Sharp Gem is a Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.



Sharp Gem Effect

  • Infuse into a weapon to make Sharp weapon.
  • Lowers the base damage on weapons, but gives them a higher Dexterity scaling.
  • Does not prevent resins/buffing the infused weapon.
  • Farron Coal must be given to Blacksmith Andre to unlock sharp infusions.



Where to Find Sharp Gem

  • Most commonly drops from both talon and rapier crows in Painted World of Ariandel DLC. To farm the most effective way just warp to Corvian Settlement bonfire and jump down to the river where the talon crow ambushes you by dropping down from the ceiling. You can kill him twice before rusted coin buff runs out if you are fast enough. Uncommon drop ().
  • Drops from Red-Eyed curved sword wielding Skeletons at Catacombs of Carthus bonfire (Turn left after the skeleton ball, these enemies are after the rats). Ultra-Rare drop.
  • Drops from Red-Eyed curved sword+shield Skeletons just before Catacombs of Carthus bonfire. (From the bonfire, turn RIGHT, kill the two skeletons, repeat cycle.) Ultra-Rare drop.
  • Also drops from shotel wielding Carthus Skeletons. Rare?
  • Drops from greataxe wielding undead in High Wall of Lothric (not sure on halberd ones, currently testing).
  • 1x found at Catacombs of Carthus (Video).
  • 1x from a Crystal Lizard, near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire (where the invader spawns), in Undead Settlement. Note: Lizard may escape as you spawn, instead try coming from Undead Settlement bonfire (video location).
  • 1x from a Crystal Lizard on the rooftops in The Grand Archives (the spot where there are two lizards and giant gargoyles in the area)



Sharp Gem Farming Guide


  • Sharp infusions are worse for the weapon's base damage than Heavy infusions, but less severe than Refined infusions.
  • Infusing degrades Strength scaling, but doesn't nullify it.




  • The function of this gem is similar to the Bladestone in Demon's Souls.
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    • 28 Feb 2017 17:39  

      Just farmed these from the crow knight with the claws under the bridge right in front of the corvian settlement, in around 20 mins he dropped 4 sharp gems, large titanite shards and chunks. I dont know the drop rate of the crow quills´s knight but this is fast and safer way to farm these gems.

      • 07 Feb 2017 05:38  

        You can update the place to get the Sharp Gem, I luckily got a Sharp Gem on the dancing/jumping Skeletons in the Catacombs of Carthus next to the Skeleton that shoots fire arrows. That's the place I farm large tartanite too


        • 12 Dec 2016 08:19  

          Don't even bother farming these if you don't have the dlc. It's so impossible to get them to drop from the carthus skeletons that it isn't worth it. Once you can farm the corvian knights just do it there. I have like 10 gold coins and I know they drop like rain drops from those suckas

          • 06 Dec 2016 13:15  

            If farming the rapier Knight gives you trouble you can always farm the Claw guy in the river and bone back to the Corvian Settlement bonfire right next to him

            • 28 Oct 2016 18:50  

              I found a new spot for farming which is better then the carthus one (imo). Just go to the Crowdemon-Settlementbonfire in the dlc and kill the big rapier crow a buch of times.
              I did this for 30min with full lootequip (goldserpentring, mimichelm, chrystal rapierin off hand and i used a coin every second time) and got 6 shards. Thats only 5min/shard!!!!! Also keep in mind that i also died multiple times during these 30min. But after i got the hang of it it became quite easy.
              I started with the ceastus and tried to stunlock them with l1. But he seem quite resistant to something like that so i ended up using a sharp dagger, circling to their
              left (where they hold their knifes) and backstab him. This worked a lot better for me although you had to stay very close for the attcks to miss.
              A bleed dagger could also work but i didnt try that just me guessing. I hope this helps all those struggling to get shards form these carthus skellies.

              • Visions of Shrine of Storms...12 Sep 2016 12:30  

                FromSoft seems to have a history of making us have to farm absurdly long for dex scaling gems by killing annoying skeletons...

                • New Skeletron added to the list!02 Sep 2016 18:03  

                  While farming I was killing any skeleton I could find, and I got one from the carthus archer skeleton that shoots explody arrows.

                  • Soooo...24 Aug 2016 21:55  

                    Is there any weapon that actually benefits from this infusion? If having 18 STR in a dex build makes it worse than refined then this infusion is broken.<br/><br/>Really hope this DLC adds a bunch of dex and faith weapons...

                    • Farming01 Aug 2016 01:18  

                      i got a sharp gem from one of the skeletons holding a carthus curved sword near the catacombs bonefire. I wasn't even farming for the gem, didn't even know i could get one off of them.

                      • Impossible to get these12 May 2016 12:29  

                        Its complete horse***** you can't buy these. I already used my 2 on weapons I don't use anymore cause I figured there'd be more than 2 in the game. No I can only get them as super rare drop. *****

                        • Sharp infusion is useless!?10 May 2016 18:10  

                          So I have 50 dex and 21 str, and it looks like most of the weapon has less AR if you infuse them with sharp gems than refined!?<br/><br/>for example Carthus Curved Greatsword+10<br/>without infusion: AR is 440 (244+196)<br/>sharp infusion: AR is 437 (225+212)<br/>refined infusion: AR is 450 (219+231)<br/><br/>here is another, Astora Greatsword+10<br/>without infusion: AR is 469 (264+205)<br/>sharp infusion: AR is 460 (244+216)<br/>refined infusion: AR is 487 (237+250)<br/><br/>Ok, I kinda understand refined path is superior but at least sharp version should have more AR than regular not infuse ones... That's pretty stupid if you asked me.

                          • .08 May 2016 16:04  

                            page seems correct, they do drop from those skeletons, but apparently you need some item discovery or you will try for hours...<br/>be sure to kill all 3 red-eyes if you take the right path after the bonfire. there are two skeletons with curved sword + shield patrolling and another one standing behind a corner a little farther with a curved greatsword (revives, has to be killed twice), that one just dropped a sharp gem for me.<br/>

                            • Just a troll, move on everyone...30 Apr 2016 18:44  

                              Pretty sure this is just an elaborate troll: I've been farming for two hours now with an item find rate of 210 but nothing. I've got 3 carthus shotels, 5 vertebrae shackles, 50 odd fire arrows and god knows how many pieces of titanite. I've had better luck farming concord proofs or sword grass. To everyone, don't bother I think this page needs correcting.

                              • Rare as Refined gem26 Apr 2016 02:42  

                                To farm this, start from catacomb bonfire and then head pass the boulder. Kill few rats and then the annoying assasin skeleton. Then go upstair and kill another one, then another one, then the firebow skeleton. Both assassin and firebow redeyed skeleton have confirmed dropped by me.

                                • Devs don't seem to favor anyone these days25 Apr 2016 06:51  

                                  Magic, Faith, and Dexterity sure took some heavy hits in this game. This one being more of an inconvenience, but still, just two sharp gems in the entire game?!

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