Covenants in Dark Souls 3 allow the player to ally with certain factions within the game to gain access to special items, abilities, or mechanics, especially during online play. To join a Covenant, the player character must equip one of several Covenant insignias discovered throughout Lothric. Select one of the links below for more detailed information regarding each Covenant.





The Matchmaking Formula is Covenant Dependent:

Co-op Sign Summons A : Host's Level
Upper: A * 1.1 + 10
Lower: A * 0.9 - 10
Remarks: Also affects Warrior of Sunlight and Mound Makers
Way of Blue (Auto) B : Host's Level
Upper: B * 1.1 + 10
Lower: B * 0.9 - 10
Remarks: Affects Blue Sentinels and Blades of the Darkmoon
PvP Dark Spirit Invasion C : Invader Level
Upper: C * 1.1 + 20
Lower: C * 0.9
Remarks: Red Eye Orb, etc
Mound Maker Invasion D : Invader Level
Upper: D * 1.15 + 20
Lower: D * 0.9
Remarks: Mound Makers
Covenant Invasion (defend territory) E : Host Level
Upper: E * 1.1
Lower: E * 0.8 - 20

Summary of Covenant Rewards


All Covenants Video Location;


    • 28 Mar 2017 15:18  

      Covenant just sucks big time compared DS1. Lore wise, reward wise, mechanic wise. Covenant in DS1 have different purpose

      Forest Hunter for group PVP. Blade darkmoon to avenge anyone that kill sun goddess waifu. Gravelord servant if you want more great PVP interaction by become miniboss in the game. Path of Dragon i you want rewarded fair duel 1vs1. Sunlight covenant for co-op and helping people. And more

      • 27 Mar 2017 23:04  

        So we got 3 area defender covenants, 2 identical host defender covenants, and no dragon covenant replacement. Does FromSoft just hate people who do pvp or what?

        • 25 Mar 2017 11:28  

          ahhhhh ****** i ONLY need darkmoon blade for dark souls 3 100% trophy :( but IMPOSSIBLE it took 3 hour for being summoned in dat covenant and it took 2 hours to farm ONE of them :| MAY THE SUNBRO GUIDE YOUR WAAAAAAAAAY

          • 22 Feb 2017 00:52  

            Is there any way that I can change the appearance of my character without joining Rosario's fingers? I really want to join the Warriors of sunlight but I realize that I had made a mistake when making my character's appearance. Maybe you can give her the pale tongues without joining the Covenant or you can quit a covenant and join another one?

            • 18 Dec 2016 06:56  

              Brief offline farming guide: \n Warriors of sunlight - you want Sunlight Medals - from Lothric castle bonfire, kill the lothric knight in this room, i use crystal soul spear to kill him in 2 hits. <- not sure if the 4 knights outside the lothric boss fight room drop sunlight medals, if they do, this would be a better spot. \n Dark Moon Blade - Proof of a concord kept - silver knights drop these, they can be found in anor londo and just below anor londo on the roof platforms. the ones below anor londo have giant bows to be cautious. \n Rosarias fingers - Pale Tongues - these can be farmed from darkwraiths. two places id recommend for this, the first is outside the abyss watchers boss room. there are also several ghrus here (perfect for wolfs blood swordgrass), start from the perimter bonfire, run to the arch but dont go through, wait for the wraiths to kill the ghrus and kill off the wraiths when they are weak, by waiting for the ghrus to die, you also have a good shot and getting lots of wolfs blood swordgrass. \n Watch Dogs of Farron - wolfs blood swordgrass - as previously mentioned, outside abyss watchers, kill all the ghrus \n Mound Makers - vertebra shackles - those horrible duel sword or sword and shield wielding skeletons in the catacombs drop these, not too often either. the easiest way to farm these would be to start at the catacombs bonfire, run back past the big ball of s*** and kill the 2 skeletons down the tunnel. quite difficult as they move fast, hit faster and it is as if they are wearing the ring that obscures rolling. have fun with this one. \n Aldrich faithful - Human dregs - easiest and fastest way to offline farm these is, from the pontiff bonfire, go up the elevator shortcut and kill all the deacons on this floor. there are about 9 here, using all the items to boost item discovery, i managed to attain 30 in a short space of time. \n Obviously the fastest way to earn ANY of the items is by playing online, but sometimes internet goes down, or youve just started a new build and your getting used and abused. other enemies do drop these items but the weaker the enemy the more scarce the drops are. use all items to boost item discovery (crystal sages rapier, gold serpent ring, symbol of avarice, rusted coins - NOTE: wielding TWO crystal sages rapier stacks with every other item boosting item, resulting in +100 for both rapiers equiped)

