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    • 19 Dec 2016 06:00  

      i know this could be quite time consuming but heres an effective way of gaining data to work out the calculations necessary. after a certain point in game, you can infuse any gem in to a compatible weapon. you can also reinforce all weapons with certain materials which can eventualy all be bought from the shrine handmaiden. a useful thing with upgrades is that it TELLS you what stats the weapon will have AFTER the upgrade and what it currently has next to it. by this realization, before reinforcing a weapon, check what all the stats would be if you were to infuse any gem, then reinforce it ONCE and ONLY ONCE, then check those stats and then check the stats if you were to infuse every gem now. If i can have a point of contact with someone, and a few weeks to test everything i can come back with data and correct calculations for AR. otherwise, take a few weeks off work, gather one of every weapon and get to it. farming covenant items can result in large numbers of gems being dropped by enemies (farmed wolfs blood swordgrass, gained 50 poison gems in that time)

      • 31 Oct 2016 15:02  

        Both this and battlecalculator are wrong. Do not use them. The only one that I found to be reliable for me to compare refine vs hollow builds was

        It is the only one that matches AR for me with in-game.

        • This is outdated18 Sep 2016 23:08  

          The damage values for some weapons are not correct; e.g. the Dragonslayer Axe Raw says it does 225 Physical at +10, while the actual page says it's 262... and This calculator says 180 lightning damage, when it is actually 210 on the page. What the *****?

          • Since i can't access the bug reporting then i will just say what's happened here.26 Jul 2016 04:33  

            Brigand Twindaggers are not working. I have selected the stats, infusion, reinforcement etc but when i click calculate nothing shows up. I have been clicking and waiting for 5mins now and still nothing.

            • Weapon Scaling26 Apr 2016 16:10  

              Can someone please explain (in detail) how the weapon scaling affects your damage. Does split scaling (D/B) scale based on both or just the higher stats gets the scaling?

              • Weapons26 Apr 2016 14:05  

                Sharp uchigatana +10 rips. I have 60 Dex and 20 str and the hollowslayer greatsword +5 melts everyone in PvP and is great for PvE also. Warden twin blades are another good PvP weapon. Scimitars get A scaling and if made sharp I believe an S, will have to check other references. The pontiff Knight great scythe is cool but you need to hit with the blade for real damage. If your slightly off/too close you will hit with the hilt and there's damage reduction you will suffer, trash weapon imo. Katanas, curved swords and daggers all scale great with Dex and have high DPS. I'd aim for those.

                • highest ar25 Apr 2016 14:39  

                  rollin a strength build and while im still early in the game (just bought it on friday) I would like to know what weapon has the highest ar so i can inflict massive damage upon my enemies

                  • Amusing19 Apr 2016 20:26  

                    How do you lot managed to write anything coherent, except for a few, I am between amusement and pity. It is like hearing a room full of asylum inmates. Back to the question at hand! I have no idea what is best, the game really is not that hard with enough planning and patience, I am sure anything beyond that is just min maxing.

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