General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
720 700 Irithyll Dungeon
Physical Defense vs blunt vs thrust --
?? ?? ?? --
icon-wp_firedef.png Magic Defense icon-wp_lightningdef.png icon-wp_darkdef.png
?? ?? ?? ??
Bleed Resistance Poison Resistance Frost Resistance Curse Resistance
?? ?? ?? ??

Jailers are an enemy in Dark Souls 3.

Jailer Information

  • Holds a lantern, when lantern emits red light the player's max health slowly decreases while in their line of sight. Max health remains lowered for a short time, lasts roughly 20 seconds.Health will not be restored when max health returns to normal.
    • Rolling with the Carthus Milkring also stops health drain for a duration of invisiblity.
  • Wields a brand as a melee weapon.





Combat Information

  • Their irons inflict an additional curse that can decrease your maximum health even further (to 1) and lowers your maximum equipment load.
  • Their stabs are quickly followed by a kind of grab that is sure to kill you if your health's been lowered.
  • Roll backwards whenever you've been attacked.
  • Weak to Lightning Damage.
  • Weak against Thrust. Use spears, halberds, rapiers, and a sword's thrusting attack to effectively damage them.
  • Strong against Standard , Magic and ?? damage.
  • Rolling towards Jailers when they are close baits their thrust attack and positions yourself behind them, giving you the perfect oppurtunity for a counter attack.
  • The lantern's life drain effect slows down once a certain health threshold is reached, and slows down even further as your HP drops closer to 1.
  • Black Firebombs and Great Chaos Fire Orb will knock them down, allowing you to quickly close distance on them, or get away.
  • Immune to Rapport 
  • When not in aggro, the Jailer can be distracted by throwing an object (throwing knife etc.) A good strategy for easy backstabs.




  • The Jailer design is based off of the Mindflayer from Demon's Souls who ring a bell rather than hold a lantern, the Dungeon is also heavily based on Latria.




    • 02 Jan 2017 02:56  

      Literally the most annoying dudes to fight especially in groups though they are the best accomplishes for invading hunters in the dungeon. Ganking groups is so easy

      • Oddly weak to poison28 Aug 2016 12:32  

        I could poison them with 3 stabs from a +5 arstor spear. I'm guessing you can poison them with a single casting of poison/toxic mist or 1-2 hits with rotted resin. Doesn't make fighting them any easier, since poison is so slow, but I guess it's good to know?

        • UGS seems to knock them down.08 Jul 2016 14:26  

          I have a Strength build using the Cathedral UGS, which strangely enough knocks these guys down on the first 2h hit, but actually stands them back up on the followup. Easy cheesing method is to just use the first 2h hit.

          • Confused08 Jul 2016 12:17  

            So I was being really observant and careful in ng+8 cuz it basically feels like you are playing ng rather than advance so am in irithyll dungeon and killed one of the jailers and noticed their legs quite shocked I found out that they are wearing some sort of high heels. I thought why not try the jailer trousers because my character is a female but I was quite disappointed. No high heels for character. Anyways so can anyone tell me if jailers are male or female based on this new info

            • Anger05 Jul 2016 19:58  

              So, here I am, nice calm run through of NG+4, and by calm, I mean getting to NG+5 as fast as possible, but anyway, I'm in Irithyll Dungeon, coastin' through, when suddenly one of the spear cretins accidentally stabs me in the ass killing me, sure enough, causing me to drop 2 million souls, no big deal sure. Welllllllll, welll, listen, it gets fun when i get back to the room, and find out that jailerss can actually break Hyper armor. YES EXACTLY, The thing that was a sanctuary has been destroyed. The poke they have breaks hyper armor, then causes you to fat roll, resulting in the pin down attack, while rapidly losing health already, ultimately killing me. Net loss: Dignity, 2 million Souls, ember. Net Gain: Viable Complaint material on a website.

              • How To Stop Health Drain29 Jun 2016 20:06  

                Here are 3 helpful tips of stopping the HP drain:<br/><br/>1. If you can get out of their lantern's line of sight, your HP will be safe, even if the Jailer can still see you. <br/><br/>2. You can stagger them out of the animation in which their lantern turns red. If you do this, they'll either fight without draining your HP, or they'll repeatedly try to turn their lantern red again, so using stealth items to get the jump on them can really save you.<br/><br/>3. This is REALLY useful for STR builds, whose melee combat can really be messed up by the HP drain. Jailers can be knocked down by heavy weapons, especially if two-handed, notably the Cathedral Knight Mace. While knocked down, your HP will not drain, even if their lantern is red.<br/><br/>

                • Needs further testing, but...29 Jun 2016 13:55  

                  It looked to me like you can't be affected by the health drain as long as they're not in your line of sight (as in, on your sceen). Tried this in the big room with lots of them and it seemed to work, unless they just didn't pick up aggro.

                  • FEMALE OR MALE?18 Jun 2016 16:07  

                    I ask this because the mask's description says it belongs to noblemen.And there are even some hollows wearing the mask and the full set in general.

                    • Poisen resist stat17 Jun 2016 16:03  

                      The Jailors seem to have a very low poison resist (or is it absorption?), and seem to become poisoned within a second if you use the poison cloud pyromancy. Poison, however, is so weak in this game that it's not really worth it, as it only deals around 3 damage pr. second.<br/>

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