PvP Builds that have been created by Dark Souls 3 players, designed for Player vs. Player combat. Feel free to share and add yours to help other people, or to simply show off your awesome creativity! You can add your build to the table below as well as make your own Wiki page for it. There is a seperate page for PvE builds.

The current soul level meta for PvP is up for debate, but popular opinion and aggregate data (Straw Poll) show that the majority of players generally accept a meta that begins at soul level 120 and ends around soul level 150, though tournaments and organized events may have their own more concrete limits. Optimal PvP matchmaking therefore would be anywhere between soul levels 120 through 150, with soul levels 130 through 140 being the most optimal.

Currently, the most popular location for "Fight Clubs" is in Anor Londo; on the balcony directly after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bossfight. There are a few other community-favourite areas for fight clubs as well, one of which being the first High Wall of Lothic bonfire (although this area is mostly for players either in or ready for NG+), and another being the Kiln of the First Flame bonfire. These areas are at risk for containing "gank squads" though (groups of players waiting to kill would-be PvPers), so the Hollow Arena is a safer choice if you wish to avoid them.

Disclaimer: Builds listed here aren't necessarily well-made nor always created by their claimants. Anyone can post builds of varying effectiveness fitting various playstyles. Use your brain when browsing and don't expect these builds to be min-maxed or optimized, for general usage or your own playstyle. Also please note, the current meta and location for fightclubs are subject to change with the dynamic of the community.


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PvP Builds

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Build Name Name of Creator Soul Level Starting Class Burial Gift Preferred Primary and Secondary Weapons Brief Description

Darkmoon Ronin

Sunlight Priestess

Moonlight Enigma

Blackflame Forlorn

Branded Swordsman


1 1 0

1 1 0

1 1 0

1 1 0

1 0 0







Divine Blessing


Fire Gem


Black Blade & Dragonrider Bow
Pyromancy Flame )

Onikiri & Ubadachi & Falcon Shield
Saint's Talisman )

Moonlight Greatsword & Caestus
Darkmoon Longbow )

The Onyx Blade & Caestus
Pyromancer's Parting Flame )

Greatsword & Pyromancy Flame
Chaos Bed Vestiges )

Alexander                   Strength & Dexterity                   Quality Build

Samantha                     Dexterity & Faith                      Blessed Build

Azrael                   Dexterity & Intelligence                  Adaptive Build

Alastor                        Intelligence & Faith                         Dark Build

Guts                        Strength & Dexterity                      Cosplay Build

Last Dragonslayer

Slayer007 100 and higher Deprived

Doesn't matter

(Prefer "Black Firebomb" for the first Boss)

Dragonslayer Helm
Dragonscale Armor
Smough's Gauntlets
Lorian's Leggings
Dragonslayer Spear
Canvas Talisman (Tears of Denial,Sunlight Spear,Lightning Stake)
Chloranthy Ring
Ring of the Sun's First Born
Sage Ring
Lightning Clutch Ring

Close combat is the key

use the weapon art from dragonslayer spear


Edgy Build

Nezharin 120 Pyromancer

Doesn't matter

Izalith Staff and Dark Edge

Pure edge. 

Cursed Guardian 

Zeskorion 120 Pyromancer

Does not matter

offhand Greatsword and Demon's Fist

Sorcerer's Staff

(Soul GreatswordFarron Flashsword)

A strength and intelligence build with an odd weapon combination. Catches players off guard with a surprisingly high damaging fist weapon. Decently versatile. Not a build for someone who wants to win at everything, it's just for fun.

