Lord of Cinder in Dark Souls 3 is a title given to those who once were mighty enough to Link the Flame and survive the massive burst of flame.

Lords of Cinder have parts of their bodies seemingly alit, in a similar fashion to the player's Lord of Cinder Mode(Embered).

At the ending of the game, the player can choose to Link the Flame himself.

Lord of Cinder Information

 Dark Souls 3's story revolves around the five Lords of Cinder, the five being:

The last four are required bossfights.

Lore Speculation

  • Unkindled are failed Lords of Cinder, succeeding in linking the flame, but too weak to survive the burst of fire.
  • Lords of Cinder cannot Link the Flame on their own, and all five are needed.
  • The Lords of cinder have linked the fire long ago, but it still fades and it was deemed "not enough". The new order was to have all 5 of them link it again, this time together for a stronger sacrifice.
    Only Ludleth of Courland was willing to make the sacrifice. He had his legs removed should his will waver, as the first time he linked the fire must had been traumatic. No one else wants to link the flame. It might be that they barely survived the first time or it hurts like hell.
  • The champion of ash, a long with many other unkindled are awoken from death, possibly by the fire's call, to bring all mighty Lords back, dead or alive.
  • Despite having served as the fuel for the First Flame for this long of a time the Lords of Cinder still retain a good amount of the fire within their body. This aspect in itself is somehow standing against the purpose of “sacrificing oneself to prolong the inevitable” as it implies that this power is taken from the already dying First Flame and thereby weakening it even further.
    This in fact could be the very reason the Player Character has to find the Lords of Cinder, slay them and thereby retake their souls to then feed them to the First Flame again by Linking it.
  • The young prince Lothric is being called a Lord of Cinder, even though he is implied to have never actually linked the First Flame. He is also not shown to have any of the fire powers the other lords use in their second boss phase. All the fire attacks used are stemming from his older brothers sword (which got its effect from Demon fire).

We are left to speculate further


    • 02 Jan 2017 18:17  

      I find it interesting, that the lords of cinder all have a connection to the four lords.
      Firstly we have the twins and Gwyn, being monarchs of their respective kingdoms, having a connection to the linking of the fire and a close relationship to a paledrake(Seath and oceiros). It's also implied, that Gwynevere is the prince's mother.
      Yhorm and the Witch are both Lords whose Cities have been destroyed by an unnatural flame. Also both cities are protected by hooded women and lava monsters(demons and gargoyles.)
      With Aldritch and Nito you just have to look at them to see connections. Both are compiled of other people's bodyparts(pus of man for aldritch and skeletons for Nito) Also both have a joinable covenant, despite you having to kill them later.
      The abysswatchers and the furtive pigmy are both connected to the dark. The Furtive pygmy split his soul and gave it to all of humanity, while the watchers are one soul shared by an entire company of knights. Manus is implied to be the pygmy and Farron is implied to be Oolacile, the place Manus got killed.
      I find that to be an interesting continuation of Ds2's reincarnation theme.
      I find it very interesting, that

      • 01 Jan 2017 14:31  

        You will need to go back to the vorht bonfire then go up to the doors above, be warned it's the dancer boss fight but after that you show have the last soul soon enough

        • 11 Dec 2016 10:25  

          I've killed all bosses except for the final one. I've placed their ashes on the thrones but nothing happens at the bonfire. Do I need to place ashes on lothrics throne? Can anyone help. Gamer tag
          Tru Karma 08

          • Abyss takes over the Lords?14 Sep 2016 23:57  

            This is just a theory I had about The Abyss Watchers, Yhorm, and Aldrich. What if part of them are consumed by the Abyss? Sadly there is no strong evidence on the whole enemies with red eyes are part of the abyss buttttttt the man of pus have the glowing red eyes. So enemies with the red eyes may be have some form of the abyss. The Abyss Watchers share the same blood/soul and the Abyss Watcher with the red eyes attack the other ones. Which is why they are constantly fighting each other to drive the abyss out. Aldrich went crazy and started eating people when the abyss took over. Which is why he bloated and turned into the black sludge. Yhorm is the toughest with this but he does have the red eyes. He is also the guy who gave the Storm Ruler that could kill him to anyone who doubted him and to Siegward to keep a promise. Yhorm to me sounds like a guy who would keep the fire going unless something happened to him like the abyss taking over. But that's just my theory, not sure if anyone else thinks that

            • Soul of Cinder26 Jul 2016 09:06  

              the obvious answer to who the Soul of Cinder is, is that he is every dark souls player + Gwyn. He changes his playstyle, using a staff and casting sorceries, to using a curved sword and doing backflips. This indicates that he is changing his build and playstyle like all the dark souls players do. After one build is dead, another rises to protect the flame. In the second phase, He goes back to normal but this time with Gwyns music, indicating that the Ashen one killed all of the dark souls players inside the Soul of Cinder and the only person left to protect the flame is Gwyn himself.

              • Abysswalker10 Jul 2016 09:47  

                I suppose The Soul of Cinder is gwyn , And Lothric's Younger prince is the bearer of the Curse Because he didn't linked the first flame After what Aldia told him about the curse of the world cycle , And yhorm is The Giant Lord from DS2 .

                • unkindled01 Jun 2016 14:20  

                  Unkindled are from the failed undead in general. Not the failed lords of cinder. They come from the unkindled ashes of undead. The sacrifices in the undead villige are because the undead are trying to kill the ashen ones as well as the undead marked with the sigil. The hatred between undead and the ashen ones is because the ashen ones represent and bring to light the failures of the undead. You don't have the dark sigil because you are born from fire. Fire is always in conflict to the dark. Undead are not cursed by the dark but simply come from the dark. They are cursed because of their potential to link the fire but they are in fact children of the dark which is why Londo is able to exist.

                  • Other Lords21 May 2016 04:09  

                    Would it be worth noting that characters from other games are also Lords of Cinder? Gwyn was the first, then the Chosen Undead*, then the Bearer of the Curse*, and now the Lords in Ds3.<br/><br/>(* Potentially)

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