Irithyllian Slave

Enemy Type Undead?
Weakness Bleed & Toxic
Resistances Thrust & Dark
Immune ??

Irithyllian Slave is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • Location: Found throughout Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  • Appearance: Ghasts are distinguishable from normal undead by their white-glowing eyes and the dark smoke surrounding their heads. They appear to be Hollows dressed in tattered slave clothing, wearing torn light shirts and loincloths, with chains loosely tied around their waists.
  • Near Invisibility: The majority are capable of near invisibility, with the only indicator of their presence being their glowing eyes and the dark smoke. Generally they become visible at close range.
  • True Invisibility: Those that are capable of near invisibility are also able to become truly invisible, by closing their eyes; even at short range, these ghasts are completely invisible, but can still be detected by sound (breathing, footsteps, clinking chains) or by touch. Though invisible, they are not immaterial, and can still be attacked.
  • Threat Level: They're not very dangerous as individuals but tend to appear in large groups or with other enemies.
  • Variants: ghast warriorsghast assassins, and spellghasts/ghast sorcerers.
  • Subvariants: ghast crawler and banshee.


Combat Information

  • Resistant to Magic
  • Vulnerable to Alluring Skulls and Aural Decoy (only when alert but unaware of the player)
  • Vulnerable to Rapport
  • Can be Parried, Riposted, and Backstabbed (Note: The crawler is too low to the ground to be parried or backstabbed.)
  • Ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows are effective, and the ghast's glowing eyes make for easy targeting for headshots.
  • Ghast warriors are armed with Claymores and do not employ invisibility. They lack subtlety and will straightforwardly approach their target and swing their greatsword at them. Some warriors wield magically-imbued Claymores that, when raised into the air and stabbed down deliberately, will release an explosion of magic damage.
  • Ghast assassins are armed with single daggers and are near-invisible by default. They can only be detected by the glow of their eyes, but will become visible at short range. When a ghast assassin is aware of the player, they will sometimes use true invisibility, and will strike while you cannot see them. They can only be detected by the sound of their footsteps, clinking chains, and labored breathing; in a tense combat situation, that can be very easy to miss. Though not recommended in most combat situations, you would be advised to either keep your shield up and put your back against a corner, or swing blindly at wherever you hear them.
  • Ghast assassins can and will practice subtlety, and will go for backstabs if you leave your back exposed to them.
  • A subvariant of the ghast assassin, known as the ghast crawler, appears shortly after the ghast assassin's initial appearance. Ghast crawlers are distinguishable from being prone on the ground due to having their legs amputated from the knee up. Ghast crawlers cannot be parried or turn truly invisible, but they are capable of vomiting a corrosive pool that damages heavily over time and should be avoided as quickly as possible. Practice extreme care, because where there is one ghast crawler, more await in the shadows.
  • The ghast crawler sometimes lurks above and if a victim approaches underneath, the crawler will drop down, latch onto the victim's back, and stab them repeatedly for heavy damage. Keep an eye on the rafters.
  • Spellghasts are armed with daggers and wands and can cast a player-tracking Soul Arrow at long range. Spellghasts are near-invisible by default, like the ghast assassins, and can employ true invisibility. At close range, they behave like assassins (turning invisible and striking at the target with their dagger) until they achieve sufficient range to resume casting Soul Arrow.
  • A subvariant of the spellghast, known as the banshee, appears shortly after the crawler's initial appearance. Banshees are capable of casting a weak Homing Soulmass that summons two homing souls. More dangerous, however, is their keening wail. If allowed to wail, all nearby ghasts will become aware of your presence and hostile. It is advised to kill the banshee as quickly as possible.


Notes & Trivia



Ghast Warrior

Location Drops
 Irithyll of the Boreal Valley    250  

Ghast Assassin

Location Drops
  Irithyll of the Boreal Valley    250  
 Crawler    300  


Location Drops
 Irithyll of the Boreal Valley    250  
 Banshee    250  



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