Strength build 

(3 Hit Ko)

unkfree 115+ Knight

Life Ring

Demon's Greataxe +5

I haven't mentioned a few things on the build - I highly suggest using fully upg Brigand axe and use lighter gear or add a bit of weight ratio in order to fit it all. Pm me for any questions or ideas :)

Build link here

Great Machete Knight

  107 Knight

Life Ring 

Great Machete

Wandering knight with unusual weapon of choice - Great Machete, he/she uses to stun enemies, thus defining peculiar combat style. However, along with unusual Great Machete, knight is also capable of using more traditional secondray weapons: Rapier's or Mail Breakers

PvP Build Halberd+Parry

FelipeAmayodas63 120 Assassin (but any) Life Ring

Gundyr's Halberd

PvP build that uses a halberd to deal massive damage with normal attacks and weapon skill+strong attack combo. Also uses parries.

Click here to see the build

The Underdog (WIN 1 V 4's) IN DEPTH  GUIDE

Chillled 120 Knight Any

Refined Exile's Greatsword +10

Strength/Dexterity build focused on striking down opponents with elegant strokes. Optimised for PvE and High Volume PvP.

Channel Your Inner Underdog... 


biomedistroyer99 135 Knight Any


+10  Greatsword


+10 Blessed Caestus

+Any Cleric's Sacred Chime

Build here.

Not the best AR. The levels added really only exist to get to use Bountiful Sunlight. It helps you play a little more reckless as and Ultra Greatsword user.

Mage moonlight pvp SeventyMinusOne 120 Sorc any works

Moonlight sword Cresentmoon sword and court or crystal staff 

20+ vigor, 20 end, and 50 + int and stats required for moonlight rest of stats u can play around will if u want max dmg build i suggest going int/str dedicated but i have survivbility over that

AbandonCtrl Dex Pvp Like a Gladitor

AbandonCtrl 120 Knight Any Works

List Coming Son

As of Now its 37 Vigor, 40 End, 20 Vit, 24 Str, 40 Dex, 18 Faith. This build will focus around Tears of denial for our Buff and Fast attacks More Info Coming Over the next few weeks.
Versatile Duelist (Strength) Jafi 92 Warrior Any

Heavy Dark Sword +10


Heavy Zweihander +10

A Strength build built around the power of the Dark Sword while still being able to easly deal with parry builds.

Vanguard of Lanafir

 TheAbruption 80-120 Knight Any

Immolation Tinder


[Simple] Shotel

This build is purely PvP and very situational otherwise.


You don't need to resort to OP, waiting-to-be-nerfed, weapons to be victorious. Just be creative and have fun! (Youtube)


biomesistroyer99 125 Knight Any

RH1: Twin Princes' Greatsword

LH1: Golden Wing Crest Shield

(Optional) LH2: Pyromancy Flame

Build Stats Here

LOW LVL PVP  Yasuo   9 Mercenary Fire Gem

Fire Uchigatana +2 

Pyromancy Flame +2

very good build for low lvl invasions
Fume Ultra Greatsword Overload  Jrawly 90  Warrior  Any  Fume Ultra Greatsword +5  Pace control and stamina superiority 
*CLICK HERE FOR WINS*  roscosimmons   100 Warrior  Any  Fume Ultra Greatsword +5  This build focuses on good pokes, big combos, and efficient use of rings. Morne's is a badass set of armor with great stats.
Dex-Faith build  AlricOmega3  100  Knight  Any  Carthus Curved Sword +10 is nice but any like dex weapon could fit  Dex build for miracle buffs. Can make some serious damage, back from DS1. 
Farron Hunter   TheSurfingRhydon  100 Mercenary   Any  Farron Greatsword +5  High damege output. High mobility plus the ability to parry.
Dragonslayer Axe  Lucian04   125 Deprived   Any Dragonslayer Greataxe +5  Insane single hit damage. Quickly KO baited opponents w/ a massive AOE attack. 
 Wolf Knight  Patman824  85  Knight Any  Farron Greatsword +5 30 vig, 10 att, 30 end, 22 vit, 22 str (27 w. ring), 35 dex (40 w. ring), 9 int & fai, 7 lck. Use Knight's RingHunter's RingRing of Favor and Hornet Ring. Shield and Rapier in left had for close range. Switch between them to mix it up.
Shining Warrior   Galleon  100-110 Cleric  Fire Gem   Zweihander+10
Others reccomended in the build.
Faith + Strength build  
Gunhavel Bass Cannon   Obcapers 90  Warrior Any 

