Winged Knight

Enemy Type Undead?
Weakness Frost, Dark
Resistances All physical attacks (especially Blunt), Fire, minor resistance to Lightning, strong to Poison, Toxic & Bleed
Immune None
Effective Items Hollow/Rapport

Winged Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • This order of knights allied themselves with "the angels". (Reference to Gertrude)
  • The first Winged Knight is found in High Wall of Lothric and wields the Winged Knight Halberd.
  • The second Winged Knight is found in Lothric Castle and uses a pair of twinaxes. He also drops these twinaxes.
  • Ascended Winged Knights, a variant found above the Grand Archives differ in appearance and can fly, utilizing this ability in their attacks.  Individually they drop large titanite shards, titanite chunks, and blessed gems.  When all three are killed you are automatically given a titanite slab.  


Combat Information

  • Their attacks can be blocked, but drain a large amount of Stamina.
  • Can be backstabbed easily.
  • Can be lured?
  • Twin-Axe version can be parried and riposted
  • Are affected by Rapport


  • Winged knights "have sworn themselves to the angels" and are followers of the Angelic faith of Lothric, which was founded around a miraculous tale revealed to Heavenly Daughter Gertrude by an angel. Gertrude was the Queen of Lothric's holy maiden and was visited by a divine messenger, yet despite losing her sight and voice, she recorded the tale. However, faith in divine messengers is considered heresy in Lothric and isn't recognized by any of the three Pillars of the King's rule (which include the High Priestess, Scholars, and Knights). As such, Heavenly Daughter Gertrude was imprisoned in a lofty cell in the Grand Archives of Lothric Castle.
  • Travelling through Lothric one can find evidence of conflict between Winged Knights and Lothric Knights. The approach to the castle is filled with empty Lothric Knight armor and the corpses of Winged Knights, as are the castle grounds themselves; it is possible that at some point, Winged Knights stormed Lothric Castle heading for the Grand Archives to free Heavenly Daughter Gertrude from her imprisonment.

Notes & Trivia

  • The "wings" on their back seem to be tiny copies of real-life "wings" of Polish "winged hussars"
  • Their helmets are based on real-life medieval German/Austrian helms, in particular on helmets that belonged to Emperor Maximilian I. Domnhall of Zena's horned helmet from Dark Souls I is also based on a suit of armor made for Maximilian I.




Second with Halberd 

Location Drops
Lothric Castle 1733 2860 Large Titanite Shard



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    • 25 Apr 2017 14:40  

      In the Trivia we can read "Their helmets are based on real-life medieval German/Austrian helms, in particular on helmets that belonged to Emperor Maximilian I. Domnhall of Zena's horned helmet from Dark Souls I is also based on a suit of armor made for Maximilian I" but for me their helmets looks like a samurai mempo. Despite the game is based on european-like medieval fantasy this may be considered a japanese samurais reference and a kind of syncretism, the game is japanese after all.

      • 27 Mar 2017 12:48  

        They can not be lured but can be distracted at still. Thing that works with these is Aural Decoy sorcery example. No results with Alluring Skulls. But I guess if you use Hidden Body and throw Fire Bombs or something, you probably can lure them?

        • 25 Oct 2016 23:40  

          The area of effect spell the knights can cast, the one with the pillars of light everywhere (which is not mentioned on this page despite being seen in one of the game's trailers), is eerily similar to the spell "Judgement" from the "Tales of" series. Especially the version that appears in "Tales of Symphonia" and "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World"
          The spell fires off at the same rate (same interval of time between pillars appearing), has a similar coloration, and even has the feathers that come off of the beams.
          Here's a video showing that spell, for comparison:
          The knights do not seem to cast it very often, however.

          • Beserk13 Aug 2016 23:40  

            Because dark souls had absolutely no berserk references, I mean does it take anything away from the game if they wer inspired from berserk, that seems like a huge load of hublah

            • Note to wiki editors03 Aug 2016 03:48  

              "Just because Miyazaki took some inspiration from Berserk DOES NOT MEAN everything is a Berserk reference. Yes. We get it. They're big dudes with wings, and someone in Berserk at one point is a big dude with wings, BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT WAS ITS INSPIRATION. I could just as well say that My Little Pony's Pegasus characters inspired it too, since y'know, they both have wings and something sharp. Stop looking for ways to connect things that aren't connected"<br/><br/>THIS.

              • Winged knight twin axes12 May 2016 19:12  

                They are easily farmable with copper/gold coins. Or alternatively use the gold serpent ring. The total drop rate for me is 170, which my 20 luck is helping with the serpent ring. So even with low luck, it's still fairly easy to farm for the twin axes. Good luck, and happy farming!

                • 4million per hour in ng+07 May 2016 22:26  

                  watch here how to farm these guys, netting you 4 million souls per hour in ng+<br/><br/>

                  • Awesome Lore!29 Apr 2016 23:51  

                    Wow a war between angels and the kingdom. First time in darksouls the Anglican pantheon actually appears in most souls it was just insinuated like Umbasa and the miracles of god. That's really amazing I'm so exited for dlc I hope it revolves around the lothric kingdom and aldrich.

                    • Extremely Easy to farm with Rapport27 Apr 2016 05:13  

                      The Golden variant of these enemies (found in Lothric Castle) are extremely easy to farm if you use the spell rapport on at least 2 of them while killing them off before they become agro again

                      • Golden Knights weakness19 Apr 2016 19:20  

                        lightning / fire do almost same amount of damage magic / blessed do the same amount weakest to dark (tested with no rings and 5 of the same unleveled weapon)

                        • Golden Knights19 Apr 2016 07:56  

                          The ones atop the roof after the elevator in grand archives always drop at least a large titanite shard, but have a chance to drop titanite chunks instead. They also drop their weapons occasionally (at least the halberd, didn't get the axes yet) and I got one blessed gem dropped as well.

                          • Before Lothric Prince18 Apr 2016 18:53  

                            There is a structure with three of them on the top, they give over 11.000 souls and much more with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and the shield of want. Sorry for my very bad english.

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