NPCs in Dark Souls 3 are covered on this page . Many of these non-playable characters offer services as Merchants and others feature intricate sidequests and story lines.  Initially, in the Firelink Shrine players will find a Fire Keeper tending to a bonfire who will serve players on their long and arduous journey. Players will find other characters inhabiting the shrine including Hawkwood, an Unkindled and fugitive from Farron's Undead Legion, along with a peculiar looking man sitting on one of the thrones in the shrine calling himself Ludleth of Courland.

Please see the Side Quests page for an overview of how NPC questlines interact with each other.

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    • Anonymous

      31 Jul 2017 08:19  

      There is one is missing, he is inside the cage, and you can find him while you are going to meet Holy Knight Hodrick behind the houses.

      • Anonymous

        04 Apr 2017 02:30  

        There is also a pygmy that wants to betray the others in the last DLC, he's right before the bonfire where the demons drop you in the Ringed City. He didn't appear in all of my playthroughs, though. I don't know what the trigger is but I went there as early as possible from the Ariandel bonfire and I didn't initiate the lord of hollows questline.

        • Anonymous

          02 Apr 2017 22:13  

          I just reloaded my game to a character that just finished new game. I went into both DLCs to get the first bonefires. Then I went back to firelink to respec the character and all the NPCs but FireKeeper/Blacksmith/OldHag Vendor are all gone. Do they move into the DLC I assume?

          • Anonymous

            30 Mar 2017 01:48  

            What about that NPC you meet right after you get brought to the Ringed City? The one on the ground right before the First encounter with the Judicator.

            • Anonymous

              19 Feb 2017 06:19  

              Who could forget orange Mitchell? He linked the first fire. He became the first dark lord. He soloed the entire game. The best deprived. He fought the crystal lizards. He became the best mercenary through sheer force of will. He was the first sunbro. He shines more incandescently than Solaire. Scc British magic school. He was an all around sexy boi and founded the way of orange, which has become the new dominate religion.

              • Anonymous

                02 Feb 2017 08:25  

                I beat dks3 4 times and I very often look for little secrets and attempt to get every item, but I somehow missed Karla all 4 times. Must be that location, I like to get the hell past those damn jailers asap xD

                • Anonymous

                  18 Jan 2017 09:37  

                  Someone needs to add the first Corvian npc that is in the cave with you when you get transferred into the first area of the dlc.

                  • Anonymous

                    Sadness22 Sep 2016 01:14  

                    onion bro got knocked off the edge when fighting the demon in undead settlement is there anything i can do to progress his story?

                    • Anonymous

                      look out for troll post peoples02 Aug 2016 03:07  

                      the guy in the cage at undead settlement is part of a dlc if you guys must know

                      • Anonymous

                        The Sleepy Sorceress19 Jun 2016 03:38  

                        An Invading NPC that sometimes spawns in Anor Londo, if you're invaded go to the fog door before the Aldrich fight and she will have a fire reisen infront of her you can pick up. You can either ignore her after that or kill her since you are heartless scum, you're alerted of her possible spawn via a message regarding a Dark Phantom ahead, but trying love. The sign is found near the Anor Londo bonfire before the silver knights.

                        • How about the seedling tree30 May 2016 14:53  

                          since the covenant "" npcs "" that dont talk i.e. farron wolf are considered i dont see why the tree which gives the seeds after your invaded periodically *or however it works* which you interact with isnt a "npc" but i suppose it could be under classification same to that of estus soup, idk just throwing that out there.

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