Deep Zweihander+10, Pyromancy Flame+10, Grass Crest Shield+5

meme build, do not take seriously but works well in pvp and pve alike 
 Smough, the Destroyer  SmoughMasterRace  120-140  Knight Any 

 Smough's Great Hammer+5Grass Crest Shield+5

Simplistic STR melee build, as the god himself. Hammer in two hands, Shield on your back. A build for anyone on the all-offensive who wants to destroy literally anything in the game. 
 Tap The Bumpers To Win  ThatJakebox  100 Pyromancer  Any  Pyromancy Flame +10 and a Chaos Thrall Axe +10 A pure pyromancy build to mess around in PvP with 
 Black Knight Greataxe Hybrid VapeNation   120 Knight   Any Black Knight Greataxe+5, Refined Drakeblood  Greatsword+10 plus a Caestus for Parrying STR/DEX Hybrid Build netting 695 AR for the BKGA
Wolf Knight Artorias  Sandyclaws 90+   Knight Firegem 

 Wolf Knight Greatsword +5

Cosplay build, focused around Artorias the Abysswalker. Good in PvE and PvP. 
 Thunderstruck SethDrake  113+  Knight Any  Refined Lothric Knight Greatsword +10 Lothric Knight Greatsword + Lightning Blade + Sacred Oath
Balanced 40/40 Str/Dex + 30 Faith
Dark Blood Knight dande313 120 Mercenary Firegem Dark Onikiri and Ubadachi +10, Caitha's Chime +5  Tanky build focused on Dark, bleed, and trickery
 Bleed Spamming lokilize  120  Mercenary  Any Hollowed Warden Twinblades +10  Spamming fast attacks to apply bleed. Simple
Paladin   Gaarthar  110 Knight   Any Mace +10, Gotthard Twinswords +10, Dragonslayer Swordspear +5  "Put your Faith in the Quality".
A versatile PvP build with buffs.
 Cathedral Knight  Dathros 120  Knight  Any  Heavy Cathedral Knight Greatsword +10  Heavy STR Build. Will be way better when Poise is turned on... If Poise gets turned on. 
Amored Hunter Jan Stark  120+  Knight  Life Ring 

HollowSlayer Greatsword +5


High STR+DEX build focused on greatswords and invasions.

 "Do you bleed? YOU WILL."

MaskedTheMan 120 Knight Any

Hollow Washing Pole +10

 Darkdrift +5

We heard you liked making people bleed, so we put bleed on your bleed so things will bleed while they bleed. Made WP Hollow so it'd scale with luck, which in turn raises bleed rate as well. Carthus Rouge and Kukri make this much easier. Darkdrift is for turtles. I also bring Sacred Flame and PF +10, but that's just for parry humiliation finishes.

Quality twinsword warrior


TheBrutalFlan 100   Warrior  Any

Refined Gotthard Twinswords +10

Grass Crest Shield 

High damage Quality build and awesome pvp weapon, use 2h, shield just to boost stam regen

Mad Sage

Neldum 120 Pyromancer Any

Immolation Tinder

Sacred Bloom Shield

Pyro PvP/PvE build.

Profaned Lothric Spearman

JesterCals 125 Knight/Warrior Any

Lothric Knight Long Spear

Profaned Greatsword

Quality build with fun, easy to use PvP set-up

Can easily be adjusted for use at SL 100

Thorny Yhorm of the Sunlight

DontMakePlans 120 Deprived Any

Yhorms Great Machete +5

Sunlight Straight Sword

Heavy STR build focused on maximizing AR

Effective for both PvE and PvP

Reinhardt (OVERWATCH)

OV3RDRIVE 201 Knight Any

Greatshield of Glory

Gargoyle's Flame Hammer

Build based off Reinhardt, a character of Overwatch

      Phat GIantdad                    THELEGEND                   99                  Knight                          Any                           FIRE zweihander                                             GIANT build
The True PvP Build Sir McFiggles 131 Deprived Any

