Crystal Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Crystal Gem

A gem of infused titanite. Introduced to Lothric by the Crystal Sages.

Used in infusion to create crystal weapons.

Crystal weapons inflict magic damage, and scale effectively with intelligence.


Crystal Gem Usage

  • Infuse into a weapon to create Crystal weapons
  • Crystal weapons inflict magic damage which scales with the Intelligence stat
  • Requires the Sage's Coal in order to start infusing weapons



Crystal Gem Locations



  • Despite its name it has nothing in common with the brittle Crystal infusion of the first Dark Souls game.


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    • Anonymous

      01 Aug 2017 18:17  

      •Dropped by the large undead with a Great Axe, near the entrance to Cathedral of the Deep (ng+).

      You don t neet NG+ and Undead with a Halberd dropped too.

      • Anonymous

        20 May 2017 23:06  

        Important note for any fledgling caster looking at this/chaos gem/etc vs weapon buffs: Flat means *flat*. Crystal Magic Weapon looks impressive on the status sheet but doesn't multiply with critical or even charged r2. My buffed raw rapier at an impressive 538 AR only did 740 on a backstab, vs crystal rapier at a humble 424 doing 1027. Crystal Dagger +10 can easily do 1.3k-2k on a critical hit depending on how much you RTSR etc up, and at 60 int can one-shot King of Storms (NG) off a *regular* Soul Spear stagger. Buffs are optimal for r1/l1 spam (and even then only by a smaller margin than people rage quit Soul Spears over) and for physical builds with a buff supplement. But for any caster base, infusion is going to be better in just about every way.

        • Anonymous

          one more guaranteed drop10 Aug 2016 08:28  

          The first crystal lizard you see when you go to the Grand Archives drops a crystal gem and a Twinkling Titanite

          • Anonymous

            Cannot buff your weapon with magic/crystal weapon09 May 2016 08:58  

            Title says it all ;)Buffing your sword with crystal or simple gem makes the weapon unable to be buffed....You forgot to mention that wiki! -.-

            • Anonymous

              Another drop location26 Apr 2016 10:57  

              I had one drop in Cathedral of the Deep I forget which mob but it's probably as rare as Crucifixion Woods for the drop rate. I forget which mob dropped it, but I'd say if you're looking to farm a few Crucifixion Woods is still the better spot to do so.

              • Anonymous

                Drop18 Apr 2016 20:09  

                The spearwielding hollow before the room with the two sorcerer hollows dropped one for me. I was using the Crystal Sage Rapier.

                • Anonymous

                  Drop Spearwielder Hollow18 Apr 2016 20:09  

                  The spearwielding hollow before the room with the two sorcerer hollows dropped one for me. I was using the Crystal Sage Rapier.

                  • Anonymous

                    Do i use at blacksmith?18 Apr 2016 01:36  

                    I'm trying to use the Crystal gem at the blacksmith and i cannot apply it to any of my weapons. I can use other gems but the crystal doesn't show up when i try to infuse my weapon. And yes the gem is in my inventory.

                    • Magic Weapon or Saps15 Apr 2016 12:46  

                      I can confirm that you CANNOT use the magic weapon spell or items (pine sap, charcoal, ect...) on a weapon in this upgrade path.

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