Blessed Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Blessed Gem

A gem of infused titanite. commonly known as a charm kept by saints.

Used in infusion to create blessed weapons.

Special blessed weapons gradually restore HP and heavily damage reanimated foes.


Blessed Gem Effect

  • Infuse to create Blessed weapons.
  • Blessed Gem have lower base damage, but grants the infused weapon HP regen, Faith based physical and lightning damage scaling, and 20% bonus damage to reanimated foes.
  • Attacks also prevent reanimated foes from reviving after they've been defeated.
  • Also requires the Sage's Coal in order to start infusing weapons.



Blessed Gem Locations

  • 1x Found at Cathedral of the Deep - To reach this, take the shortcut to the left of the bonfire at Cleansing Chapel (When coming in from the front), take the elevator into the room with the crossbowman on your left. Go on the ledge, take the ladder there, and then drop off onto another ledge after killing a scholar. Follow this until you reach the rafters, and then it's on the far right side of the rafters (Video location).
  • Can drop from the Winged Knight in the courtyard near the fountain in High Wall of Lothric.
  • Can drop from an Evangelist in Undead Settlement.and Cathedral of the Deep (very rare)
  • One can be found at the very top of Lothric Castle, dropping in a hole in the area upstairs at the opposing side of the big bridge leading to Lorian and Lothric room.
  • One can be obtained from trading the Moaning Shield to the Crows nest on the roof of the Firelink Shrine.
  • Possible Drop from Corvian Storyteller in Farron Keep and maybe on the Road of Sacrafice too.
  • Possible Drop from Lothric Priest in Lothric Castle and in the Consumed King's Garden.
  • Possible Drop from Ascended Winged Knights on the roof of the Grand Archives, above the shortcut before the bridge leading to the Lorian and Lothric boss room
  • Can be farmed off the hooded priests that buff and heal the Lothric Knights in the early parts of Lothric Castle.
  • In the DLC Ashes of Ariandel, one can be located behind the Giant Tower.
  • Has a rare chance to drop from the Hollow Clerics in The Ringed City DLC.




  • The regen is 3 HP per tick, and is unaffected by upgrade level. However, the higher the upgrade is, the shorter the tick interval. At +0, it ticks every 4 seconds. Each upgrade level will reduce this tick time by 0.25 seconds. A +10 weapon will regen 3HP every 1.5 seconds.
  • The blessed effect stacks with the Sun Princess Ring, offering another boost to your health regeneration, around double the effect when the weapon is fully upgraded.
  • The bonus damage applies to all skeletons, not just the ones who have to be killed twice.
  • Blessed weapons can not be buffed with resins or magical weapon buffs.
  • It may be a good idea to infuse a parrying item (such as the buckler, parrying dagger, or caestus in the off hand) with the blessed gem, as you're unlikely to use these items to block actual attacks in a pvp scenario. Therefore, you sacrifice a very small amount of damage absorption in exchange for a small health regen buff.




  • This infusion makes a return from Demon's Souls.
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    • Anonymous

      19 Jan 2018 23:50  

      It also stacks i.e. if you have a two blessed weapon's and/or the blessed shield equipped ... healing is significantly faster.

      • Anonymous

        17 Dec 2017 09:59  

        Blessed weapon effect against skeletons reanimators didn't work for me when I was called for coop in the catacombs. tested the same weapon solo and there it worked without problems. Skeletons didnt stand up a 2nd time. testing area were the shortel skeletons in the second boulder area and the skeleton horde at the fire demon.

        • Anonymous

          12 Dec 2017 03:55  

          Definite drop from lothric priest! I have killed over 50 blue angelic knights, but no luck. 5 lothric castle bonfire runs and sweet success!

          • Anonymous

            06 Dec 2017 17:54  

            Been farming 2 Priests in Lothric Castle near the Lothric Castle bonfire... 130+ kills with sage rapier and avarice (didn't have avarice on all the time killing the knight for the first 300k souls, so def more than 130 just not sure how much more)... still no blessed gems... I know they do drop from them as I've gotten them before, but... damn is do evangelists or the winged knight have a higher % chance? Or is it just horrible across the board?

            • Anonymous

              02 Dec 2017 17:44  

              Just so you guys know, the blessed gem doesn't drop from winged knights. I've killed him over 20 times and a single one hasn't dropped.

              • Anonymous

                17 Oct 2017 21:11  

                Does it add lightning damage to the infused weapon?
                It says it does add, but when I want to infuse weapon in-game it doesn't show on damage panel of the weapon.
                Could someone clarify?

