Gestures in Dark Souls 3 will be similar to other Souls games and allow the player to express emotion or direction to other players. Gesturing to the Fire Keeper makes her react to you.

There are a total of 33 gestures in Dark Souls 3. Upon collecting them all, you get an achievement/trophy.

Icon and Name


 Point Forward Automatically received
 Point Up Automatically received
 Point Down Automatically received
 Wave Automatically received
 Beckon Talk to Yoel of Londor not far from the Foot of the High Wall bonfire and take him into your service. Talk to him again at Firelink Shrine to get the gesture.
 Call Over Received after you trade a Homeward Bone (or any other "Pickle pee" item) for the first time with Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow.
 Welcome Talk to the Cornyx in the Undead Settlement, and accept his services. Talk to him at Firelink Shrine twice to get the gesture.
 Applause Talk to Leonhard once he appears in Firelink Shrine. He will be leaning against Younger Prince Lothric's throne. He will give you five Cracked Red Eye Orbs, and leave. Talk to him again after you've obtained a Pale Tongue, and he will give you a key to a locked door beneath the Tower on the Wall bonfire in the High Wall of Lothric that leads to an imprisoned Darkwraith. Kill the Darkwraith to receive the full Red Eye Orb, then talk to Leonhard again to receive the gesture.
 Quiet Resolve Follow Anri's questline up to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. They will grant you the gesture when speaking to them at the Church of Yorshka Bonfire.
 Jump For Joy Automatically received
 Joy Automatically received
 Rejoice Give Siegward his armor in Cathedral of the Deep.
 Hurrah! Received after talking to Blacksmith Andre the second time.
 Praise the Sun Received from praying at the Altar of Sunlight in Lothric Castle, near the Dragonslayer Armour boss fight.Video Location
 My Thanks!

Obtained from Knight Slayer Tsorig deep in the Demon Ruins, in Smouldering Lake when killing him or being killed by him. 


 Bow Automatically received
 Proper Bow

Received when summoning Yellowfinger Heysel in Farron Keep.


  1. To make her sign appear, kill her when she invades in Road of Sacrifices after the Halfway Fortress bonfire or in Farron Keep after the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire, down the ladder, up some stairs after two Elder Ghrus.
  2. Go to Rosaria's Bed Chamber and give a Pale Tongue to the Rosaria's Fingers covenant.
  3. Yellowfinger Heysel's summon sign will appear next to the tower full of slugs near the Keep Ruins bonfire. (after you lit the three flames)


 Dignified Bow Received from meeting Yuria of Londor.
 Duel Bow Received upon summoning the Londor Pale Shade that appears in various locations when you have five Dark Sigils (by leveling up with Yoel). Some locations include: The Farron Keep Perimeter and before the Abyss Watchers fight. Note that while Pale Shade can be summoned for the Soul of Cinder fight, it will not perform the gesture.

Note: The gesture will be performed if you perform the "Darkmoon Loyalty" gesture first.
 Legion Etiquette Pray to the Old Wolf of Farron in the Farron Swamp.
 Darkmoon Loyalty Received from speaking with Sirris in Firelink Shrine after giving Dreamchaser's Ashes to the Shirine Handmaid.
 By My Sword Received from summoning Black Hand Gotthard. He will perform the gesture as he is summoned.
 Prayer Received when you comfort Irina of Carim with your touch.
 Silent Ally Given by Orbeck of Vinheim after purchasing Aural Decoy, Farron Flashsword, Hidden Body, Pestilent Mercury and Spook. Talk to him after purchasing these spells.
 Rest Received after resting at a bonfire for the first time.
 Collapse Received from talking to Hawkwood for the first time.
 Patches Squat Talk to Patches while he's squatting in Firelink Shrine.
 Prostration Recieved from Patches after replying "No" when he asks for forgiveness in Firelink Shrine, or after confronting him in the Cathedral of the Deep after he lowers the bridge with "You know who I am".
 Toast Recieved by talking to Siegward of Catarina after assisting him in defeating the Demon on the way to the Road of Sacrifices. Can similarly be received in the kitchen near the Distant Manor in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley if previously missed.
 Sleep After receiving the Toast gesture from Siegward of Catarina, wait for him to go to sleep. Then attempt to talk to him again. If missed the first time you meet Siegward, it is possible to get it from him in the kitchen in Irythyll.
 Curl Up Recieved from Greirat of the Undead Settlement after giving him Loretta's bone. At some point upon returning to Firelink, he will be in this pose, mourning Loretta. Attempt to talk to him to receive the gesture.
 Stretch Out Found in the Profaned Capital on corpse which looks like Laddersmith Gilligan from Dark Souls 2, next to the first bonfire.
 Path of The Dragon Received from corpse after Oceiros, the Consumed King. This is necessary to access Archdragon Peak.
Video Location 


