Blades of the Darkmoon is a Covenant in Dark Souls 3.Blades of the Darkmoon


A silver pendant depicting the Darkmoon and a sword, the crest of the Darkmoon Knights, the original Blue Sentinels. Equip to pledge oneself to the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant.

When a member of the Way of Blue faces a dark spirit, the Blades of the Darkmoon, by an ancient accord, help to root out the invader. Summoning takes place automatically when equipped."


Blades of the Darkmoon Information



  • You must obtain the item: Blades of the Darkmoon and equip it.
  • It is located in Anor Londo, at a tower accessed by walking over an invisible path from the rotating platform. The rotating stairs can be in any position. If it is at the top (allowing access to Anor Londo) go to the bottom of the stairs, and if it's at the bottom go to the top. There's a bonfire on a platform of the tower directly in front of you on the broken path, just walk through the air straight ahead of the platform exit. Do not deviate from the path until you are perpendicular to the bonfire, then go 90° to your right, and you will land safely next to the bonfire. (There are invisible walls around the walkway so you cannot actually fall down at the wrong place.) (video location)


August 5th : You can be summoned easily with SL 160

Effects of covenant

  • The covenant is identical in function to the Blue Sentinels, with an additional rivalry with the Aldrich Faithful.
  • Defeating invaders will sometimes give a Proof of a Concord Well Kept instead of a regular concord (drop requirements currently unknown). These cannot be cashed in directly at Yorshka, but using them will "split" them into two Proof of a Concord Kept.
  • Blades of the Darkmoon are only summoned in response to players who invaded by using a Red Eye Orb. Hostile players who were summoned through red or white signs, or who invaded using the Aldrich Faithful or Watchdog of Farron covenant items, do not cause Darkmoons to be summoned.
  • Dark moon phantom color is dark blue.
  • If the Host of Embers enters a boss room, the Blade of the Darkmoon will be rewarded with a Proof of a Concord Kept and be returned to their world. It seems to not work on optionals or mid-bosses.
  • If the invader returns home, or is killed by the spear throwing giant in Irithyll of Boreal Valley, the Blade of the Darkmoon will NOT be rewarded a Proof of a Concord Kept. However, they will still get the same victory message.
  • It is possible to be summoned to Archdragon Peak if the host is fighting one of the NPC summons of the lizard-men there.
  • If the host summons any reds/purples through the use of red soapstones (instead of white), then the Blades cannot be summoned.
  • Note that summoning will prioritize the area that you are in, but will summon you anywhere after an indeterminate amount of time has passed.
  • If you start an NG+ game you CAN be summoned to maps (& bonfires) you didn't unlock/reach yet through your second playthrough (tested on NG+).
  • The Matchmaking Formula is Covenant Dependent:
    Condition Min Max
    Summoning a White Phantom, Warrior of Sunlight, Mound-Maker or no covenant Host - 10 - (Host * 0.1) Host + 10 + (Host * 0.1)
    Defending Summons of: Blade of the Darkmoon or Blue Sentinels Host - 20 - (Host * 0.2) Host + (Host * 0.1)

Rank Requirements

Ranks are obtained by offering obtained Proof of a Concord Kept items to Company Captain Yorshka. These can be acquired by being summoned with the Covenant item equipped and defeating players (one given for each invader banished, so to stay in the host's world and farm you may wish to keep one invader alive) OR by defeating Silver Knights, as they have a small chance to drop them (approx 1 in 30).

Rank Requirement Rewards
0 Initial None
1 10 Darkmoon Ring (Grants 2 additional attunement slots.)
2 30 Darkmoon Blade (Miracle)




Covenant: Blade of the Darkmoon

Discover Blade of the Darkmoon covenant.Bronze Trophy





    • 17 Mar 2017 11:54  

      ive been summoned a few times where the host will encourage the invader and watch the fight. if i lose the host will teabag me or punk my corpse. WTF is up with this bullshit? little children getting their jollies? this *****ing game ant the children... *****ing hell. how can you plan on having your friend invade you? is this what is happening?

      • 17 Mar 2017 07:00  

        Anor Londo has always been my go to farming spot so whenever I am summoned by a blade I give them 5 proofs as a lil gift. I currently have 75 of them...

        • 08 Mar 2017 07:39  

          I'm going to say that the info is wrong here. Many many many times when I invade as an Aldritch Faithful do a Darkmoon Blade or Blue Sentinel get summoned in after like 5-10 mins. Possibly even Watch Dogs summon in the Blades when way of the blue player is attacked.

          • 05 Mar 2017 15:20  

            Can I get summoned without an invader in present?
            Here is something I met today: I was doing my NG++ run in the Cathedral and suddenly got summoned as a blade ( which is pretty rare too). Then when I am in the Grand Archives of the host's world I find out she is waiting for me near the bonfire. I walked around and find no sign of invaders and the host is not fighting anything either. So we decided to progress through the area and still, no any signs of invasions. I ended up helping the host clearing the area and escorted her into the Lothric bossfight. I think this is kind of weird cuz there is no other players than my host during the entire course of my summon.

            • 01 Mar 2017 06:06  

              According to reddit apparently there's a thing where newer accounts will take bluebro summoning in priority??

              If that's true what a stupid system >=T

              • 25 Jan 2017 21:17  

                Removed the long-standing myths about Aldrich Faithful always dropping well-kept concords. Results could not be consistently reproduced.

                • 19 Jan 2017 10:28  

                  On pc and I try to help blues get summons at sl70 plus 5 boss weapon at grand archives by invading or being invading and waiting til blue is summoned. If you need help on pc go there.

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