Starved Hound

Enemy Type Beast
Weakness Fire
Resistances None
Immune None

The Starved Hound is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Starved Hound


Relentless, rabid and fuelled by bloodlust, these hounds will avidly even chase their own shadow, stopping at nothing. Despite their thinly-graven figures, often lurking or just dimly shadowing the oblique steps of Lothric, they will shred the unwary Ashen to pieces until he or she is no more. When met in packs, starved hounds are opponents of considerable aggression, and will eagerly ambush to dire consequences.


These enemies are found in various locations throughout the game, often placed for an element of surprise. It is difficult to avoid them, particularly for new players, so it is advised to get some distance first as fighting them in packs is not recommended. Their strength lies in numbers, and fighting them singly should be somewhat easier despite their speed.


Combat Information


  • Most commonly pounces on the player, covering some distance, and bites.
  • At times, will just stand still and bark at the player.
  • The maggot belly dogs has a poisonous vomit, as well as a grab attack. You can break free from the grab by mashing R1/L1.
  • Can easily stun-lock a player without a shield and low poise. Repeating attacks cause large amounts of damage
  • They are very easily knocked away. As this can make it more difficult to kill them it is advised to use lighter weapons.
  • Very susceptible to fire damage, writhes when attacked by it.
  • Can be drawn by an Alluring Skull.
  • Immune to Rapport


Notes & Trivia

  • There are 3 skins: regular, shot full of arrows, maggot belly.
  • Maggot belly variant is only found in a small cave in between the first and second Road of Sacrifices bonfires.
  • The Irithyllian Beast-hound is another type of dog that can also inflict frostbite.


Variations & Locations

These enemies appear in the following locations, and will yield the following amounts of souls:


Location Drops
Cemetery of Ash 110 10 None
Cathedral of the Deep 211 80 None
High Wall of Lothric (small) 122 20 None
High Wall of Lothric (large) 147 40 None
Undead Settlement (small) 139 20 None
Undead Settlement (large) 167 40 None
Road of Sacrifices (small) 204 80 None
Road of Sacrifices (infested) 272 80 None
Untended Graves 450 180 None









    • I hate these things10 Oct 2016 23:05  

      Especially when wielding a mace/hammer weapon, they get tossed aside, and you have to walk up to them before they stand up.<br/>Annoying if you want a 2 hit combo...<br/><br/>Bonus points if you have the FUGs and 2 hand it, and see these skinny *****ers survive a 2 handed it.<br/>Ridiculous how everything that suppose to snap in 1 hit from a building can walk off.

      • Strategy07 Aug 2016 22:34  

        For sword wielding ones, to easily defeat them, you've got to rush to him and attack first. In that case however, you have to know the range and speed of your weapon.<br/><br/>For spear wieldind knights, the strategy is to run to their left (your right), as they will in most cases try to stab you with their spear. There is still little chance that they try to hit you with their shield first, but it should work in most cases.

        • Assholes23 Apr 2016 06:02  

          Like rats don't bother getting trade greedy hits it will only frustrate you so dispatch them with the utmost importance especially when you see an invader.

          • Kill Strat23 Apr 2016 05:51  

            Just block with a shield. They get stunned for half a second which is enough time to hit them with whatever weapon you have, which will stun them again. Rolling is okay, but they usually pick up from misses relatively quickly.

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