              • 28 Nov 2016 10:47  

                Im starting a covenant. Its called Gank Squad. We're a bunch if chugging ganking losers who have nothing better to do than run a constantly summon more gankers.

                • 27 Nov 2016 18:12  

                  The Fallen Legion is still recruiting
                  the rest of the info is lower in the page but I will add some of the stuff I missed up here, hanks to the new club system on xbox you will no longer need to speak to me directly to enter, just request to join and then you can ask questions in the chat, add your acomplishments to the feed so I can get you your rewards I promised (again, they wont be revealed until you get them). I'm not sure if I mentioned the basic uniform but here it is elite knight helm and rest is fallen knight (hands can be swapped with outrider or black knight if you would like) and there are 3 weapons you have in your right hand for this setup (twin princes in right 1 [if you cant get it for any reason tell me {I have a few lying around :p}])

                  • 20 Nov 2016 13:00  

                    Most of the covenant rewards are not even worth it, and then blue sentinels and blades of the Darkmoon share the same rewards and should have been 1 single covenant

                    • 07 Nov 2016 19:38  

                      Here is the lore on my Shadow Walker Legion player covenant:

                      We all know of the tale of Sir Artorias the Abyss-Walker, and how he was bested by an unknown warrior but what we don't know was what happened to him after he fell. We all thought he just perished later but in reality, his soul split up into small fragments across the land. From the souls were born the first Shadow-Walkers. These warriors would take up Artorias' role at eradicating the Abyss but as they were also born from the tainted side of Artorias, they would be able to do something that his master could not. They would be able to traverse the Abyss without the need of a ring or pact. These warriors seemed to be the perfect object for countering the Abyss but even still, a group of 3000 would still not be able to cease all Abyssal activity. Thus the Shadow-Walkers decided to train undead into becoming Abyss-fighting Machines. This is where the Undead Legion and their Abyss Watchers would form. As the Undead Legion would be busy forming a proper military strategy and fighting the Abyss, the Shadow-Walkers would slowly be forgotten and they would be combatting the Abyss in the shadows without anyone noticing them. Now with an even larger group you would think that this would be enough to stop the Abyss? Well, as the no-one in the Undead Legion is born from the Abyss, they would be easily corrupted and the Legion would be destined to fall. This became true once the Legion's Abyss Watchers became lords of cinder and the wolf's blood that was given to them by the Shadow-Walkers dried up. The forest of Farron would be poisoned and rotted and the Abyss would be left without anyone checking it. This is where 2 covenants were formed the Watchdogs of Farron and the Shadow-Walker Legion. While the Watchdogs would guard the sanctity of sleeping warriors from ANYONE that would dare enter, the Shadow-Walker Legion would finally come out of hunting in the shadows and hunt in the presence of others, without any care. But in this time, the Abyss has evolved into what we now know as gankers. So now, the Shadow-Walker Legion must eradicate all gankers whoever and wherever they may be.

                      The End!

                      • 03 Nov 2016 06:25  

                        Alright, I'll just give an idea for a covenant.
                        How about a covenant completely focused about Astora?

                        Just anything that is related to Astora, like the Elite Knight Set or Astora Straight Sword / Greatsword.

