Blood Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Blood Gem

A gem of infused titanite. Slurped by Irithyll slaves.

Used in infusion to create lacerating weapons.

Such weapons inflict lacerating damage. Most effective with sharp or spiked weapons.


Blood Gem Usage

  • Infuse lacerating weapons, which inflicts Bleed damage to susceptible foes.


Blood Gem Locations



  • Requires the Profaned Coal in order to start infusing weapons.
  • Lacerating weapons cannot be buffed with resins or weapon buffs.
  • Increases bleed build up - effect seemingly varies from weapon to weapon.
  • A high Luck stat will increase the bleed buildup rate.




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    • 11 Apr 2017 14:21  

      Still useless in pvp compared to sharp, heavy or refined infusions as it basically cuts your weapons damage in half. Bleed also still has the issue of not dealing any damage half the time when it does proc due to rolls cancelling damage for some stupid reason.

      • 06 Apr 2017 07:03  

        So, I have a question, and it may sound silly to some or obvious to others, but does the Luck stat do anything for this gem or that of the poison gems?

        I ask cause it's the first time I am using a build centered around bleeding (though after the recent patch I hear bleeding got nerfed? idk) and so I don't know much about the status gems. I know that Luck is supposed to help increase the build up for Bleeding and Poison, but how much exactly does Luck increase it by?

        I have Luck on my character because I foolishly thought that Anri's Straight Sword had Bleed on it (I mistook the critical symbol for bleed...oops) and since I hear that bleed has been nerfed in terms of Carthus Rouge and Hollow, and you can't make Anri's sword blood...that kinda screws up my plans a bit.

        So now I'm using Warden Twinblades currently (which I hear also sorta fell off being good? but they're the only ones that really go/feel right for my build) and I haven't really noticed any huge leaps and bounds with the bleed aux with my Luck stat nor have I really noticed myself bleeding any enemies or npc phantoms or anything. But I then made them poison (took a bit of a hit to my damage, but RIP. My damage was***** already anyways) and I poison faster than I bleed people. Unless the damage is SO SMALL on the bleed that it doesn't even matter...either that or enemies bleed meters run out a hell of a lot faster than ours. :|

        Anyways, if anyone could answer if Luck is worth it or if I should completely respec elsewhere that'd be great. Thanks.

        • 28 Mar 2017 06:13  

          This gem is now amazing as well as the poison gem. Someone should add the location of the gem in the DLC. The painted world, beneath the chapel on the lowest level with the giant flies, it's in the middle of the room

          • Claws with bleed22 Sep 2016 23:25  

            I'm making a bleed build that uses both claws and manikin claws, one in each hand, so I can swap weapon arts as needed and parry as well. I just 2 hand whichever is better at tthe moment. Because of constant and rapid switching, do u think using hollow gem and carthus buff would bad? I'm determining whether to use hollow gem or blood gem.

            • Useless16 May 2016 08:59  

              This gem is crap. On weapons with already high bleed the increase is negligible and it prevents other buffs. Much Better to go with hollow and the carthus resin that increases bleed. (And a high luck stat)

              • THE NOTES ARE WRONG04 May 2016 21:23  

                This gem does increase bleed proc...just tested the carthus sword on the 8 legged cage guy. it took 4 hits to proc bleed with standard. right after i did that i infused with the blood gem and it only took me three hits to proc bleed on those guys

                • Farming Spot14 Apr 2016 18:35  

        <br/>Credit to "cute boy420" who posted a video of this on YouTube.<br/>Down the stair from the distant manor bonfire

                  • farming spot07 Apr 2016 07:44  

                    This is a rare drop off the guys (with the frostbite swords) who try to ambush you just down the stairs from the distant manor bonfire. Goodluck. Credit to "cute boy420" who posted a video of this on YouTube.

                    • bleed04 Apr 2016 21:28  

                      Anyone know how much this infusion increases bleed? does it increase bleed build up on weapons that already bleed? if then how much? I'm thinking of making a ninja build that has high luck and dex. Trying to figure if bleed infuse is worth it or if I should just go with Hollow infusion. (50 luck with 40 dex)

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