Sharp Sellsword Twinblades +10

Yorshka's Chime +10

DEX/FAITH build revolving around baiting opponents and punishing them with absurd damage.  Amazing in PvP but also very effective in PvE as well
Mirrah Weapon Master  Skripach  120+  Any  Any

 Refined Estoc +10

Refined Exile Greatsword +10

Refined Gotthard Twinswords +10

and more

 Fashion souls Quality + Faith build (buffs included)
Yuria of Londor Build Cosmos 89+


Sovereignless Soul or any

Darkdrift +5

DEX Cosplay/fast-offensive build good for PvP and PvE

High DPS Onikiri and Ubadachi Claw Anarkroi 137



Hollowed onikiri and ubadachi +10


Hollowed Claw +10

High dps bleed build

The Classic Brawler Toasty V 120



Bare hands

Smough's Great Hammer+5

Baiting people into a fist fight, work on parries and when you think they're low enough, whip out your weapon and finish them off with a final reposte.

Quality Build (Claymore Anime Cosplay) Buildmaker 120



Refined Lothric Knight Greatsword +10

Pyromancy Flame +10

High AR ultra-greatsword. Use superior damage and hyper-armor to easily defeat opponents 

Paledrake Sorcerer Buildmaker 120 


Life Ring

Moonlight Greatsword +5

Court Sorcerer's Staff +10

Basic sorcery build. High damage greatsword and ranged offensive spells. Good for both PvP and PvE

Lucky Ember Horder Mad 120


Life Ring

Anri's Straight Sword +5

Grass Crest Shield +5

Luck build good for PvE and PvP, focus on stamina and flury attacks

Jack of All Trades 

mage lean

ARTEMIS_FOWL14s   156+ 



or any class

Farron Ring, Corrvetius serpent ring, ring of favor, chloranthy ring

any shield, lothric holy sword, or any one handed sword or two handed sword along with a simple gem,crystal gem for magic damage and FP regerneration

shield with a blessed gem for health regeneration 

Dont use this build unless you are good with  high dextirity. A jack of all trades build is a special build that leans mostly to vigor and dexterity and Intelligence and almost then leans towards the weapons and stats you want or need however almost every stat must be evened out. 

Also used as a hiders build in pvp

Is also best for soul farming

WARNING Do not use this build unless you absoulutly want it or need it!


ARTEMIS_FOWL14s 100-135


ring of favor,  

MoonLight Greatsword


Must be in the moonlight warriors covanent to have this build if you wish to join you must be playing on PS4 consol and must join at starting level or level 25 any higher of a level you cannot join.

    • 23 Jan 2017 01:02  

      The Sunfather (aka based Solaire aka doing it the old fashioned way)
      SL125 (setup version 1.1)
      Starting class: Knight
      Stats: 35VIG, 18 Vitality, 40END, 40Dex/Str, 12 Intel/Faith (for utilitarian reasons)
      Fashion: Solaire helm/shield and Alva armor
      Standard Weapons: Refined Astora UGS and Estoc/fast adequate AR thrusting weapon for dealing with runners/low hp
      Rings: Havel's ring or free slot depending on stat tweaking and 2&3 weapon slots, hornet ring, Chloranthy ring, Ring of Favor
      Items: Explosives (for the taunters and campers), kukri, Green blossoms, Lightning resin (tears of denial kebab remover)
      Required Expressions: Praise the sun (always praise it before and after fulfilling duties and after slaying point down casuls)
      Notes: Not an easy mode quality based build. Free aim is a required skill. Don't forget to use both hands. People will try to be parry gods if you pull the Estoc leaving them open to UGS swap brutality. A little practice, over 9000 patience, and you too can make the meta gods weep. Invade and COOP to your heart's content \`[T] /

      • 19 Jan 2017 12:33  

        Just enough STR and INT to use Black Knight's shield and great magic shield. Put everything else into VIG.
        Use armor of choice, life ring +3, ring of favor +2, sun princess ring, and lingering dragoncrest ring +2.
        Use a +10 Blessed Weapon for more HP regen.

