Fire Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Fire Gem

A gem of infused titanite.

Found in rare cases inside demons.

Fire weapons inflict fire damage, but lose scaling effects.


Fire Gem Usage

  • Infuses a Weapon with Fire damage, but removes the stat Scaling.



Fire Gem Locations







Burial Gift Description: "Material used to upgrade fire weapons. More appropriate for a warrior than pretty trinkets."

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    • Anonymous

      17 Dec 2017 20:07  

      It might be specified that they drop from the Undead Workers that throw fire bombs on the building where you find Cornyx. I've not had them drop from other workers.

      • Anonymous

        17 Apr 2017 22:15  

        Does upgrading a weapon down the standard path and THEN infusing it stack the damage? Or does infusing a Long Sword do the same thing as infusing a Long Sword +3?

        • Anonymous

          Best Weapons to infuse with this gem?04 May 2016 23:38  

          What are the best weapons to infuse with fire gems? (Or really any gem that removes scaling but boosts base damage)

          • Best staring gift25 Apr 2016 17:36  

            It removes scaling... so what? you don't have stats at the start of the game anyways, as a caster you don't want to have str/dex stats for a long long time.You can change item's infusion anytime is no hassle.You'll find many more gems then before.People posting here have not tried this item I suppose. It offers superior damage until upgrade level +4 and stats like dex/str well over 20 points. So it's the best starting gift as early on you should really work on your health bar to have decent life expectancy. It's better than a raw gem until you can buff your weapon with great spells.

            • Fire damage scaling23 Apr 2016 05:44  

              Does the fire damage scale off stats like faith/int like pyromancy? I know the fire clutch ring will increase the damage from fire infused weapons, just hoping I can increase it further...

              • Anonymous

                fire gem gift11 Apr 2016 15:11  

                id like to start as herald with teh gem, then get a halberd and infuse it with fire. will that be a good thing?

                • Anonymous

                  surprise drop28 Mar 2016 13:34  

                  i got it two times from a regular pitchfork enemy in the Undead Settlement. i dont even have high item discovery but i was quite surprised by the first drop and even more as a nother pitchfork mob dropped one

                  • Anonymous

                    Buffs24 Mar 2016 13:15  

                    Interesting system that is being put into place here. It seems that int builds are the only ones that actually get magical scaling on any weapons that the want. For Fire/Dark damage that is mixed-magic or faith based, you get no extra scaling. Maybe the fire/dark spell buffs are powerful and cheap, and they expect players to use them more often. Then you still have an advantage when you have that existing flat elemental damage, which makes you better at penetrating defenses. But still, int getting magical scaling weapons and faith not?

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