Desert Pyromancer Zoey



Enemy Type Pyromancer
Weakness Vow of Silence, Fire, Strike
Resistances Frost
Immune Poison/Toxic

Desert Pyromancer Zoey is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City DLC


Enemy Description

  • Zoey, descendant of the desert pyromancers. She uses the Flame Fan, a pyromancy which conjures and brushes a fan left and right. She possessed true beauty, as did all the desert pyromancers, but hers did not poison, and so she became the unassuming queen of the feeble ones.

  • She is accompanied by two Hollow slaves.


Combat Information

  • Wields Whip (RH) and Pyromancy Flame (LH).
  • Casts: Fire Orb and Flame Fan
  • Her whip at melee distance does significant damage. Melee fighters should approach with caution and block and dodge a lot and equip high protective Armor.
  • Vulnerable to Vow of Silence, which prevents her from casting spells.
  • Weak to Fire and Strike.
  • Resistant to Frost.
  • Immune to Poison/Toxic.
  • Uses 2 Estus flasks during the fight.
  • Drops Flame Fan.


Notes & Trivia

  • She wears the Desert Pyromancer Set.
  • Can be killed by Harald Legion Knight.
  • Identically-dressed humans, also called Desert Sorceresses, appeared in Dark Souls II.
  • Players can eliminate her by pushing her off the cliff, at least up to NG+3, even if she has full health.





Variation Name

Location Drops
The Dreg Heap  ??  ?? Flame Flan



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    • Anonymous

      03 Mar 2018 12:47  

      Hmmm almost two shots me with full fire resist.....makes sense... Tanks sunspear lightspear like it's nothing while wearing nothing but a piece of cloth. Can spam spells infinitely while stunlocking anyone who gets close. From Software know what's balanced.

      • Anonymous

        27 Feb 2018 01:52  

        How to cheese (with a melee weapon)(you're gonna be doing some spacing):

        1. Whittle her health down so she uses her estus twice.

        2. Equip a thrusting weapon (a quick one, like a spear, or a rapier). I used the Lothric Knight Sword 1H R2.

        3. Bait Zoey into using her Flame Fan twice by walking towards her, then walking backwards (it's important she does it twice because that way, there is a delay between that set and the next set of Flame Fans).

        4. As there is delay between her sets of Flame Fans, poke her once or twice.
        Once if you have a weapon like a straight sword that can only poke once in a combo.
        Twice if you have a weapon that can poke multiple times in a combo.

        While this method is slow, it's more effective than trying to kill her faster than she can kill you when done on a lower SL, higher NG, or both.

        • Anonymous

          27 Jan 2018 23:59  

          Be careful when kicking her off the edge. Did it when she tried healing herself and her body fell on a rock with the loot floating in the air and am not able to fall onto the rock or climb it to pick it up. If you lnock her off in the wrong area you may not be able to go down and pick up the item. Frustrating to say the least.

          • Anonymous

            26 Jan 2018 23:58  

            Disgusting casuals. If you can't beat this poor, helpless npc then what do you call yourselves? Go choke on dung pies.

            • Anonymous

              20 Jan 2018 22:37  

              Wtf whats all this about, just have a weapon with much damage, dodge her fireballs while you kill the mobs and then hit her 4 times before she can hit you, got her with yhorms great machete 1st try in 2 mins

              • 19 Jan 2018 19:03  

                Three words: Black knight shield. Stack the fire resistance. Manage stamina. Then knock the daylights out of her. Spacing and all that. I just smacked her into the next year with the black iron set on. No, I wasn't messing around on NG++.

                If you prep for the fire person with fire resistance, they become much easier.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Jan 2018 03:15  

                  This NPC actually party resulted in me refunding this DLC. Hope infinite FP pyromancer NPCs was worth it FROM.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Dec 2017 15:46  

                    I have an easier time with Hodrick (you know, the guy that deals 800+ per attack) because he doesn't pull out fire discs out of his ass until you're barbecue. Also I have never killed Zoey by her falling off the cliff, she lands perfectly fine on the poison swamp (in fact I believe you can only kill enemies if they fall into a "bottomless pit").

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Dec 2017 08:12  

                      Desert Pyromancer Zoey is a very clear example of something i've said about FromSoft in the past. While they make fantastic difficult games, no one at FromSoft seems to know when something is too much. Zoey is overboard in how much damage she does, how much she can take, and its absolutely ridiculous that she has infinite FP. Sure, give her ashen estus flasks if you must, but infinite FP is just ridiculous.

                      I hope that they don't continue this trend of creating horribly bull*****NPCs in Shadows Die Twice, or whatever the game ends up being called. Enemy NPCs at least should be forced to follow the rules to player has to abide by, if they're also going to get the benefits the player gets.

                      • 27 Oct 2017 05:37  

                        Her damage is insane, even on NG.

                        Pro Tip: You can aggro the Thralls before her with a bow. I managed to pull the left and kill it before cleaving the second during our duel. She ended up killing me regardless because her infinite Fan + Poise Break swing combo automatically deals about 700-800 damage to me in some of my best armor with the +3 Steel Protection ring.

                        The DLC NPCs are stupidly overpowered with their infinite attack spams. All of them also swing as fast as the fastest weapons and recover faster than you. I hate cheesing them, but it's absolutely unfair to fight them like other NPCs or players.

                        • Anonymous

                          26 Oct 2017 08:22  

                          She won't die if you knock her off the ledge into the swamp because of the negated fall damage on this map, but the good news is, neither will you. I killed her with a well-timed plunging attack... but then a Harald Knight that I didn't know was there killed me in one hit, lmfao.

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Oct 2017 01:11  

                            First time I saw her I thought it's somebody invading me.
                            Name "Zoey" really feels so unusual in Dark Souls lore.

                            • 03 Sep 2017 20:06  

                              Interesting note that if you have a phantom or any sort of ally, if they have her attention she will ignore you mostly even if you block her path. Either use this to backstab her or potentially use the Dark Hand weapon art to steal life out of her chest.

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