Silver Knight

Silver Knight wielding a silver sword

Enemy Type ??
Weakness Dark, Thrust

All physical attacks & Fire (minor resistance to Lightning).

Immune ??

Silver Knights are an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

"They are the guards of Anor Londo and the royal family. It is said that even after the family's passing, the Silver Knight continued to watch over their manor, and the Ruined Cathedral."


Combat Information

  • It is best to sprint and roll to avoid the arrows from their Greatbows, or take cover behind the environment.
  • Blocking is not advised against their Greatbow as you'll be pushed back and likely fall down.
  • A good idea to deal with them is to also use a Greatbow of your own to harrass them from a far distance.
  • They are capable of using powerful lightning attacks.
  • There is a powerful red-eyed version in Anor Londo to the right of the other two Silver Knights at the top of the stairs.
  • Immune to Rapport.




Notes & Trivia

  • Despite wielding Silver Knight Straight Sword and Silver Knight Spear as seen in Dark Souls I, in Dark Souls III they cannot be obtained.
  • Upon death, they drop two Titanite Shards at the minimum, or a Large Titanite Shard. This makes Silver Knights an ideal spot for farming shards if needed.
  • They can drop Proof of a Concord Kept, albeit it is a very rare drop.





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    • 06 Dec 2016 04:50  

      After about 10 hours of grinding with 350+ Item discovery I have gained 4 proofs, one was from one of only 4 Darkmoon Summons I got...I think From nerfed the drop rate and still has not truly fixed auto-summons.

      • 17 Nov 2016 03:53  

        Spear Dude will Fly off the Stair case, land behind or in front of you and take about an 8th of damage after prompting his charge and then running away from him and getting him off camera it's actually kinda funny =D

        • whats the deal with these guys?31 Aug 2016 07:34  

          Why do they even fight you? and why arent they going after aldrich? I mean, they're job is defending anor londo. What are they thynking? "Oh, I know our entire city has been taken over by an abyss-worshipping force, most of our citizens turned into slaves, and our god is being devoured by an abomination of dark magic, but we really ought to focus on that guy who is trying to destroy said abomination of dark magic, kill the leader of the army which occupies our fair city, and is trying to link the fire. CLEARLY they are the most dangerous threat here!"<br/><br/>I mean they arent hollowed or anything right? they arent even human. SHouldnt they be helping you?

          • Easy souls05 Jul 2016 03:55  

            I found an easier way to kill the red eyed silver knight at anor londo, if your like me and are here but dont really have the power to kill these silver knights then farming them for souls can be a bit of a challenge. But i found that if from the bonefire you shoot the red eye silver knight he will run to the ledge and stare at you. Then just shoot him in the head and he will stagger back.he should then try to run at you and walk straight off of the edge. You wont get the items but you'll get the souls!

            • Armor time24 Jun 2016 16:40  

              I was farming for about 30 min and my luck is 7 and I got all armor plus almost another set 3 sheilds and 5 proof of concord kept so if your lucky it might take you a shorter time like me<br/>

              • Patch23 Jun 2016 09:28  

                Is it me or since the 10th june patch, the silver knights (of Anor Londo) are stronger ? Now they seem to know how to use their shield and they are harder to backstab. Maybe this famous farming spot was made harder.

                • Encounter advice.10 Jun 2016 05:10  

                  After countless battles against those guys for love (and Miracle) of Lady Yorshka, I have found out their main weakness: Greatswords. <br/><br/>Silver Knights are skilful enemies who leave no room for mistake. If they stun-lock you, pray for mercy. But they won't slap you in the face if you make them flinch beforehand, right? Moreover, you must sustain your stun, as these contenders have very good and swift recovery from being stun-locked. <br/><br/>For that purpose, light weapons (read: strightswords, rapiers, etc." will not work as intended. You will still have an ability to stun the Knight, but with every second-third hit. In between those hits you might consider dodging any incoming attacks, otherwise you are as good as dead. Ultra-heavy weapons won't work either, taking into consideration their attack speed. That being said, one must find the golden mean.<br/><br/>That golden mean is the Greatsword class. You will stun the Knight with every strike. They will recover after second-third hit, but you can force through that window and deal the killing blow. Try to use Hollowslayer Greatsword: it is swift, consumes less stamina in comparison to other Greatswords, deals high damage and stun-lock Silvers for days. In NG++ said Greatsword at 60/60 Str/Dex build is capable of killing a Knight with 4 hits, leaving for them no opportunity to strike back.<br/><br/>P.S: Silvers are weak to Dark, but it won't make them flinch more. Be wary.

                  • Two things28 May 2016 06:08  

                    They are weaker than unpatched they lightningstrike can now be canceled<br/><br/>And am i the only one that happens <br/><br/>Speardude uses his charge when i get hit by him i heal myself and he charges again heal charge he only charges at first sight and a distance when healing

                    • Are all attacks parryable?18 May 2016 05:32  

                      I've been farming the first 2 silver knights in anor londo bonfire for quite a while now. There's one with a spear and one with a sword. The spear one i always manage to parry with ease but i haven't been able to parry the sword user's over head attack that's charged with lightning, i always get only partial parries from it. I've been wondering if it's concidered as a jump attack since it kinda dashes and leaps on you. Have you been able to parry this attack?

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