Titanite Shard is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Titanite Shard

"Titanite shard for weapon reinforcement.

Reinforces weapons to +3 Titanite shards are fragments of the Legendary Slabs.

Titanite is etched into weapons to reinforce."


Titanite Shard Usage

  • Reinforce regular Weapons to +3
  • 12 shards in total required to get a weapon to +3
    • 2 shards for +1
    • 4 shards for +2
    • 6 shards for +3 

Titanite Shard Locations

  • 1x at Cemetery of Ash: Just after the first bonfire. Accessible by jumping onto a coffin.
  • 5x at High Wall of Lothric:
    • 1x Go right from the first bonfire. Killing the transforming enemy at the top of the tower drops 1 Titanite and 1 Ember.
    • 1x Next to the second bonfire.
    • 1x Transforming enemy after the second bonfire.
    • 1x In a room below the roof that has the transforming enemy.
    • 1x Underneath the staircase in the room with the Cell Key and Estus Shard.
  • 6x at Undead Settlement:
    • 1x On the porch of a house ahead of the burning tree with worshipping undead. The tree is to the left of the Undead Settlement bonfire, past the hanging-corpses house. ()  
    • 1x On a bridge with an Evangelist enemy on it. This is on the way to the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire while coming from the Undead Settlement bonfire. ()
    • 1x Behind a stone wall, on a hidden side path, right in front of the bridge with the Evangelist (Grandmother), near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire.
    • 1x Beneath the small stone bridge where you drop down to reach the hidden Cliff Underside bonfire.
    • 2x Side by side, down in the ravine by the open sewer entrance.
  • 4x at Road of Sacrifices
    • 1x on a corpse down on a cavern path in the lower chambes of the area
    • 1x on a corpse surrounded by several mushroom enemies in the woods
    • 1x on a corpse in the swamp, near a dog and a digging hollow.
    • 1x on a corpse after you pass the first storyteller enemy as you circle back up the higher path in the cave with 2 enemies
  • 8x at Farron Keep
    • 1x at the base of the stairs before the first candle
    • 1x near a large fire on an island, after the Keep Ruins bonfire and before the third candle
    • 1x in the swamp, near the Nameless Knight armor and just before the third candle
  • 5x Cathedral of the Deep
    • 1x on a path on the left hand side, before first set of stairs after the Cathedral of the Deep bonfire.
    • 1x on a corpse, where the giant worm eneimies are with the giant crystal lizard. to the far right up the small hill where theres an access to jump down to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire
    • 1x on a corpse, on a plateau with gravestones, near the giant crystal lizard.
    • 1x on a corpse behind a tree, where the giant worms are after 2 crystal lizard if you have come from the right
    • 1x on a corpse, at the entrance to the first shortcut above the birch tree graveyard.
  • 6x at Catacombs of Carthus:
    • 2x on a body just down the set of stairs after crossing the bridge, body will be to the left. Guarded by a large skeleton. (Video)
    • 2x on a body, in the room filled with rats / blobs / bonewheel enemies, just below the second bonfire. (Video)
    • 2x on a body in the same room as previous shards, but in the hallway with the bonewheels 
    • Drops from the Skeletons in the Catacombs quite often. (Video)
  • Irithyll of the Boreal Valley:
    • Drops from the giants after Pontiff Sulyvahn's bonfire. The Deacons will spam fire at you from the walkway above, but you can avoid them by sticking to the left wall. 


  • For those wishing to farm Titanite Shards, be aware that merely progressing further into the game will cause you to start tripping over piles of them. In an effort to farm 30 Proof of a Concord Kept, I managed to inadvertently pick up enough Titanite Shards to completely fill up my inventory AND storage. Silver Knight enemies nearly always drop either a Titanite Shard or Large Titanite Shard each kill. Sometimes multiple of them. My farm location was Anor Londo bonfire in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley area. 


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