        Step 1: To properly use this build find a corner and stand in it, use great magic shield to buff Black Knight shield.
        Step 2: Block. Everything. With luck would be attackers will realize that literally ANYTHING else would be a more productive use of their time.

        • 04 Jan 2017 17:05  

          -Second Chance Knight-

          Build: 27 VIG, 14 ATT, 40 END, 16 VIT, 40 STR, 40 DEX, 10 INT, 15 FTH, 7 LCK.
          Weapons: +10 Hollowslayer Greatsword with Caestus or Llewellyn Shield. Otherwise +10 Lothric Greatsword or +10 Gotthard Twinswords also works.
          Armor: Firelink Helm, Gundyr's Armor, Mirrah Chain Gloves and Exile Leggings.
          Rings: Havel's Ring +2, Ring of Favor +2, Chloranthy Ring +2 and Obscuring Ring or Whichever you like.
          Spell: Tears of Denial.

          • 03 Jan 2017 17:54  

            My build. Starting class is the knight. 27 vigor, 30 endurance, 25 vitality, 40 strength, 37 dexterity and 15 intelligence. Soul level is 108. Full undead legion set and refined +10 gotthard twin-swords. Rings are : chloranthy ring, carthus milk ring, Havel's ring and ring of favor. Barely at 40% equip load for faster rolling and less fall damage.

            • 28 Dec 2016 21:27  

              Best build: Knight; 27 Vigor, 40 Vit, 32 End, 35 Str, 35 Dex, lowest possible Faith, Int, or Luck

              Knight's Ring, Hunters Ring, Havel's Ring+2, Lautrec's Ring+2

              Should be Soul Level 115. Should have over 100 carry weight, allowing 3 main weapons, 3 side weapons, heavy armor, and high poise

              • 04 Nov 2016 15:15  

                So is the meta 120? The average builds on this page end there. If I went as high as 125, would that ***** up my matching making? I seem to get invaded alot more at my current SL120, but as far as co-op goes, there were more signs around SL80-90

                • 03 Nov 2016 02:11  

                  I have a build that uses the new DLC weapon Friede's great scythe,
                  that has high vigor
                  good attunement
                  high endurance
                  mid strength, dexterity, Intelligence and Faith
                  but I have low luck and vitality.
                  I'm NG++ and just got banned for reasons I don't understand :(

                  • 31 Oct 2016 12:21  

                    so, i have Strength based build. i use heavy gotthards blade (A scaling in str) 40 vigor, 20 atunement, 40 endurance, 45 strength, 15 intellect. SL 120

                    i use farron ring, ring of favor, wolf ring (a chance not to get interrupted out of a WA) and the knights ring. i use the greater magic weapon buff for a little extra damage (still not sure if maybe blessed weapon would add more damage or not)

                    i mainly PvE and this build works great with that (i use iryithll straight sword for pve) as for PvP, i win most of the time when invaded but in arena i would say im 50/50 on the win/lose ratio

                    is there anything i can do to fine tune the build or is this alright?

                    • 16 Oct 2016 18:12  

                      Invasion stealth build:

                      Use black, light armor (ideally the Drang set with a Thief Mask), the Obscuring Ring, and the Warden Twinblades. Have the Chameleon and Spook spells. Shortbow with Poison arrows recommended. Whenever you invade, hide and use Chameleon. Ambush the Host and spam L1 with the blades. If you are forced to trade hits, flee and repeat.
                      Keep in mind, I made this almost exclusively or PvP, this'll be pretty much useless in PvE.

