion / buff etc. causes them to writhe for a few seconds.
    (Comparitive to Starved Hounds)



Reanimated Corpse

Location Drops
Cathedral Graveyard      
Irithyll Dungeon      

Writhing Rotten Flesh

Location Drops
 Cathedral Graveyard      
 Irithyll Dungeon      

Variation Name

Location Drops




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