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Dark Sous 3 is an action RPG developed by FromSoftware and published internationally by Bandai Namco.

Dark Souls 3

  • Developer: From Software
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Entertainment
  • Platforms: Playsation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Release Date: March 24th 2016 (JP) April 12th 2016 (International)

Forum Discussions




    • Anonymous

      28 Oct 2017 11:59  

      Just doing a Gael no bonfire run. Epic! Brings back the adrenalin. Invasions matter, bottomless pits matter. Death matter. If you are a bored veteran this will be your thing.

      • Anonymous

        17 Oct 2017 22:27  

        I know it's not canon but I like to imagine that behind the destroyed archstone in Demon's Souls, the Dark Souls universe began. The land of giants. The land of Gwyn and his dynasty and that's the reason why we still have fog gates. Instead of "flame gates" or whatever would be more fitting.

        • Anonymous

          23 Sep 2017 18:13  

          You'll remember most of the time the bad and stressfull moments but isn't DS3 also about companionship, fighting together side by side and making new friends? Some say "Cancer community" Thats BS. Look at this wiki how people in trouble get help. We are an ok-, I would even say a fine community. Stop the self hate. Enjoy the game and the people playing it WITH you.

          • Anonymous

            23 Sep 2017 04:14  

            i want to make a char to annoy people out, in the very beginning, lvl 15 is a good lvl to invade people at lothric wall?

            • Anonymous

              Dark Souls 3 Wiki [DKS3 Wiki]01 Sep 2017 20:55  

              Ah, the Dark Souls experience. It has its highs, it has its lows, but mostly it has moments that induce blind, white-hot, frothing fury...

              • Anonymous

                09 Aug 2017 14:50  

                Dark Souls 3 has a new TUMBLE BUFF GLITCH. for ps4 and the editors are not doing a another patch on the game. so message me on ps4 if you want to know. User ShadowWarrior993

                • Anonymous

                  08 Aug 2017 07:02  

                  One thing that would be nice is the ability to use a Gmail account, I am NOT going to make another account just to make ANOTHER F***ING ACCOUNT! Please make it so we Gmail users can create an account with you, this not being able to use Gmail is just annoying.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Aug 2017 19:56  

                    I don't think Soul veterans will get much out of 3. It's a bit of everything of the Soulborne series but nothing really new. It has it's unique charme, it can stand on it's feet. But its better suited for DS newcomers than for veterans. Of which the majority I have the feeling only bought this game to follow the pvp train.

                    • 02 Aug 2017 18:43  

                      He invaded for me and Halflight is dead, also I wasn't embered, all of the ringed city invaders invaded me without me embering, also I don't understand why so many people have trouble with him, his weapon art doesn't roll catch, and I was in NG+4, didn't even know he was there and had no estus left and killed him no probs, if he's really that hard then I suggest gut's greatsword lightning buff with 40/40/50 STR/DEX/FAITH for 756 AR because that's what I had

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Jul 2017 06:23  

                        I have a questionable that nobody has yet been able to answer, how the ***** does ladder combat work? I get it, no stamina, you get hit, you fall but what I don't understand is whilst I was invading in pontiff a host retreated down the longest ladder in lothric and I went down after him, I slid into him + kicked him FIVE times, no effect, he punches me once and bam I'm dead. I have 40 endurance + ring of favor +3. So how the ***** do you win a ladder fight?

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