                • Anonymous

                  05 Sep 2017 12:35  

                  I've been trying to farm a Blessed gem from the Evagelist in Undead Settlement for 2 hours. Still no drop. If you feel like putting yourself through it, go for it. But I suggest just hurrying through Sage and grabbing your gem in the Cathedral of The Deep. The drop rate for this gem from Evangelist must be insanely low so yea, I suggest just grabbing it in CoTD!

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Aug 2017 14:06  

                    also I got a bleesed gem from a lothric knight at high wall of lothric (the blue knights outside prince room)

                    • Anonymous

                      07 Jul 2017 17:09  

                      I found a pretty good farming spot if you have the DLC The Ringed City

                      Go to Ringed City Streets' bonfire, equip a high AR weapon and try to get as much item discovery as possible (avarice symbol, rusted and gold coins, crystal sage rapier, covetous gold serpent ring +3...), exit the bonfire to get to the swamp, rush to the left without spawning the Harald Legion Knights to find 1 Hollow Cleric near a ladder that will rush you by spinning, then2 Hollow Clerics in a corner on the right after the ladder.

                      I think it's the fastest farming method if you need blessed gems, I got three in less than 15 minutes with just rusted coin (maybe I just got lucky, but it's what I think).

                      Another method would be going through the swamp by staying on its left, fighting a first Hollow Cleric on a little chapel, then 3 on the hill on the right, then 5 right after going down the hill. It takes some time, but you have 9 targets instead of 3.

                      • Anonymous

                        20 May 2017 09:05  

                        So, is it just me, or are we supposed to take it on FAITH that the lightning damage comes with this gem? Or perhaps the lightning damage was removed in a patch? Cause when I'm in the infusions screen, it shows 0 lightning damage.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Apr 2017 17:08  

                          With the latest patch blessed gem based regeneration tanks build is possible. Currently using Greatsword (UGS) infused with blessed gem on 28 Str , 10 dex and 39 faith, two handed it deals 512 (200 + 312) physical damage at +10. Not as high as what a quality build would get, but still strong enough to destroy enemies, coupled with high vitality and absorption, it becomes a very durable build with sun princess ring and blessed caestus.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Apr 2017 19:30  

                            Oh, this is interesting. Lothric Knight Greatsword, when Blessed +10 A scaling in Faith, isshowing a 705 2h AR with 18 Str 18 Dex 60 Faith. From what I can tell, it looks like the Lightning Damage on the weapon when infused with Blessed scales off the Faith stat. That's from the mugenmonkey, as this build is not that far yet, so I can't see the actual numbers.

                            Oki I looked on my 55 Faith 35 Strength 18 Dex build. It would seem that the Lightning damage indeed scales with Faith. Here are the numbers.

                            Blessed Lothric Greatsword+10
                            Scaling D in STR, C in DEX, A in FAITH

                            Physical: 185 + 280 (2h 290) = 465 (475)
                            Lightning: 113 + 127 = 240
                            so 707 1h, 717 2h

                            Compared to the Lightning +10 with same stats:
                            Scaling D in STR, D in DEX, and A in FAITH
                            (the A is red which would seem that the Faith scaling is weaker than Blessed)

                            Physical: 157 + 55 (2h 62) = 212 (219)
                            Lightning 231 + 239 = 470
                            so 682 1h, 689 2h

                            So in conclusion, Blessed seems to be the better infusion on the LKGS. Tho the Lightning does considrable more Lightning damage.

                            • Anonymous

                              14 Apr 2017 18:55  

                              All of these weapons (and possibly more) scale S in Faith when at +10, and most at +9.

                              Lothric Knight Sword
                              Gotthard Twinswords
                              Astora Greatsword
                              Carthus Sword
                              Painting Guardian Curved Sword
                              Follower Sabre
                              Carthus Greatsword
                              Exile Greatsword
                              Harald Curved Greatsword
                              Richard's Rapier
                              Crow Quills
                              Onikri and Ubadachi
                              Hand Axe
                              Thrall Axe
                              Winged Spear
                              Rotten Ghru Spear
                              Four-Pronged Plow
                              Follower Javalin
                              Drang Twinspears
                              Lothric Knight Long Spear
                              Lothric War Banner
                              Great Scythe
                              Great Corvian Scythe

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Apr 2017 18:44  

                                Another thing to point out, with the new patch. On a dedicated faith build with low str and dex investment, Blessed infusion is now stronger than uninfused, heavy, sharp, refined, and raw upgrade paths. At least on weapons that scale S in faith, which is quite a few from what I can tell. it seems all the weapons that previously scaled A, now scale S. The list can be found here:


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