Enemy Type Reptilian
Weakness Frostbite, Bleed, Thrust, Lightning
Resistances Standard, Strike, Slash, Fire,
Immune Rapport

Serpent-Man is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • These Serpent-Men are smaller and faster than their large predecessors in Dark Souls I.
  • The Archdrake Peak variant uses a shotel and a shield. They can also spit fire.
  • Those with dual-daggers equipped are capable of a deadly Parry & Riposte attack.


Combat Information


Notes & Trivia

  • Likely to be successors of Serpent-Man of King's Field and Souls series
  • In dark souls, snakes and serpents are seen as lesser dragons. Perhaps the true form these possibly former humans sought was dragon. as they populate archdragon peak and breathe fire. All they lack are wings, and maybe horns for style.
  • You can farm large titanite shards. Larger snakemen may drop titanite chunks sometimes.
  • They drop lightning gems sometimes.



Variation Name

Location Drops
Archdragon Peak (NG) ??? 1500 Titanite Chunks, Lightning Gems, ???
Archdragon Peak (NG+)
590 3000 Titanite Chunks, Lightning Gems, ???

Variation Name

Location Drops
Archdragon Peak (NG+2) 649 3300  
Archdragon Peak (NG+3) 678 3375  
Archdragon Peak (NG+4) 708 3601  
Archdragon Peak (NG+5) 767 3675  

Variation Name

Location Drops
Archdragon Peak (NG+6)      
Archdragon Peak (NG+7)      



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    • Anonymous

      07 Jan 2018 23:35  

      You should probably add some of the smaller ones can parry YOU and if they do parry you, they will attempt to eat you.

      • Anonymous

        17 Nov 2017 16:55  

        No mention of their grab attack? I think it's only the chain axe wielders that do it, but when you're standing directly behind them, they'll stretch their neck backwards and grab you in their mouth, then flail you around before smashing you to the ground. It has very little warning, and usually destroys me right off the bat, even if I don't end up being spat off a cliff.

        • Anonymous

          14 Nov 2017 21:21  

          These mother*****ers need to get fixed, at the first game i respect that they decimate you with a lightning ball, but giving a bull*****homing missile coming from *****ing mouth is just utterly pissing me off and dont get me started on the ones with *****ing chained axes tose things can ***** you up from 1,000,000 miles away the range on that *****ing chain axe is bullshit

          • Anonymous

            11 Oct 2017 03:26  

            Guys, for those who hate parrying like me and avoid it 99% of the time, the big serpent men aren’t too difficult to parry, even with a medium shield. I parried one first try with a Lothric knight shield twice for the kill, easiest kill I ever had on one of them. Wish I’d have known this way earlier...

            • Anonymous

              31 Jul 2017 01:13  

              So they can be farmed for most their gear, including Man Serpent Hatchets, Small Leather Shields, Large Titanite Shards, and lightning gems... But you'll get four of the hatchets, three titanite chunks and two lightning gems to ONE shield for some reason...

              • Anonymous

                17 Jan 2017 12:05  

                They drop lightning gems just confirmed but very rare almost as rare as farming covenent items if not more they also drop large titanite shards

                • Anonymous

                  Lightning31 Jul 2016 20:23  

                  I think it should be noted they are EXTREMELY WEAK to lightning."Weakness: Bleed, Thrust & Lightning" is misleading.

                  • Anonymous

                    Ughhh16 Jul 2016 08:52  

                    The larger versions are so ***** annoying to kill. Their attacks have super long range, they have high poise and they'll retaliate when you combo (this is even worse for a Dex builds) and can kill you in two blows (they have a greataxe hence it'll stagger you as well). Blocking is not the way to go since it'll eat up stamina like crazy. Dodging is also not the way to go since their reach is long and cover a wider area. UGHHH

                    • Anonymous

                      Item Drops20 Jun 2016 06:05  

                      I have gotten Sepentman Hatchets from the axe & shield, as well as fireball variants, large titanite from all, and I may of gotten a chunk from the axe& shield. Can anyone confirm the chunk? Been farming for a while now trying to replicate that drop...

                      • Dagger Serpent-Men03 May 2016 20:50  

                        I'd like to add that the dagger variant is capable of parrying. Was running around in NG++ in the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum, got parried by one of the two hanging out by the Titanite Scale upstairs above the bonfire. Be careful with your R1 spam.

                        • Anonymous

                          Serpents with axes28 Apr 2016 20:17  

                          Frigin giant serpents with axe are incredible annoying, they have almost infinite poise and their attacks deal insane amount of damage, died many times because of them before i finally tried to parry them. Despite them holding theirs weapon in both hands and the size of the weapon parry them is pretty easy, just wait for their charge attack with their axe raised, parry window on this attack is stupidly large(had used target shield, parried in 98% cases).

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