Ghru Leaper

Enemy Type Ghru
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??

Ghru Leaper is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • The Leaper is the most dangerous of the melee Ghru's.
  • He attacks by jumping and by using deadly grabs that bypass blocks.
  • Ghru's are descendants of the Farron guardians. Some event has turned them into goatlike demons, probably because of them being a spawn of Satan himself, especially the Leaper ones.


Combat Information

  • The Ghru Leaper is fast and aggressive, and can move around on two and four limbs.
  • Jumping gives the Leaper a great potential to dodge and counter.
  • Be careful when blocking, as the Leaper will often try to grab you, a move that ignores your shield.
  • Their jumping stomp attack can be blocked, but if unblocked will cause as much damage as the grab attack.
  • Sometimes the Leaper will pause and it will slowly walk towards you for a while.
  • It also has one or two claw attacks that can be parried.
  • One of the safest ways to deal with them is to dodge sideways, when they run up to grab you, and then punish them from behind.
  • After successfully performing a grab attack on the player, the Leaper will glow with a red aura for some time afterward. This is possibly a buff, needs confirmation.
  • Can be Lured?
  • Can be Rapported


Notes & Trivia

  • Some can be standing, but some require a trigger to stand up.
  • Their appearance is similar to the mythological creature Baphomet.
  • Environmental fires will damage them noticeably, this can be used if you're low on HP but be aware that sometimes they will avoid the fires.



Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops



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    • Anonymous

      28 Feb 2018 12:01  

      . Some event has turned them into goatlike demons, probably because of them being a spawn of Satan himself, especially the Leaper ones.

      • Anonymous

        12 Feb 2018 16:51  

        These things killed me five times in a row. Whoever though up these bastards, you must be a truly sadistic *****.

        • Anonymous

          30 Dec 2017 00:39  

          These *****ing things scare the***** out of me. Like literally, a deep instinctual fear. These things remind me of the wendigo, a man that was forced out of starvation to eat human flesh, dead or alive. They are consumed by their hunger, and devour anything they can, human or otherwise.

          I literally try my best to avoid these things.

          • Anonymous

            27 Nov 2017 14:29  

            Manus be like:
            Hey, remember that Capra Demon guy with the unblockable jump attack? I'm making my own Abyss versions of them.

            • 08 Nov 2017 03:40  

              The description says "can be lured". I've seen how dangerous they are in multiple das3 playthroughs on youtube but if they can be lured by alluring skulls why doesn't anybody take advantage of that? My laptop can't run dark souls 3 so I can't test how effective alluring skulls are on them but dark souls 2 has trained me well to use alluring skulls on tough enemies (if they are affected by alluring skulls).

              • Anonymous

                16 Apr 2017 21:03  

                The best strategy I found against this guy is to punch him right in the gabba right before he tries any tricks. He has a small pool of hp and big part of his attacks is interraptable it seems.

                • Anonymous

                  15 Mar 2017 08:27  

                  After these f+++++ tear your face off (and you are still standing), they glow red and walk slowly for a short while. Anyone knows if that is a buff or debuff for them (or just afterglow after having just faceraped another poor sod)? Never really waited to find out, just made goat kebobs outta them.

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Feb 2017 20:38  

                    These mob are broken af, nothing to do with hard to fight, it's grapple mechanic is glitchy,spammable and simple broken.

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