Enemy Type  Humanoid

Farron Greatsword
Wolf Knight's Greatsword

Best physical attack type is Slash

Resistances All physical attacks, Magic, Lightning, Fire, Dark, Bleed, Frost
Immune Poison, Toxic, Rapport

Darkwraith is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.

Enemy Description

  • Dark Knights that wear skeletal armour.
  • Almost indistinguishable from the Darkwraiths of New Londo.

Combat Information

  • Uses Dark Sword to great effect. Has the "Stomp" Weapon Art.
  • Their Dark Hand serves as a magical shield and permits them a guardbreaking grab attack.
  • Despite their slim posture they have very high poise.
  • Can be backstabbed, parried, and riposted.
  • In Farron Keep, they will attack Ghru's within their aggro radius, which a player can use to his/her advantage.
  • Immune to Rapport
  • If hit before they get hyper armor(they get this during attacks) very heavy weapons can stun lock them


  • One can be found at the bottom of the lift under the Tower on the Wall bonfire in High Wall of Lothric after following Leonhard's questline.
  • Another one is located near the Farron Keep bonfire. Head left and follow the great walls to find it.
  • There are multiple Darkwraiths attacking the Abyss Watchers stronghold, near Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire.



Notes & Trivia

  • Returning enemy from Dark Souls 1.
  • Darkwraiths will drop 2 Estus refills if they drop any.



requires Lift Chamber Key from Leonhard the Ringfinger

Regular Spawn





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    • 01 Feb 2017 22:33  

      If the darkwraiths are connected to the Abbyss and they drop cracked red eye orbs, then does that mean that every enemy with red eyes has been corrupted by the Abbyss. But in the Abbyss Watchers fight, the red eyed version is the one helping us, or are we helping it. Think about is The Abbyss Watchers are the ones keeping the Abbyss from taking over and defeating them provides the opportunity to take over the world. That may be why The Flame doesn't explode like it has in previous games. It shrivels because darkness has already plunged the world into chaos. It's Like what Elfrida said, Its just the flame shimmering at misguided ash.

      • 30 Jan 2017 00:31  

        If your want the full armored set and the wepon a realy good farming spot is in the farron keep perimiter ithink there will be 2 use a bow to call one over hit the one you want to come and just kill tjem until you get it all it also a good farming apot for souls to let me tell you they are pritty strong and dont let them grab you cause they will drop you amd start hitting without mercy

        • High Wall of Lothric Darkwraith01 Jun 2016 09:26  

          I killed him a few times and he drops 10,000 souls on ng+. With Shield of Want, SS Ring and Symbol of Avarice, he's dropping 19,500 souls. Is that normal?

          • Permanently lost attunement points due dark hand18 May 2016 14:33  

            Got me two or three times with dark hand. After the fight I recognized six missing points of attunement. Resting at the bonfire does not bring them back.

            • Mad Aggro17 May 2016 17:16  

              These guys don't just fight Ghru, they fight EVERYTHING. I personally enjoy luring the Black Knight from down past the perimeter bonfire to them. So far it's 3-2 in the Knight's favour, but pretty even! All it takes is one arrow and some running.

              • Cracked Eye Orb11 May 2016 18:16  

                They drop these things like Dre drops beats. Good lord I maxed out the 99 in my inventory and storage in a day farming these guys for Pale Tongues. To bad they don't sell for much. <br/>

                • Pale Tongues07 May 2016 06:55  

                  Just by farming the two outside of the "Farron Keep Perimeter" bonfire, with the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring equipped (and the occasional rusted coin), I was able to get 10 Pale tongues for the Obscuring Ring (Rosaria's Fingers Rank 1) in around 20 minutes. I only had 12 luck at the time, so if you have higher luck (or use the Symbol of Avarice) you should be able to farm them even quicker.

                  • Dark Wraights vs Abyss Watchers.29 Apr 2016 17:32  

                    Farron Abyss Watchers have history of fighting against spread of the abyss, it would not be strange for abyss recognize enemy and to fight back sending darkwraights against them. They are clearly headed to fight them. Furthermore I clearly seen them aggro each other through fog gate when dying defeated by watchers.

                    • I wonder...24 Apr 2016 23:37  

                      Darkwraiths rarely venture far from the abyss, I'm guessing it is very close to the watchers...which would make sense being they are in the area.

                      • Build (?)20 Apr 2016 09:10  

                        These guys are so ***** awesome. I'd like to try a build that lives up to them. Which means: ****load of Vigor, Strenght and Endurance. <br/><br/>Rings: Steel Protection (?), Wolf Ring, Horse Hoof, Chloranthy Ring<br/><br/>Heavy Dark Sword for Strenght scaling.<br/><br/>Dark Set<br/><br/>Dark Hand<br/><br/>And perhaps full hollow? <br/><br/>I mean, imagine this poise-monster with high defense and mastering the Dark Sword move set + kick. <br/><br/>Would be an awesome cosplay don't you think? :)

                        • Darkwraith grind18 Apr 2016 18:35  

                          Theres an easy strat for collecting Red Eye Orbs and a *****load of souls from these guys, i found. From the first bonfire at Farrons Keep, take a left and hop a few islands til you can snipe a shot at that one from long range... most times he will get pissed, run mad and slay a ton of slugs until he finally gets cornered by a gang of them.

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