                      • Bloodwraith Ronin (135)26 Sep 2016 12:33  

                        I am a wiki noob, couldn't find the New Page + button. I think this is a decently fun build and wanted to share it. Hopefully someone who knows how will make a page for it and make it look nice with item pictures, inventory lists, and other jazz. I would really appreciate it. Enjoy!<br/><br/><br/><br/>Bloodshade build, apply constant pressure for profuse bleeding and delicious hot murdursauce. Strike with ferocity from the shadows and stack your opponents to focus on a single target at a time. Hunt gankers in packs or alone if using invaders for distractions. Black Crystal out if up against a lone player or give him a fair duel if willing. <br/><br/>Soul Level: 135 (16+ hollowing)<br/>Starting Class: Any (built from an Assassin)<br/><br/>Vigor: 35 HP: 1141 (1483)<br/>Attunement:14 FP: 114<br/>Endurance: 30 STA: 134<br/>Vitality: 25<br/>Strength: 30<br/>Dexterity: 40<br/>Intelegence: 25<br/>Faith: 10<br/>Luck: 15 (25 due to hollowed weapons L/RH1)<br/><br/>Helm: Thief's Mask (for looks and weight)<br/>Chest: Undead Legion Armor (covenant uniform, Wolf knight/Alva alternate?)<br/>Hands: Black Guantlets (same poise as Alva's gauntlets with slightly more weight)<br/>Legs: Alva's Leggings (Poise:weight ratio is unbeatable, dancer's or Black Leggings alternate?)<br/><br/>Equip Load: 66.62% (43.3/65.00)<br/>Poise: ~30 (varies with equipment/rings)<br/><br/>Rings:<br/>Build uses NG+1 rings, use the base versions if unavailable. R1-3 rings are required for the covenant's aggressive ambush tactics. Wolf ring was chosen for those moments when you need to get that hit in RIGHT NOW or want to switch to a heavier RH2 weapon (go study poise in the archives, it is complicated). Ring 4 is otherwise optional. <br/><br/>L/RH1: Hollow Notched Whip / Hollow Onikiri & Ubidachi<br/>Use any primary weapon you are skilled with, but ensure it has natural bleed and is hollow infused. The offhand can be a hollowed dagger if you wish to have rapid attacks rather than the range of a whip, yet ensure both LH1 and RH1 are hollowed. Hollowing both weapons will give an AR boost and +5 LCK per weapon, even if either is being 2 handed (as long as your character hollowing level is 16+). Natural luck for this build is 15. LCK raises your bleed attack. The notched whip was only chosen for it's ranged bleed annoyance for prolonged fights and ability to bypass shields/parry, otherwise, strap it to the belt and pull out that other sword.<br/><br/>Alternatively, Use buffs with unhollowed weapons. Focus on bleed damage/agility. Warden Twinblades make great paintbrushes. Don't forget to lick the spoon...<br/><br/>L/RH2: Blood Caestus / Dragonslayer Spear<br/>Caestus for rapid bleeding strikes when 2H, or use for parrying strikes in left hand (again, base damage is not the focus here, try out the manikin claws if you want instead). Pair this with a larger weapon of your choice like a greatsword or spear. Dragonslayer spear was chosen for lightning damage against Ironflesh players, excellent reach, charge attacks, and ranged weapon art. Recommended alternates are Twin Princes Greatsword, Farron Greatsword, Carthus Curved Greatsword, and Firelink Greatsword.<br/><br/>LH3: Pyromancy flame will help you sneak in an explosion every once in a while and adds satisfying immolation to your arsenal. Choose pyromancies well, though recommended are Chaos Bed Vestiges/ Profaned Flame & Sacred Flame or Ironflesh/ or juggle the weight and wield sorceries instead. I haven't experimented with building the FTH for miracles/lightning instead of INT, but Dorhy's Gnawing could be an excellent choice for the bleed damage.<br/><br/>RH3: May use Havels Ring, Prisoners Chain, or Ring of Favor to carry RH3. Recommended options are a bow or paired weapons (warden twinblades, dancer swords etc.)<br/><br/>Tools:<br/>Estus 13:2 (play with what works for you)<br/>Ember (>9000 of course :P)<br/>Undead Hunter Charms (to stop estus recovery)<br/>Throwing knives, rope bombs, whatever helps you apply pressure or retreat<br/>Carthus Blood Rogue (if using uninfused weapons)

