Elder Ghru

Enemy Type ??
Weakness Fire, Magic & Bleed
Resistances Blunt
Immune ??

Elder Ghru is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • These towering beasts share characteristics with the local Ghru but are several times their size.
  • They're capable of powerful strikes and can cast swarms of homing missiles.


Combat Information

  • Every strike is accompanied by the summoning of homing skulls which inflict damage on hit.
  • They're intimidating to look at but take a lot of damage from physical attacks and their health goes down quickly
  • Because they'll attack relentlessly and are hard to get away from, it is advised to be aggressive and keep the fight short
  • Releases a wide blast wave when dislodging their tree when it gets stuck in the ground, watch for the tree getting stuck lower than usual
  • A good strategy is to lure the enemy and place immediatiy behind a swamp bonfire (Not the usual bonfires, this deals fire damage). The Ghru will step into it, won't flinch and it will receive continous damage.


Notes & Trivia

  • You can farm the three close by the Ruins Keep Bonfire at Farron Keep. Kill the three beasts, then you can shoot the Elder Ghrus with a bow. It takes a little bit of time, but it nets you a lot of souls quickly.
  • The tree they used as a staff is actually a White Birch Tree.
  • They loosely resemble Vicar Amelia from Bloodborne.
  • The skull projectile they used loosely resembles Executioner's Gloves from Bloodborne.
  • If you attack one of their legs enough, they will collapse, and be open for a riposte to the head.


  • Black bow of Pharis (Drops from the group of three located outside and to the right of the Keep Ruins bonfire. Can be seen from the bridge.)
  • Pharis's Hat (Drops from the group of three located outside and to the right of the Keep Ruins bonfire. Can be seen from the bridge.)
  • Stone Greatshield
  • Poison Gem (Rare drop)
  • Ember (Very rare drop)
  • Heavy Gem



Variation Name

Location Drops
 Ruins Keep  NG +6   7681  

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops



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    • Tips03 Oct 2016 23:55  

      Aside from using an environmental hazard like fire as already noted, you can lure them into a plunge opening by the ladder leading to Old Wolf of Farron (aside from other high ground like the ramp nearby). As with many larger foes (Great Crab, Crystal Lizard, etc.) in this game, a single such move will instantly put them into a riposte vulnerable stun state. Like Crystal Lizard (and unlike Great Grab), you have enough time to recover and capitalize for said critical. Their homing orbs can be spell parried (the wisdom of this may be questionable). Dark Wraiths are friendly to none save for themselves, so in-fighting can be encouraged. Having the giant friendly would also let you take advantage of him by his beloved tree. I'm quite sure the Great Crab would be able to damage Elder Ghru, but wouldn't directly attack him. Like other foes, you can lure it to a 'leash point' (AI boundary), then exploit its attempts to return where it belongs for free hits.

      • Fatality12 Jun 2016 00:57  

        While using bursting fireball pyromancy, they can be opened for a fatality after 4-5 hits. Must have something to do with the number of hits because i tried 3 other pyromancies and they didn't trigger the opening.

        • Crab and arrows26 May 2016 06:04  

          I saw somewhere that you can lure them over where the crab and white birch are and get the giant to take them out. Anyone know if this is true? When I tried it the giant never fired at them. He seemed to stop shooting after the crab died.

          • Swipe26 May 2016 05:57  

            It says all of their attacks are accompanied by the pursuer skull things, but i have never seen them on their horizontal swipe. Also I don't think there are any on their big attack. The one where the slam the tree into the ground and there's a big AoE when they rip it back out.

            • Easy kills25 Apr 2016 14:23  

              Just lure them towards one of the fires in the swamp. Use ranged spells or ranged weapons to bring them over. They'll just stand in the fire and get themselves killed by it. Use a shield with physical protection and probably some dark resistance and you'll suffer minimum damage. The trio surrounding the poison gem others have said you can just snipe them on the bridge behind the bonfire.

              • Weakness23 Apr 2016 09:16  

                It'ill be good to precise that they are incredibly weak to fire. I once aggro one with a bow. Walking into a bonfire remvoed about 1/4 , 1/5 of its life. It died by standing in it.

                • Heavy Gem21 Apr 2016 08:45  

                  I killed them once and one of them dropped a heavy gem. I tried another 5 times but nothing but embers. Do they drop heavy gems often or just once?

                  • Mud Godzilla20 Apr 2016 23:06  

                    I hate these mud-godzillas. I don't balk at an enemy invasion, nor the giants in the deep cathedral, or any dragon. But these god*****ed mud-godzilla's creep me out. KEEP THEM IN THE SWAMP WHERE THEY BELONG!

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