Boreal Outrider Knight

Boreal Outrider Knight DKS3

Enemy Type Humanoid
Weakness Dark
Resistances Frost, Fire, Magic, Physical
Immune Toxic/Poison

Boreal Outrider Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description


Combat Information

  • Because of their unique weapons, they all deal Frost damage.
  • Timing a roll to end up at his side or back,followed by a combo is proven effective.
  • Can be parried and riposte'd.
  • They're susceptible to Dark Pyromancy. The Black Fire Orb on a 20-20 INT-FTH build casted on a +9 Pyro Flame, will do 500 damage should you wear both Swamp and Witch's rings +Lloyd's Sword Ring.

Notes & Trivia

  • Outrider Knights have deformed over time, into dog-like Sulyvahn's Beasts, Vordt of the Boreal Valley and even the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. - "Every Outrider Knight one day devolves into a beast, constantly hounded by Pontiff Sulyvahn's black eyes."
  • The Outrider Knight in Lothric Castle drops the Irithyll Rapier regardless of wielding the Irithyll Straight Sword, similar to the knight in the Road of Sacrifices.
  • Maybe inspired by "Berserk" manga by Kentaro Miura, specifically, by Gutts in his Berserk armor that takes the form of his inner beast or "beast of darkness" -- a wolf, and takes control of him. Similarly, their complete bestial forms of Sulyvahn's Beasts are designed after the "beast of darkness" from "Berserk"   


Irithyll Straight Sword Knight

Location Drops
Undead Settlement  654  1600 Irithyll Straight Sword

Irithyll Rapier Knight

 Location   Drops 
Lothric Castle  1971  3000  Irithyll Rapier

Boreal Outrider Knight

Location Drops
 Grand Archives  2330 15000  Outrider Knight Armour set



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    • 24 Jun 2017 17:27  

      If these buggers are a pain greater than any boss in your ass - fear not!
      Here is a comprehensive guide to cheese all 3 of them! =D

      1st Outrider: Either run to the door, open it while being invincible, panic roll to the bonfire and use arrows/attack after a combo. Another way is luring it back to the elevator and take the elevator up. The outrider will spastically continue to attack eventually falling into the pit below the elevator and die - you will get the item regardless.

      2nd Outrider: Can be lured into the dragonbreath(is a bit risky). The other way(my favourite) is to bait him to the balcony where the charm throwing enemy was, bait it down through the gap in the railing and than bait it down even further to the pit with the 2 Pus of man. If successful RUN FOR YOU FREAKIN UNLIVING - circle around running past all ambushing asassins/thiefs, drop down towards the Barraks-Bonfire(do not use it!) and continue to the pit with the pus of man and outrider inside. Use the pus and outrider now to attack you while on upper ground. Since the attack pattern of the pus is even more spatically retarded than the pattern of the outrider it will stunlock and kill kim eventually.

      3rd Outrider: Aggro him and bait him back in the previous room. There is platform accessible by a staircase(where the thrall was throwing bombs at you) that you can use for cheesy plunge attacks.

      Why fight something with infinite stamina and super speed when you can cheese it, I say. =D

      • 15 May 2017 21:53  

        Dark Pyromancy seems to work. Black Flame on a +8 Pyro Flame with Swamp and Witch's rings will do 411 damage.

        • 12 May 2017 15:28  

          There's an easy way to cheese the second outrider knight (in Lothric's castle). Aggro him and run up the stairs, stay at medium rare so that you keep the aggro and run the main passage where the dragons breathe fire. The outrider knight, assuming you kept the aggro, will be hit by the dragon's breath, so you'll have to keep him in the passage until he dies.

          • 21 Apr 2017 16:24  

            the first one, right before road of sacrifice, this guy can easily be cheesed with anything ranged from the bonfire. he wont attack you if you are outside, if you dont use arrows or magic you can easily take a few steps in make a charged heavy attack then retreat out the door so he resets. rinse and repeat until he is dead. 100% physical sheild helps with this melee strategy. dont roll just walk backwards holding the sheild up.

            • 15 Apr 2017 18:14  

              For the one at the end of Undead Settlement just before the bonfire for the next stage, he will hover at the door but cannot chase you out into the bonfire area. I cheesed him with a few well-placed arrows. If he does wander away step back into his chamber and get his attention and then run back outside towards the bonfire.

              • 10 Mar 2017 01:20  

                A method of cheesing the one in Lothric Castle is to lead him back up the curved staircase. Then guide him to the top of the staircase directly in front and hop down the opening on your right. You can trap him behind the wall and damage him with AOE spells and Pyromancies (Chaos Fire Orb works wonders)

                • 02 Mar 2017 10:26  

                  Are these guys blind or what? I started playing as a thief and was surprised by how effective quickstep is against these things; they actually freeze (no pun intended) in place for a few seconds after I get behind them with it. Bandit's knife with human pine resin makes quick and easy work of them.

                  • 25 Feb 2017 01:44  

                    How to beat it easily, 1. Rush to the door and open the door, 2. attack him few attacks and back to outside the door, 3. repeat step 2 until it dead, 4. Profit!

                    • 25 Dec 2016 18:39  

                      It should also say immune to poison, I cast poison mist on the one in Lothrop six times and fought him with an Astor's spear +3 and never got him to be poisoned. I have yet to try toxic but I have a feeling the outcome will be the same.

                      • 06 Dec 2016 07:41  

                        For the one before crucifixtion woods i hate to admit i used the elevator cheese, send the elevator back up and bait him to the hole and watch him throw himself in

                        • 23 Nov 2016 00:27  

                          Lol 'Maybe inspired by "Berserk" manga by Kentaro Miura'? Shut the ***** up! Artorias is the only dude in the entire Dark Souls trilogy that's actually inspired by Berserk. Not everything is inspired by Berserk.

                          • 26 Oct 2016 03:34  

                            For an upfront fight with melee against these knights, use the Carthus Bloodring, Chloranthy Ring, and be under 50% carry weight.

                            Being 50% and above weighs you down too much to have good dodge rolls and it 2-3 shots you even if your wearing strong armor so just ditch it in favor of necessary and better dodge rolls.

                            The rings gives so much more needed I-Frames and faster stamina regen for dodging the attacks and you just need to hit him once every chance. He'll go down progressively and smoothly.

                            • 25 Oct 2016 20:13  

                              I just used Iron Flesh, then pressed R1 a couple of times.

                              Took minimal damage and the guy died... Good lord that was so simple I wish i thought of it earlier.

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