                        • 02 Nov 2016 19:25  

                          Shadow Walker Legion

                          .Must be SL 130 (SL 135 maximum for mages)
                          .Right Hand Weapon is recommended that it is Farron Related (Old Wolf Curved Sword, Wolf Knight Greatsword) unless you're a mage
                          .Uniform is Wolf Knight Armour
                          .Left Hand has to be used for parrying and no blocking (buckler, caestus, parrying dagger)
                          .Main gesture is Legion Etiquette
                          .Character must be named Legion ____

                          This covenant's goal is to help ANYONE that is being outnumbered whether it be a solo host from Bloodshades or a fellow invader from ganking phantoms.

                          The lore in short is:
                          We are born from the soul of Artorias the Abysswalker and are meant to continue his role of protecting the innocent from the Abyss but this time, the Abyss has evolved through time into what we now know as gankers.

                          To protect people from the Abyss we must invade using the red eye orb. Next we must analyse the situation and see which person is being outnumbered. Then you go in for the kill.

                          Our motto is: Tactical Superiority Triumphs All!

                          If you invade another Shadow Walker then you must have a "Walkers Duel" which is basically a duel except that the loser has to give something to the winner after death. (Which means creating a password just so he can join your game again).

                          We are a PS4 only covenant and the covenant leader is Lorindia (BeastHunter20915)
                          Message me if you have any questions.

                          • 28 Oct 2016 02:29  

                            Me and my friends are making a covenant called the last watchers which as in the name is basically based around the abyss watchers
                            .Must wear the undead legion helm any other armor can be worn with this
                            .All invasions will be in the road of sacrifices, cathedral of the deep, or irithyll
                            .Farron great sword and the wolf knight swords musts be used as primary weapons but any other weapons may be used as a secondary
                            .If not invading you help players with aldrich or any other abyss related boss.
                            .we are ps4 and pc covenant
                            .If you encounter an aldrich faithfull you must stop at nothing to eliminate them
                            .Magics used will be pyromancies and hexes

                            Ps. We are different from the watchdogs we are watchers who noticed the corruption in our ranks and chose to leave to survive
                            Pss. Contact me on ps4 my username is dapperblook64

                            • 26 Oct 2016 23:13  

                              Fallen Legion (XB1)

                              are you, like us a player who wishes to protect those who get outnumbered and decipated by cheap tricks in the upper ranks?

                              then please message me, BARRONESS RUKIA and together we shall slay the unjust!

                              if you made it this far you may be interested, here are a few rules/tactis
                              1. never invade and kill a fellow legionnaire unless they are a rival of some sort
                              2. the uniform is fallen knight set, but with elite knight helm for a standard legionnaire
                              3. the weapons: this changes across classes but the one thing that's consistant is the twin princes greatsword in right hand one
                              4. be at least semi honourable, never mess with fightclub worlds
                              ask me directly for more info at BARRONESS RUKIA seya for now

                              • 24 Oct 2016 10:56  

                                Alright boyos, onion covenant. "Onion ____"
                                Wear onion helm.
                                Lore- we really like onions and invade people who don't like them to show them how great onions are

                                • 23 Oct 2016 00:01  

                                  Anyone know if you can trade covenant progression items ( Shackles, Pale Tongues)? I'm having waaaaay too much fun being a Purpal but still want to get the achievements for getting all the spells.

                                  • ASTORA KNIGHTS08 Oct 2016 12:53  

                                    I guess everyone wants to make his own covenant now.So what about this 1) Wear elite knight chest or entire set 2) Use astora greatsword 3) Invade and spam rolling attack or charge attack at gankers 4) Never gank a solo host except if he's trying to summon more phantoms 5) Silent resolve is our gesture. 6) NEVER GANK WHILE HELPING. This is just an idea i had so if you are interest you can like ,tell your friends and begin i suppose? Feel free to ask any questions.

                                    • Fallen Knights04 Oct 2016 09:17  

                                      On Xbox One. Must wear Fallen Knight set. Any weapon is permitted for use. Any shield is permitted for use. Must be level 150 or higher. Noje33 is the leader a.k.a. Rilok. Contact Noje at

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