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    • 03 Feb 2017 05:19  

      Brand new to dark souls. Lvl 65 knight strength dex build but starting to beef up my pyromancy skills. Just making my way through the Cathedral of the deep loving the game.

      • 19 Dec 2016 12:02  

        Is high soul level pvp dead or is there a new place i do not know about? I've tried to invade pretty much every place i could think of having a lot pvp going on; (Irythill, Road of Sacrifice, Undead Matches) and yet, i could find one living soul. So, i was thinking, am i banned? I tried to invade with my other characters at sl 100-180, and that worked just fine. So, my question is; can a character you've created be banned from multiplayer? I am not asking if your account can be banned, i am asking if a specific character you have created can be banned? If so, how can i fix this? (I have played 10 in game hours, but no white circlet has appeared. That is where my second question comes in; Do i have to play 10 in game hours on the banned character? If you guys have any answers, please let me know, i really love playing with others on that character. Thank you for your attention

        • 25 Oct 2016 18:07  

          Hey everybody!
          So after or during multiple playthroughs of Dark Souls 3 I was thinking that there are a few enemies that could fit into Bloodborne,
          whether it is for their look, the whole design or how they could maybe fit into the lore and in which way.
          For example the Monstrosity of Sin which can be found inside the building in the poisonous water area in the Profaned Capital.
          This enemy has loads of eyes on his "head" or "face" which is actually a big ass hand with 7 or 8 fingers (maybe more) and
          these eyes are the reason why I was thinking about the Nightmare of Mensis.
          So I decided to record some monsters to finally make a video about ranking 12 Dark Souls 3 enemies, how they fit into
          Bloodborne and why.
          Feedback and your opinion on the video, the ranking and how these enemies fit into Bloodborne
          would be great and is appreciated. Thank you!

          here's the video:

          • Something new from a noob02 Oct 2016 02:10  

            I have a friend who's starting a Youtube career. Or trying to. And his first game is Dark Souls 3, which... he's not terrible at. I'd like to see him get some support. <br/><br/><br/><br/>Also forgive him for trying to name himself Artorias, he only slightly loves the guy.

            • Nameless king01 Oct 2016 09:44  

              I'm having a pretty tough time beating this boss, every other boss is defeated and game is beat. Now I'm going for the trophies so I was wondering if I should start journey 2 or beat him first?

              • échange14 Sep 2016 07:49  

                Bonjour, Cela fait 5 h que je te farme des Gravewarden Squelette et il mon tout l'achée Sauf l'espadon Carthus Curved Espadon .(Et ses pour sa que je les farme a la base) .Mais dans un autre de mais conte j'en possède un. Je fait appel a une âme charitable de bien vouloirs Prendre l'espadon de mon conte "rixe d'oak et de me le rendre sur le conte rixe . Je suis prés a donnée une âme de bosse. <br/>

                • échange d'un conte a un autre conte14 Sep 2016 07:30  

                  Bonjour, cela fait 5 h que je farme des Gravewarden Squelette et il mon tout l'aché sauf une Carthus Curved Greatsword ( de base ses pour sa que je le farme) .Et donc vue que dans un autre de mais conte j'en possède une . Je fait appel a une âme charitable de bien vouloirs prendre l'espadon de mon conte A pour le me le rendre sur le conte B. Je suis prés a donnée une âme de boss.<br/> :svp:

                  • aldrich NG+802 Sep 2016 12:34  

                    looking for people to help on Xbox One with this boss i cant beat because im mental. my name on the game is implore and the password is p918.<br/>put summon sign at the boss door please!!<br/>

                    • Sirris quest line not working for me25 Jul 2016 14:25  

                      soo i wanted to complete sirris quest line to get a ring that she gives but i figured out i cant cuz i joined and gave rosaria a pale tongue so i advanced to new game + hoping that i can complete sirris quest without talking to rosaria or giving her any pale tongue but i done the steps and its not working.........

                      • Dupe17 Jul 2016 12:00  

                        Need som1 to dupe all items ingame in DS3 PS4<br/><br/>I need from u:<br/>Ur time (U need to dupe me all souls and weps to 600x)<br/><br/>U get:<br/>Every item ingame that can b traded exept skelleton shield (Dun hav)<br/><br/>U need:<br/>Time<br/>Mic<br/>Eng/De only<br/><br/>Add: Ludex--Gundyr

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