                        • Lone Pontiff knight24 Sep 2016 08:15  

                          Soul level 60<br/>Starting class: knight<br/><br/>Vigor: 21<br/>Attunement:10<br/>Endurance:20<br/>Vitality: 23<br/>Strength: 20<br/>Dexterity: 20<br/>Intelegence: 19<br/>Faith: 9<br/>Luck: 7<br/><br/>Rh1: Greatsword of judgement +2<br/>Lh1: Caestus or Crest Sheild<br/><br/>Head: knights helm<br/>Torso: silver knight armour<br/>Gauntlets: fallen knight gauntlets<br/>Legs: knight leggings<br/><br/>Ring 1: Havels ring<br/>Ring 2: Cloranthory ring<br/>Ring 3: dragon scale ring<br/>Ring 4: blue tear stone ring<br/><br/>No set consumables

                          • SL Meta Clarification [Response needed]09 Sep 2016 02:01  

                            This page needs an edit. Although yes, the most common single number thrown around for the SL meta is 120, according to this relatively huge community poll ( ) (the largest poll ever taken on the subject to date), a significant majority of active community/PvP players want the SL meta to be higher by at least some degree.<br/><br/>In fact, of the number of players who care enough about the subject to actually look into it and participate in the poll, only about 30% less people voted for an //SL 150 META// than they did for an SL 120 meta. MUCH higher than what is currently accepted. I cannot stress enough how big of a disparity that is in people's opinions on the subject. And in case that wasn't enough to get the point across, here's another comparison that better drives home the "significant majority" point I mentioned before:<br/><br/>Even negating all the votes from people who wanted a (frankly) ridiculously high or low SL meta (more than 170* or less than 100), the total exact number of people who want an SL meta of 120 or below (at the time of this posting, and also including anyone who voted for "other") is 931, as opposed to 1,257 players who want it to be higher. In fact, even if you don't include any votes for higher than 150, the number of people who want an SL meta higher than 120 is still 1,194, which is about 25% more than people who want 120 or below.<br/><br/>According to this data, SL 120 is not the currently accepted or most popular SL meta by any means, though technically it wins one battle, which is that it's the most commonly used single number. This is most likely due to the constant perpetuation of the idea, however. And it's likely that at least in part, the bandwagon effect is to blame for the inflation of SL 120's popularity, even just numerically (people tend to vote for what they think is generally accepted, which makes the highest number in a poll inflate even higher). This isn't even considering factors such as reluctance to change builds due to an SL meta change, the influence of popular Youtubers, or the lack of many good, high-quality build guides for characters over SL 120. All of these things are potentially holding the community back from changing to a new SL meta that frankly and statistically, the community WANTS.<br/><br/>So while I cannot present any new single number as the new SL meta that the community wants the most, I can safely say that outright stating SL 120 to be the SL meta is simply wrong, and hurtful to the community as well, since this page and that number are likely some of the first things people see when looking for the SL meta, and they may not read the entire section past that point. I'm new to wiki editing myself, so I fear that I'll make some kind of mistake in editing the page if I try, and I also think it'd be wrong for someone as opinionated and verbose as I am to make the change.<br/><br/>But I would like to ask one of the editors here to consider doing whatever it is you do to make a clarification to the section that fairly represents the state of SL meta. Something along the lines of the accepted meta and popular builds starting around 120 and existing primarily through 120-150, meaning PvP-matching should be decent all throughout 110-160, though numbers closer to the middle will be better, especially in low-traffic areas (but let's face it, even if the PvP playerbase was divided all the way from SL 100-200, there'd still be enough PvP in Anor Londo for everyone).<br/><br/>It's essential that this change become accepted or at least posted before the new surge of PvP comes with the new DLC, otherwise metas above 120 may never catch on, and the majority of the community could be potentially blocked from PvPing at the level they want for a very long time.<br/><br/>*(And I do not mean to imply that there's no room for a realm of very high or low SL PvP, but we're talking about a norm for average end-game PvPers that accommodates fully developed builds without allowing them to become too diluted.)