    • 22 Feb 2017 23:58  

      Had some asshole chug an estus in an FC while the host sat there and watched. He then used the welcome gesture after chugging 3 eatus flasks. Makes me want to reach my hand through the screen and backhand the piece of*****.

      • 27 Jan 2017 06:53  

        I bet some DS2 gestures didn't make it because "not proper for children" in the USA. Same goes for the names. What they forgot was to censor other languages than english if they really mean it. I can insult who I want in my language. No "*" whatsoever...

        • 16 Jan 2017 01:49  

          Wait a minute, that HomoBoi gesture everybody does for Fight Club is actually called "Duel Bow" ? I'm sorry, I just see everyone doing it as of late, and all I can imagine is Gwyndolin in his happy-bear-face panties practicing that in front of a mirror so he's ready for when Daddy finally lets him go out to one of the high school dances, so I'm just sitting there cringing every time I see somebody do it... Like there's the edgelords doing Legion Etiquette, and I just wave at them cause they're so cute, but whenever I see duel bow I don't even want to respond, I just want leave...

          • 15 Jan 2017 19:16  

            It pisses me off that I have to abandon Sirris's quest line to get it, but overall this is a pretty easy achievement if you're going for it. Just know what to look for.

            • 07 Jan 2017 20:03  

              there only f***ing gestures people ds3 is still amazing some people are acting like the gestures are the whole game and that because some are missing or not as good as ds2 its not the same lmao the game is still amazing.

              • 06 Jan 2017 21:59  

                I miss some gestures from DS2 and BB..... 90% of those im DS sucks ballz deep, and i really mean it...

                If DS2 had something better than 3rd DS game - it was definitly the gestures ;(

                • 26 Dec 2016 04:13  

                  Silent Ally gesture is a homage to The Empire Strikes Back...

                  Darth Vader bows down to the Emperor exactly like this:

                  • 15 Dec 2016 00:03  

                    I was really hoping for the beg for life gesture or something simlilar. I had fun with that gesture in bloodborne. now that I think about it, I wish that there were any gestures from the previous installments. I dont care about any of these

                    • 05 Dec 2016 13:48  

                      Doing a gesture run right now, after getting sirris' darkmoon gesture [and fulfilling the earlier invasion requirements] i joined rosaria went to farron keep for heysel's. i realized you can use the black separation before the abyss watchers to send back heysel [or whomever you've summoned first] and then get gotthard's gesutre, black separation crystal again, and then get londor pale shade's gesture. you can't see the summon signs for either of the other two if one is summoned, which is a nice little lore touch, but if you send one phantom back the other two signs will appear. though once you use the crystal you can't re-summon a character you sent back without using a bonfire. i was able to get all three gestures really quick this way then rest at a bonfire and summon the yellowfinger again to just romp around the level in "shared camaraderie."

                      • 26 Nov 2016 19:11  

                        Hey I just wanted to know cause I got a new bran new PS4 controller and the emote bar well not show it didn't show for my old controller as well can anybody tell me what's wrong

                        • 14 Nov 2016 15:05  

                          For those who want to get the duel bow gesture, you can also summon the Londor pale shade for the pontiff sullyvan boss fight, her summon sign is at a statue near the entrance of the fight, on the right.

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