Dark Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Dark Gem

A gem of infused titanite. Born of disembodied humanity.

Used in infusion to create dark weapons.

Dark weapons inflict dark damage, and scale with intelligence and faith.


Dark Gem Usage



Dark Gem Locations




  • Requires the Profaned Coal in order to start infusing weapons.
  • The scaling on weapons differs depending on the weapon infused (Corvian Greatknife gets E scaling at +0 for both, while a Notched Whip gets D scaling).




  • An alternative to the Dark Blade miracle for a non-caster character. Dark damage is exceptionally good against a variety of enemies (Silver Knights, for example) and a couple of bosses (Vordt and Dancer of the Boreal Valley), however at minimal Intelligence and Faith investments one might consider using a Refined weapon paired with Human Pine Resin for greater AR values. 

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    • 16 Apr 2017 05:23  

      The best place to farm these is from Oceiros, the Consumed King Bonfire go past the knights then to the right first they will stop following you kill the 2 man of pus (VERY LOW DROP RATE) then use a bow with fire arrows and kill every slug in the area (low drop but higher than man of pus) kill the last man of pus then homeward bone.


      2 hours=2/5 gems with CSR-CSGR+3-Avarice-Coin.

      Hope for good RNG with this gem.

      • 25 Mar 2017 19:58  

        this needs an update: The slugs in the consumed kings garden also drop these. Not too sure if its rare but I get more from them rather than the pus of man

        • 11 Nov 2016 11:26  

          Farmed about 15 runs from Ocerios Bonfire. (To not bother with elevators)
          Used Hidden Body and Chaos Great Fireball.

          1 Dark Gem dropped from one of the eight slugs in the middle of the zone, another 1 Dark Gem dropped from Pus of Man.
          Had 307 item discovery in both instances.

          That's about 1 dark gem from about 30 Pus of Man and 1 dark gem from about 120 slugs. And that's at 307 item discovery.

          • 31 Oct 2016 08:06  

            Instead of Pus of Man, the enemies that drop Dark Gems in Consumed King's Garden are the Slugs in the toxic pool. (Confirmed: Took me 4 runs to get 1)
            Also i think that it is just 1 of the slugs that drop it. The ones that are near trees. (still needs confirmation).

            • 29 Oct 2016 12:04  

              For a Pyromancer, Chaos and Dark infusions are very handy, and best, obviously if you just buff your weapon with Carthus Flame you will deal more damage, but using Chaos or Dark infusions come very handy, you don't need to use a slot for Carthus Flame Arc, you don't have to rebuff your weapon everytime, you don't spend time buffing your weapon(and specially in PvP and boss fights you may not have time to do buff), you don't need FP to buff your weapon.

              Also many weapons have really good scaling with Chaos or Dark infusions(both infusions always have same scaling):
              A/A scaling for Carthus Curved Greatsword, Astora Greatsword, Murakumo, Great Corvian Scythe, etc.
              B/B scaling for Carthus Curved Sword, Zweihander, Dark Sword, Claymore, Gotthard Twinswords, Greatsword, Cathedral Knight Greatsword, Lothric Knight Greatsword, Exile Greatsword, Onikiri and Ubadachi, etc.

              These are just some examples there is a lot more good weapon with A/A or B/B scaling, and a few "meta" weapons with C/C scaling. As a note, if you know any weapon that scales S with Lightning or Crystal, this means it will have A/A for Chaos or Dark, if it has A instead of S then it will be B/B, and etc.

              • Gems21 Aug 2016 02:56  

                I have killed about a hundred transformed puss of man with a discovery rating of 361 and not a single gem. It there something I have to do to enable the drop?

                • weaker ar21 Aug 2016 01:46  

                  is it only me or is the ar of a dark weapon alot lower than a chaos one because i have 2 Lothric Knight Swords on my pyromancer both +10 one chaos one dark and the chaos one is 516 but the dark one is only 466 what there a nerf to dark recently because they both used to have the same ar

                  • Chaos vs Dark31 May 2016 21:38  

                    , they're basically the same thing, just with one being dark, and the other fire, but which is the better? It'd be on common resistances on enemies, are there that many dark weak enemies? I know there are fire weak ones, but also very fire resistant ones, I know puss of man enemies and the like are weak to fire, and I'd assume resistant to dark (As they basically are darkness...) And also players, I know strength adds fire resist, so shouldn't that make dark a better pvp option? (minus split damage being pretty ass for pvp)

                    • stamina12 May 2016 21:07  

                      does dark damage do more stamina damage as well, cuz i use dark gotthards twinswords and it seems that i break guards way e-zer and when i had them refined

                      • Dark infusion over Chaos Infusion?06 May 2016 19:38  

                        Pyros might as well use this as an infusion instead of chaos. They scale the same except you can deal with fire resistant enemies better.

                        • Consumed Kings Garden Drop?25 Apr 2016 11:47  

                          Will the snake mutants in the consumed kings garden drop these as well or just the ones on the high wall? Looking for a good farm spot.

                          • what deals more damage17 Apr 2016 22:48  

                            Upgrading a weapon all the way with dark, or using dark blade on a maxed out raw weapon?<br/><br/>Also, does improving the sunless chime increase your dark blade damage.

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