                            • Pontiff Hunter05 Sep 2016 00:43  

                              Gotthard Twinswords<br/>OldWolfCurvedSword<br/>Rings;FAP,Carthus milkring,Havel's ring,Pontiff right eye<br/>Stats;Vigor 23,Att,12,END 26,VIT 22,STR,19,DEX 40,INT 10,FTH 18, Luck 9 GG boys

                              • Noob Nightmare31 Aug 2016 00:27  

                                Starting class:Deprived SL: 20<br/>27 Vigor<br/>10 Endurance<br/>10 Attunement<br/>10 Vitality<br/>10 Strength<br/>10 Dexterity<br/>10 Intelligence<br/>12 Faith<br/>10 Luck<br/><br/>R1: Raw Astora Straight Sword +2 for Matchmaking<br/>L1: Caestus or Small leather shield for parry. If you good at it - Grass Crest Shield is your best choice.<br/>L2:Sorceror's Staff of Pyromancy flame for wepon baff<br/>Spells: Magic Weapon or Carthus flame arc, choice is yours<br/>Armor: Armor of Thorns is the best choice,but i go for Fashion Souls and lower equipment weight - Dusk Crown, Firekeeper robe, Black leather gloves and boots.<br/>Rings: Cloranthy, Hornet, Flynn's and Prisoner's chain<br/>Consumables: Estus Flask +9(You'll face noobs with phantoms, although you'll be OP you will take more damage by wearing Chain), Undead Hunter Charm(Nobody drinks when you invade, except for you), Duel Charm (And no buffs allowed), Gold Pine Resin (When it needed)<br/>It take an effort to complete that build, but it totally worth it. Invade, destroy, walks out like a boss, send invite to #gid_gud group.<br/>Also it help to earn Proof of concords, if you invade at Undead Settlement. No covenant active unless Way of the blue.

                                • Lothric Paladin23 Aug 2016 21:26  

                                  Starting Class: Knight SL: 120<br/><br/>Vigor: 30<br/>Attunement: 18<br/>Endurance: 29<br/>Vitality: 22<br/>Strength: 14<br/>Dexterity: 20<br/>Intelligence: 9<br/>Faith: 60<br/>Luck: 7<br/><br/>RH1: Lightning Lothric Sword +10<br/>RH2: Lightning Lothric Long Spear +10<br/>LH1: Blessed Caestus<br/>LH2: Sunlight Talisman +10<br/><br/>Sunlight Spear, Bountiful Light, Lightning Stake<br/><br/>Alva Helm, Wolf Knight Armour, Silver Knight Gauntlets, Silver Knight Leggings<br/><br/>Sage Ring, Lightning Clutch Ring, Ring Of Sun's 1st Born, Chloranthy Ring<br/><br/>Works great PVP and PVE with range of the spear and speed of the sword, aswell as spells hitting like a truck and giving some extra heals combined with the blessed Caestus.

                                  • King of Farron:21 Aug 2016 18:22  

                                    Starting class:Mercenary SL: 120<br/>35 Vigor<br/>40 Endurance<br/>Base Attunement<br/>15 Vitality<br/>40 Strength<br/>40 Dexterity<br/>Base Intelligence<br/>Base Faith<br/>Base Luck<br/><br/>Right hand weapon: Farron Greatsword<br/>Left hand weapon: Grass Crest Shield<br/><br/>Lorians's Helm, Undead Legion Armour, Undead Legion Gauntlets, Elite Knight Leggings<br/>Rings: Havels, Ring of Favor, Carthus Bloodring (to increase untouchableness) and Chloranthy ring (to extend the effect of untouchableness)<br/>

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