Desert Pyromancer Zoey



Enemy Type Pyromancer
Weakness Vow of Silence, Fire, Strike
Resistances Frost
Immune Poison/Toxic

Desert Pyromancer Zoey is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City DLC


Enemy Description

  • Zoey, descendant of the desert pyromancers. She uses the Flame Fan, a pyromancy which conjures and brushes a fan left and right. She possessed true beauty, as did all the desert pyromancers, but hers did not poison, and so she became the unassuming queen of the feeble ones.

  • She is accompanied by two Hollow slaves.


Combat Information

  • Wields Whip (RH) and Pyromancy Flame (LH).
  • Casts: Fire Orb and Flame Fan
  • Her whip at melee distance does significant damage. Melee fighters should approach with caution and block and dodge a lot and equip high protective Armor.
  • Vulnerable to Vow of Silence, which prevents her from casting spells.
  • Weak to Fire and Strike.
  • Resistant to Frost.
  • Immune to Poison/Toxic.
  • Uses 2 Estus flasks during the fight.
  • Drops Flame Fan.


Notes & Trivia

  • She wears the Desert Pyromancer Set.
  • Can be killed by Harald Legion Knight.
  • Identically-dressed humans, also called Desert Sorceresses, appeared in Dark Souls II.
  • Players can eliminate her by pushing her off the cliff, at least up to NG+3, even if she has full health.





Variation Name

Location Drops
The Dreg Heap  ??  ?? Flame Flan



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    • Anonymous

      05 Oct 2017 01:11  

      First time I saw her I thought it's somebody invading me.
      Name "Zoey" really feels so unusual in Dark Souls lore.

      • 03 Sep 2017 20:06  

        Interesting note that if you have a phantom or any sort of ally, if they have her attention she will ignore you mostly even if you block her path. Either use this to backstab her or potentially use the Dark Hand weapon art to steal life out of her chest.

        • Anonymous

          31 Jul 2017 04:19  

          Undead Settlement Demon: Thanks Seigward
          Stray Demon: Meh
          Tomb Demon: Abuse the stairs
          Old Demon King: Why does Swamp Cuck last longer than Tsorig?
          Demon Prince: Kinda annoying, but whatever
          All 4 Lords of Cinder: This is fairly leveled against me it seems.
          Player Made Pyromancy Builds: OMG just stop flinging easily dodged spells, you look sad.


          • Anonymous

            17 Jul 2017 20:21  

            She isn't immune to toxic, but she has very high resistance to it, and it's not at all worth the struggle.

            If you're having trouble, use a whip, as she dodges poorly against them.

            • Anonymous

              08 Jul 2017 19:10  

              I was having trouble, but then I tried ferron greatsword. Dodge a fireball, do a full two handed alternate light attack combo, she can't do a thing.

              • Anonymous

                23 Jun 2017 23:16  

                She can be injured by the Harald Knights. They won't aggro on her but their attacks WILL hurt her. With some careful kiting you can get them to kill her.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Jun 2017 22:36  

                  It's worth noting that Zoey won't die from a fall unless she falls on one of the branches. If she falls onto the ash, or into the swamp, the fall-breaking nature of the ash will prevent any fall damage. She's also completely immune to poison, and probably toxic too.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Jun 2017 00:36  

                    Fought her at lvl 20 with un-upgraded weapons only.

                    Tried to poison her with storytellers staff, didn't work (worked on the pyromuncher in the other DLC). Tried stunlocking her with doublehanded Lothric Knight Greatsword, she broke MY poise with her wip(?!). Tried shooting her with bow and arrows while dodging her fireballs, I did 18 damage and she took three quarters of my life with one ball. Good trade. Tried to lure her to a high branch and throw firebombs at her so she would fall, guess what - didn't work and I ran out of bombs. Other encounters when I didn't try to push her out into the air she sometimes fell down on her own in the green muck... and of course took no fall damage nor poison damage, in stead she had time to estus up while i was going after her. I honestly can't remember how I finally beat her. Must have been out of my mind. I think I just ran back and forth with a greatsword whacking her with one hit, cursing and chugging estus.

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Jun 2017 01:37  

                      Just stunlock her with charged ugs poke attack. I used profaned gs. It knocks her down guaranteed every hit, and you can charge the next hit as she stands back up. Makes her into a piece of cake.

                      Side note: this trick works on every non large enemy in the game, even Friede.

                      • Anonymous

                        29 May 2017 14:37  

                        Just make her drop to the Harald knight ( big knight with blackhole instead head ) under tree-path to her. Aggro her and stay on roofs nearby, use it as barrier. She nearly always walk so thralls comes first ( easy to dispatch 1 by 1). She will keep spam fireballs in roof between you and strafing left and right, eventually she will drop to the swamp. It won't do dmg but drop after her and aggro harald while staying near to her (best to run trough as his attacks are easier to avoid than hers), our briefly ally will squish her in few hits. Arrows seems to be totally useless as she roll right after every shot at least after shes aggroed. Whip dmg is riddiculus even at full armor.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 May 2017 20:43  

                          Screw her. Screw this NPC. On NG+7 she WILL two shot you with that damn fan because it stun locks you and takes out 50% of your health. Also screw how NPC enemies have infinite FP. It gets bloody annoying when she just keeps using that bloody fan over an over again.

                          • Anonymous

                            03 May 2017 10:53  

                            The spawn of her thralls is bugged. I had to quit the game after killing the lot and when I reloaded -basically where Zoe spawns in the first place- Thralls were back to life. I took a heavy hit from the claymore dude before noticing what was happening and died helplessly from monsters I had slain :p . Pure dark souls experience resumed in one bug.

                            • Anonymous

                              03 May 2017 01:43  

                              Curious how many screenshots of her are in the gallery compared to all the other enemies and even the bosses... Is it her outfit? owo

                              I think we all love it....

                              • 01 May 2017 15:13  

                                She is absurdly difficult for an NPC without armor. I found it easier to kill the Soul of Cinder last night. I have killed her by knocking her into the swamp, but the combo of thralls and her ability to tank two handed hits from a maxed black knight is impressive. On this run, after knocking her down once and failing to kill her, I just ran because life is too short. Also, that whip! Not the flame whip but the actual whip! Good lord that thing hits like a truck. Our whips don't hit like that, ever, do they? I'm pretty sure the answer is NO.

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