In Dark Souls 3 you can infuse many different Weapons and Shields with Gems that change the properties, damage type or Scaling. In order to infuse a Weapon or Shield to your chosen type you must:

  1. have found and give the appropriate Coal to Blacksmith Andre,
  2. have a Gem of the chosen type, and
  3. have the required Souls.

The exceptions here are Refined, Raw or Fire which require no Coal to be given. You can use a Shriving Stone if you wish to remove the Infusion from your Weapon or Shield (this must also be done at Blacksmith Andre). Again, not all Weapons and Shields can be Infused so check the Weapons pages to verify which can and can't.

These weapons CANNOT be infused:BowsGreatbowsCrossbowsChimesTalismansStaves, Pyromancy Flames and any weapon that upgrades with Twinkling Titanite or Titanite Scale

Name & Icon


Coal Required

Shriving Stone

Removes Infusion None

Refined Gem

Balances Scaling for Strength & Dexterity, -Base Damage

Raw Gem

Removes Scaling, +Base Damage


Fire Gem

- Base Damage, Removes Scaling, +Fire Damage


Heavy Gem

+Strength Scaling, -Base Damage

Farron Coal


Sharp Gem

+Dexterity Scaling, -Base Damage


Poison Gem

-Base Damage, -Strength & Dexterity Scaling, +Poison Aux


Crystal Gem

-Base Damage, -Strength & Dexterity Scaling, +Magic Damage, +Intelligence Scaling

Sage's Coal


Blessed Gem

-Base Damage, -Strength & Dexterity Scaling, +Faith Scaling, +HP recovery


Deep Gem

-Base Damage, Removes Scaling, +Dark Damage


Dark Gem

-Base Damage, -Strength & Dexterity Scaling. +Dark Damage, +Faith & Intelligence Scaling

Profaned Coal


Blood Gem

-Base Damage, -Strength & Dexterity Scaling, +Bleed Aux


Hollow Gem

-Base Damage, -Strength & Dexterity Scaling, +Luck Scaling, +Luck stat when hollow


Lightning Gem

-Base Damage, -Strength & Dexterity Scaling, +Lightning Dam, +Faith Scaling

Giant's Coal


Simple Gem

-Base Damage, -Strength & Dexterity Scaling, +Magic Damage, +FP Recovery


Chaos Gem

-Base Damage, -Strength & Dexterity Scaling, +Fire Damage, +Faith & Intelligence Scaling

    • 08 Jan 2017 01:53  

      Dev's got LAZY with this aspect of the game. Most infusions hurt my base damage. Unless I'm keeping a D&D monster manual of every enemy and their weakness (this particularly applies to elemental dmg, scaling or no) I'm better off with straight upgrades and MAYBE a heavy/sharp/refined infuse. LAAAAME

      • 27 Oct 2016 18:03  

        When I infused my offhand shield with a blessed gem, the HP recovery continued when I two-handed my mainhand weapon. If I were to do the same with a caestus, would I continue to get the bonus, when two-handing my main weapon?

        • scaling confusion12 Jun 2016 10:07  

          So I was about to infuse my uchigatana with a sharp gem for it ot get better dex scaling but I noticed that the C scaling it has does not go up to a B scaling in dex even if I infuse. The C in dex does become blue indicating it is getting some scaling but does not become a B. <br/><br/>So is it even worth it, or is it better to wait and just upgrade the weapon normally until the scaling goes up and then use the gem? Or are there different levels of scaling even within the same letter? Like you have a high C scaling and a low C scaling in dex and I am just making the C scaling better with the sharp gem. Kinda confusing.

          • For the use of Magic Weapon02 May 2016 19:47  

            Which infusions can I do that still allows me to use spells similar to Magic Weapon? I've noticed that it works on some, but not others.

            • ??22 Apr 2016 03:27  

              I did all the infusions listed and my achievement didn't pop up, is there another requirement here? I used the shriving stone to see if that would work.

              • probably a dumb question but...21 Apr 2016 07:06  

                do infusions themselves have levels to them I.E. if I have a fire weapon and want to add another fire gem to it is that a thing? I'm a noob so sorry for the noobish question

                • WTF18 Apr 2016 05:51  

                  Where is the Mage's Coal? its needed for crystal, blessed, and deep infusions, and no one, online has found it! There's even an achievement for getting all infusions that needs it! I get the feeling its in NG+ or NG++. T-T

                  • Might be worth noting:17 Apr 2016 03:18  

                    You can use pine resins on weapons that only affect your base damage and scaling (sharp, raw, etc).<br/>But not on weapons that add aux bonuses or different damage types.

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