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Excel Sheet: All Equipment & Spell Checklist

    • 20 Nov 2017 18:58  

      I don't know why there isn't a mod for showing all the weapons that you've equipped. That would be awesome.
      They should be visible. This bothered me... :(

      • Anonymous

        16 Sep 2017 22:51  

        New PvP build that's been working great for me: Chaos infused lothric knight sword + dragon head shield. I typically use the fire clutch ring but I also use it on a very high level character. The straight sword is of course quick and gives you a great move set, the shield gives you offensive abilities with the weapon art, which can hyper armor through smaller weapons and provide stun lock to combo into other attacks. Give it a try let me know what you think.

        • Anonymous

          12 Mar 2017 05:00  

          Bishop of hollows
          •lorians crown
          •black knight armor
          •black gauntlets
          •mourn's leggings
          •onyx blade or corvina great scythe
          •caestus or Llewellen
          •great shield of glory or black knight shield

          • Anonymous

            06 Nov 2016 04:45  

            Someone should also add a Talisman page for those interested. I noticed that this only lists Chimes where as Talismans are only in the Weapons list and not here.

            • Anonymous

              Dex Build14 Aug 2016 18:14  

              I wanted to try a build that goes mostly for Dexterity, with some Strength added in. I also decided that I'd use twin swords and a short bow, similar to the Black Hand Kamui NPC. What do you guys think would be the best choice in twin blades, considering I'll try to land a few quick hits before backing away and shooting with the bow?

              • Anonymous

                Weapons , Armor and Spells Problems04 May 2016 04:32  

                Okay well guys im assuming most of you guys have played DS1 and DS2 and i love DS3 put over 130 hours into this game and keep coming for more however, All of this games items loot nearly all gear has just been carried over From DS1 and DS2 and yeah well i loved them Armor sets feels like they could of added alot more Same goes for weapons and Spells there's not much really new this time around and it's alot more forgettable and less interesting then the last few games . if this game is truly the last game in the series then i can't help but feel disappointed in the lack of New Gear and Game idea's/ New Mechanics e.g They could of made the areas much more open and vast but while also keeping tight spots maybe include an optional horse to travel these huge a co-op would make more sense there then now DS3 Stuck on boss learn it's fight NAH just summon a mate in if that don't work summon 2 more Maybe include actual bosses that require more people not just an easy why to win

                • Anonymous

                  Missing?13 Apr 2016 19:18  

                  Many of these links the lists are actually missing a bunch of items that are searchable and are able to be located using this website.

                  • Question about wearing armor or equipment that you do not have the stat reqs for...02 Apr 2016 02:00  

                    If I were to say for example wear the shield of want which increases souls gained upon each kill but I don't have the stat requirements for it as there obviously is a red X on the shield icon. If I were to equip it anyways would I still gain the bonus amount of souls from its effect?

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