Poison Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Poison Gem

A gem of infused titanite. Discovered in the rotted forest of Farron.

Used in infusion to create poison weapons.

Such weapons inflict poison-laced damage that gradually eats away at foes.


Poison Gem Usage



Poison Gem Locations

  • Rare drop from Rotten Slugs, Ghru Grunts, and Elder Ghru in Farron Keep
  • Found on the corpse guarded by three Elder Ghru to the left of the Keep Ruins bonfire.
  • Found in the toxic swamp, inside the cave, in Profaned Capital.




  • Requires the Farron Coal in order to start infusing weapons.
  • The effect of poison infusions on long spears' Charge weapon art is still under investigation. Help required.
  • Can be farmed at the Keep Ruins bonfire, by killing the three Ghru Grunts right next to the bonfire.




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    • +1 Bleed?27 Jun 2016 21:41  

      When I went to enchant my +10 Uchigatana I hovered over poison Gem and saw it upped my Bleed value by one as well as adding a poison value. Can anyone Confirm this?

      • Is poison good for pve?21 Jun 2016 12:51  

        I just started dark souls 3 im up to the road of sacrifices. My best weapon is four pronged plow and im wondering whether to infuse poison on it since i adored posion in dark souls 2.<br/><br/>Any advice on poison or farron keep would be appreciated.

        • Poison not practical?19 Apr 2016 15:45  

          Poison in other Soul games was at least useful in PVP. But in DS3 I don't see it as being practical unless there is a way to stack/buff poison damage. Until then poison builds are not going to be a thing in the game.

          • Poison has one use; if you apply it to someone in PvP, you will know exactly where that person is for the duration of the Poison effect.18 Apr 2016 00:51  

            While enemies are poisoned, you can always see their health bars. But, yeah, if you only care about damage, yes, Poison is useless.

            • Is poison useless?15 Apr 2016 11:42  

              Yesterday I infused my Caestus +2 with poison and even though I poisoned some monsters with 2 hits (several enemies seem to be immune to poison at all) it did 3 HP per second of damage, which is pretty useless considering that I do around 60 DPS per second by hitting with the weapon. <br/><br/>If anyone can share your thoughts/experience that would be great.

              • Poison infused poison weapon...13 Apr 2016 23:51  

                I am not sure if this applies to all poison weapons, however when infused with the Rotton Ghru Spear the effects seemed to be unnoticeable.

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