Titanite Chunk is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Titanite Chunk

Titanite chunk for weapon reinforcement. Reinforces weapons to +9.

Few records of chunks exist, and once one was discovered in Lothric, the race to locate Legendary Slabs began, but there have been no reports of success.


Titanite Chunk Usage

  • Reinforce regular Weapons to +9
  • 12 chunks required in total to get a weapon from +6 to +9
    • 2 chunks for +7
    • 4 chunks for +8
    • 6 chunks for +9 

Titanite Chunk Locations



  • Trade a Black Firebomb or Rope Black Firebomb with Pickle-Pee, Pump-a-Rum in exchange for a Titanite Chunk in Firelink Shrine
  • 1x at Smouldering Lake:  dropped by a Crystal Lizard in a tunnel
  • 2x at Irithyll Dungeon:
    • 1x dropped from the sleeping Giant 
    • 1x from the Crystal Lizard in front of the sleeping Giant
  • 4x in Consumed King's Garden: in the area with mutated hollows before the bonfire and one up the elevator from the same area 
  • 2x in Untended Graves: in the area with the grave wardens
  • 12x at Archdragon Peak:
    • 3x Bonfire, one to the left of the castle entrance and one to the right behind a column of rocks and the third on the other side of the small over head bridge
    • 3x one inside the second tower left of the main area and 2 more on top of the third tower guarded by a giant axe wielding Serpent-man
    • 6x from the defeating second Ancient Wyvern
  • 13x at Lothric Castle:
    • 4x after the first bonfire
    • 5x after the Dragon Barracks bonfire beneath the bridge where you you encounter the Lothric Wyvern, another outside to the left after encountering the right infected wyvern foot. The last before the Dragon Slayer fog door up the ladder on the roof. 
    • 4x for killing the Pus of Man infecting both wyverns past Dragon Barracks Bonfire
  • 11x in Grand Archives:
    • 1x just after the dragon slayer's bonfire to the right.
    • 1x as you eneter Grand Archives one is to the right in the far corner.
    • 1x is near the secret area where the titanite slab is located.
    • 1x one is located where the spear lothric knight is patrolling.
    • 1x one after the room with the two crystal lizard to the right.
    • 1x one next to where you find the scholar's ring.
    • 1x one outside where you first encounter a gargoyle.
    • 2x on a balcony behind the ultra great sword lothric knight.
    • 1x along the last series of roofs where 2 gargoyles spawn.
    • 1x is where the storyteller enemies are to the far right and close to a lothric knight. 
  • Video Location 1
  • Video Location 2




  • It costs 156,000 souls to purchase 12 titanite chunks, which is the required amount to upgrade a weapon to +9.
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    • 31 Dec 2016 14:57  

      The crows in firelink don't trade with me anymore. I didn't do anything they just keep saying " enough" and I've only traded a homeward bone for the call over gesture can someone please help I need to trade with them

      • 25 Dec 2016 03:57  

        This may very well be just me, but it would seem that the man-serpents that are spitting fire have a higher likelihood of dropping them. I'm using Crystal Sages Rapier and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and popping both kinds of coins now and then Farming at the Archdragon Peak Bonfire

        • 04 Dec 2016 10:54  

          The highest drop rate in my experience was from Red Eyed Royal Guards outside of Twin Princes bonfire. I got 4 Chunks in 10-15 minutes farming. My luck was at 307 (Covetous gold ring, Crystal Sage and Symbol of Avarice).

          • 04 Nov 2016 15:37  

            this sentence should be banned in teh internet "3x Bonfire, one to the left of the castle entrance and one to the right behind a column of rocks and the third on the other side of the small over head bridge"

            • The sleeping giant in the Irythill Dungeon no longer drops a titanite chunk.09 Sep 2016 01:19  

              The sleeping giant now drops some other random upgrade material. One one play-through it dropped a large titanite shard and two dung pies, on another play-through it dropped twinkling titanite, on another play-through it only dropped dung-pies. I can confirm that after recent patches it does not drop titanite chunks (or does so very inconsistently).

              • Irythill dungeon12 Aug 2016 19:28  

                The Giant and the crystal lizard seem to drop something else now. Twinkling titanite. I was confused cause I tried to get them both and when I was done and looted neither had dropped the chunks

                • Ascended Winged Knight21 Jul 2016 18:52  

                  A New patch came out this week and I wish to know if the ascended Winged knights are still dropping chunks cause I can't seem to get after the latest patch.

                  • WHY FARM?21 Jun 2016 00:09  

                    Farm souls from the Winged Bros and buy a bunch back home at the shrine. Make it rain Chunks on the Firekeeper, Sirris, and the rest of the posse. Drop a few chunks for the homies with the freshest gear up Londo Side.<br/>

                    • Titanite chunk02 Jun 2016 09:58  

                      A titanite chunk can be found behind the wall in the valley where the giant worm and arrows are being shot if you go straight across there's a wall that can be broken by an giant arrow that's being shot at you and behind it you'll find a titanite chunk<br/>

                      • Rate10 May 2016 22:59  

                        Based on 10 chunks, I've gotten about 1 chunk per 75K souls, with 260 item discovery and the CSS ring from the 4 man-serpents by the first bonfire at archdragon peak.

                        • Most efficient farming I've found so far07 May 2016 08:19  

                          It was hard to find the best spot but for me it's Dragon-Kin mausoleum with every item discovery item possible... about 2 chunks every few minutes + tons of souls.<br/><br/>Video of the route:

                          • how i got my +9 as soon as possible06 May 2016 03:24  

                            I have had drop titanite chunks from various hollows between the bonfires of Lothric Castle and Dragon Barracks ( Drachenhort ).<br/>I had 2 titanite chunks from crossbow hollows and 1 from a giant axe hollow. The knight before the corpse with the Greatlance dropped 2 titanite chunks for me too. I was killing all the enemies between these 2 bonfires for about 15 times and it got me my weapon from +6 to +9 . So i heavily asume that most monsters in lothric castle can drop titanite chunks. I was using gold and silver serpentine rings, the shield of want and the helmet of the mimics that lets you look like an idiot (chestlike look).

                            • Titanite Chunks27 Apr 2016 18:55  

                              It doesn't seem like it's on the wiki so I thought I would share a spot I found, if you go to the Dragon Barracks Bonfire and go backwards, not towards the dragons and kill the hollows with item discovery equipment on then they have a chance to drop large titanite shards and titanite chunks as well

                              • Farming Spot15 Apr 2016 23:42  

                                Pretty late in the game; go to Grand Archives and up the lift, head up to the roof where 3 winged knights are. They all have a chance at dropping it but they're very good for farming souls too. With the serpent ring and shield of want, they give around 17k souls each. Also has high chance to drop large titanite shards

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