Enemy Type Giant
Weakness Strike, Dark, Lightning
Resistances Standard, Slash, Thrust
Immune Bleed, Frost, Poison, Toxic

Judicator is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3 DLC: The Ringed City.


Enemy Description

  • Giant, respawnable enemy encountered in The Ringed City
  • 4 found in The Ringed City - second Judicator (at the swamps) moves normally, while Argo only when provoked. Rest is stationary


Combat Information


Notes & Trivia

  • Judicator at the swamp can easily be avoided using Hidden Body spell. However, that strategy does not work with Judicator met near Mausoleum Lookout Bonfire or Purging Monument.
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First Judicator

Location Drops
 The Ringed City  2200  4000  Titanite Chunks

Swamp Judicator

Location Drops
 The Ringed City  2200  4000  
 In the center of the swamp after the Ring City Streets bonfire.    

 Divine Blessing Hidden Blessing (once per NG cycle)

Purging Monument Judicator

Location Drops
 The Ringed City  2220  4000  

From the Ring City Streets bonfire, go through the shortcut and up the ladder after you "Show your humainty". He's sitting down before the Purging Monument

     Divine Blessing (once per NG cycle)



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    • Anonymous

      19 Feb 2018 18:42  

      Probably should put enemies that are fun to fight or engage in the slightest in the game instead of annoyances to be ignored. 90% of the enemies in Dark Souls 3 I just run by because they aren't enjoyable to fight, which is unfortunate since fighting enemies is kind of the entire point of the game.

      • Anonymous

        15 Dec 2017 22:10  

        Reeeeally wish these enemies didn't exist. All they do is spam the ruin summon and I can't even move an inch without getting***** on by the constant arrows

        • Anonymous

          11 Dec 2017 00:39  

          You can four shot him using sunlight spear, with the following rings equipped:

          Priestess ring
          Ring of the sun's first born
          Sage ring
          Lloyds sword ring

          My consumable was green blossom.

          Just make it to the ladder without taking damage, use the green blossom, and run up the steps. You should be able to get three spears in before the archers start firing. Dodge the first wave of arrows after you've thrown the first three spears then fire the last one once they stop. Watch out though, once the archers are summoned the second time they will keep firing until that wave has stopped.

          Hope this info helps. :)

          • Anonymous

            19 Aug 2017 11:49  

            My tactic to burn through one with a 42 strength, 42 dexterity build (2nd playthrough):
            - Refined Morningstar +10 (strike damage)
            - Human Pine Resin (dark damage)
            - Pontiff's Right Eye
            - Green Blossom



            • Anonymous

              15 Jul 2017 09:57  

              Sometimes I wish FromSoft would stop getting out of their comfort zone with enemies like this.
              Sheesh, buggy as hell. Sometimes he summons two Ledo spirits at once. Or six Zullie spirits as their attacks clip through walls.
              Then summoning those Ruin Sentinels while you're directly in front of him.
              Eh...not to mention I got one shotted (1414 HP with a lot of defense) by Zullies dark attack.

              • Anonymous

                23 May 2017 02:41  

                So is it ever explained how these giants can summon archers, ledo, zullie, and a dragon's head just by yelling into the sky?

                • Anonymous

                  20 May 2017 11:34  

                  The one in the swamp is constantly mumbling about searching for something I think. Vocal enemies are awesome, though I never live/let them live long enough to hear their entire script. Cool guy tbh as long as he isn't sicking his ghosts against me.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 May 2017 05:00  

                    Just causally strolling from the first bonfire and I get insta-raped by a million arrows, classic dark souls

                    • Anonymous

                      17 May 2017 00:24  

                      This is wrong! Magic actually takes more health from him than physical attacks. Lightning seems to work really well too. Dark takes a nice amount too, but not more than lighting or magic. Dark magic destroys him.

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Apr 2017 05:17  

                        I never knew about that dragon one, really strange how that single Judicator has a special summon, I'd love to know the lore reasons.

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Apr 2017 05:21  

                          The first one you encounter can also summon what appears to be Hellkite Dragon's head to breathe fire at you.

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